Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dr.Steve Cushing to run The Marathon De Sables

After 3 years of training and preparation Dr Steve Cushing is now in the Sahara Desert preparing to run the Marathon De Sables, named as the toughest foot race on earth, to raise money for the Happy House. He arrived in the Sahara yesterday to torrential rain, which was totally unexpected.
You can follow Steve's exciting progress at  Steve has set up a Just Giving page where he can be
 Any help and support will be greatly appreciated by Steve and the future Happy House Kids.
Good Luck Steve our love thoughts and prayers are with you.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Nyumbani UK Express Satisfaction

Stuart Eastwood, the chair of our partners Nyumbani UK, has completed a
detailed examination of the expenses incurred on the construction
project.  He has commended Silas for the great job he has done in
administering the funds that have been sent down and expressed himself
satisfied that funds raised in UK have been properly applied.

Coca-Cola visit the Happy House

The Happy House was recently visited the by representatives from The Coca-Cola
Africa Foundation. Stuart Eastwood, the chairman of our partners
Nyumbani UK, showed them around. Executive Vice President Alex Cummings
(holidaying in Kenya with family and friends) is seen front left.
Standing next to Stuart is William Asiko, President of the Foundation
and who has agreed to be a Trustee of the local charity we have set up
in Kenya as 'The Happy House'.  Mr. Cummings, who has said he will
sponsor one of our children, said "I am very impressed by the
construction and design.  Thought has been given to future expansion
needs.  I am satisfied that our donation has been well spent."

March 2009 Scott Webster Helps with the Happy House Garden

Scott & Laura Webster who are two of our sponsors at school organized a Snail Race Night to raise funds for the Happy House garden. Their friends Michelle and Jim Hemsley were a great help. Jim printed the tickets and supplied the projector and Michelle hassled numerous business to donate prizes for the raffle. June Smith helped by selling raffle raffle tickets which raised £350. A total of £1390 was raised from the evening that around 120 people attended. The money was then 50% matched by Zurich Financial Services to make a final total of £2,085
Scott visited us here in Watamu to work with Gideon, the gardener on the Happy House land. As we intend to grow fruit and vegetables to help with the feeding of the Happy House Kids and the children at school we are grateful for all help and advice. Scott was fantastic, he brought soil testing kits, top soil was purchased and distributed across the area. He then planned the area into 44 sections for rotation of crops so that all the goodness is not taken out of each area. Well water is available for watering the plants so Scott purchased a hose and sprinkler to ensure that all the crops are well watered which is the main essential in Watamu. Gideon now has lots of maize and other crops planted ready for when the rains come in the next few weeks.
Thank you to all concerned for such a fantastic donation and to Scott for all his hard work.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Latest Images of the Happy House

We now have a front door, very kindly purchased by Sue & Mick Meskell. Sue was the first person ever to arrange for a monthly standing order many years ago. Mick gave us the money for the front door 2 years ago. I am delighted to say it is now in place, waiting to be varnished and made even more beautiful.

The windows and doors or being put in in the office and dining room.

Here the concrete for a beam on the top of the building is being mixed in one of the upstairs bedroom, ready for the roof to be put on.

The concrete is put in a container and passed by hand from person to person up to the top.

The concrete being passed up the ladder by hand.

Look how high this man is working. He is putting a wooden mould in place to be filled with concrete.

The downstairs bedrooms are being plastered.

This is the rear of the building, there is still so much to do.

This is a side view, you can see the windows in the office and dining room. The man on top of the building putting the concrete in the mould ready for the roof.

Photos by Chris Franklin

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