Saturday, 6 December 2014

Film captures the Happy House heart

Moving and uplifting, our new video  captures the essence of our Happy House family and the wonderful magic that it is working on young lives.
With Mama Sue talking about our family and how it has grown, wonderful images of our children going about their everyday lives, playing, working, helping Papa,  and singing, it brings our wonderful home to life.It is the work of Italian film maker, Massimiliano Zeuli, from Rome, who visited the Happy House whilst staying in Kenya last month.
He was bowled over by the incredible work being done by Mama and her team, and fell in love with our family.
Newly married, Massimiliano asked to sponsor Abu as a birthday surprise for his wife, Francesa, who was back home in Rome.
Francesca, who works at a school in the Italian capital, had previously been in touch to tell Mama that she was planning fundraising in her school and that Massimiliano would like to visit.
She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of Abu's life:
"Abu is part of our lives now and will always be.
 was adopted baby born. My life has been wonderful thanks to all the love and support my parents and family have given me since day one.
I think the Happy House is doing an amazing job taking care of these children, to me angels."
It was a huge bonus when Massimiliano offered to make a video for us, despite being on a very short visit to Watamu.
The result is wonderful, and , at this time of year, takes on an even greater significance.
We hope you will like it.
If you would like to know more about  joining the sponsor family of a Happy House child please email
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Footnote:  Scheduled flights are available to Kenya, and UK tour operators Somak ad Tropical Sky are taking bookings for package tours to hotels, including Turtle Bay Beach Cub,  in Watamu, flying in Nairobi and then on to Malindi bypassing Mombasa. This removes the problem of insurance, which could be a problem if travelling by road from Mombasa Airport to Watamu, as it does include a small area considered unsafe in the Foreign Office advice to travellers.