Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wonderful Mama and Papa - by Margaret and Janet

Janet and Margaret were among the first children to come to Happy House when it opened in 2010, and with Mama and Papa's love and encouragement they are growing up into confident and clever young women -  sisters in all but blood.
And today, they tell us how much their Mama and Papa mean to all the family:
This is Janet and Margaret writing about how important .Mama and Papa are in our Happy House family.
They have made it a wonderful place for children to achieve their goals.
If it could not be for Mama Sue and Papa Dave’s kind hearts then a lot of kids could not have achieved anything. 
Mama and Papa have helped children with everything they need and made children smile again.
Mama and Papa  have made everybody happy at the Happy House family and we appreciate your kindness and generosity.
You have shown you are such wonderful people who care and love children very much.
We are hoping that our dreams will come true, with your support.
Thank you Mama and Papa for making differences in our life.