Saturday, 31 August 2019

Goats are great

I am Johnny and I am in class six at Happy House School.
I’d like to tell you about the goats we have here in Watamu. These goats are used as a source of food in Kenya. During any special ceremonies people normally slaughter a goat to feed their guests.
The skin of a goat is also useful goat to make different items like drums, shoes, and bags.
Drums are used as musical instrument and are mainly used in churches and when people are dancing tradition dance.
Goat skin is also used to make shoes do last for a long period of time. They are also comfortable to walk in.
Some of the bags are made of skin. Most of the bags are made from skin are handbags are mostly used by women in Watamu. Some of the school bags are also made from animal skin.
Goats also provide us with milk, which is good for you.
Goats are not the only animal found in Watamu they are other domestic animals. 

Friday, 30 August 2019

Visit the old quarry, with Oscar

Welcome to Watamu.
I am Oscar and I live at Happy House.
I am reporting on the local disused quarry that was mined  by local people until minerals were finished. 
When there were no longer minerals to excavate,  people started to build their houses in the old quarry.
Some plant ed beautiful flowers and trees that would give out clean air.
They are living in a cheap place but also a dangerous place,  because when it rains heavily it maybe flooded, and it could cost lives.
Some people live in the houses they have built, some rent them to others.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Brian visits the stone carvers

Today, I am taking you to a place where went to a place where people doing carving, writes Brian Isiaho.
I loved to see what they were doing and asked my friend to film me talking about it. 
I explain how the carving are done and what they are made of. They were looking very good and beautiful.
 They were carved first then drawn and at last they are painted using beautiful colours. 
They  had many different pictures like wild animals and other beautiful creatures. 
I think you will enjoy this video. 
We would welcome you to Kenya to explore it. 
We really enjoyed our project because we were learning how to film videos. 
I want to say thank to you all. 
We look forward to coming to Watamu, some day,  and to visiting our village and our Happy House.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Roving reporters!

After the success of our girls about town mini-series, Mama Sue asked the older boys if they would like to present some videos about the local area to give you an insight into what goes on in and around Watamu.
Here Mama Sue and the boys introduce themselves and their project.
The boys' videos will start tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Kidz Club celebrations

Kidz Club is a very special time for our family at the Happy House, Watamu.
It is a time when everyone - adults and children - comes together to share their news and to hear about what might be happening in  the week ahead.
Mama Sue and Papa Dave are almost always there to enjoy a time with the family they have created.
It is also a time to celebrate. Birthdays of the week and, for the moment, the best girl and best boy as put forward by room captains.
This week Florence (top left) celebrated her 12th birthday and Papa Dave was asked  to present her with her birthday goody bag.
The best girl was Esther (top right), who received a prize, as did Tumaini (bottom right), the best boy.
Well done kids. Happy birthday Florence.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Creative kids

There is greater emphasis on arts and crafts in the new curriculum in Kenya schools.
So during the school holidays, our children have been spending lots of times getting creative.
With materials, all donated, from our storeroom they have been making things, drawing, colouring, collage and more.
Some kids, like Faith, have made things they can wear!
Mama Sue would very much like to open a dedicated craft room in Happy House School and is appealing to anyone planning on visiting to to take out craft materials which are easily available in bargain shops in the UK but hard to get in Kenya!

BUS APPEAL: Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Girls about town: The mattress shop

My name is Jacinta Wangari. I am in class seven at Happy House school, and today I would like to talk about the shop selling mattresses.
During the holiday our mama allowed us to go to the shops at Watamu and look what was there. As we were walking along I saw a shop which was full of mattresses and they looked beautiful in there and I decided that I will make a video about them. 
The mattresses were big and huge. They were of different colors and sizes. Some of them looked alike with ours at the happy house.
 We also have big mattresses which our Mama provided for us. Our mattress enables us to have a good sleep and dreams.
We say thank you to our Mama for providing us with good mattresses. We also thank our Mama for giving us the opportunity to go out and see how Watamu is.
Welcome and explore Watamu with us.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Girls about town: The fashions

My name is Priscilla, I am 13 and in Class Four at Happy House School.

In Timboni there are a lot of shops selling fashion. You can get clothes like shorts, dresses, trousers and much more.
In Kenya, some people wear clothing for cultural or religious reasons.  The Massai people wear very different types of clothing from other Kenyans or Europeans and are very colourful when you see them.
Here we have a lot of beaches so we can also get clothes for swimming.
Sometimes the European people who visit country buy traditional Kenya clothing , jewellery and sandals and like to wear it.
We hope that one day you will come to Kenya and explore Watamu.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Girls about town: The shoe shop

My name is Mwende, I am in class five at Happy House.
I went at a shoe fashion shop and I saw many types of shoes like school shoes, sport shoes, safari shoes and bathing shoes.
In our school we  wear the school shoes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are black in colour, while sports shoes are normally worn on Tuesday and Thursday.
I also saw some different types of hats like the European hats and Kenya hats some are yellow in colour while the other are blue in colour.
The other girls and I really enjoyed it and we really thank our Mama very much because she has made us to know such places and be who we are today.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Girls about town: Vegetable stalls

 My name is Florence.
In the holiday, we went to explore Watamu and was so much fun. We went and took some photos and videos.
My video is about the vegetable stores.
Vegetables are very good for you and are protective foods.
 In Timboni super store vegetables and fruits are sold there. The vegetables and fruits are kept in trays and shelves.
 Vegetables such as spinach, kales, cabbages, cucumber, broccoli and many more are sold there. These vegetables are normally sold in different shops. They are mainly grown in upcountry due to the favourable climate and good soil there.
Fruits like bananas are being sold in Timboni super store. In Timboni super store there are a lot of fruits being sold there. These fruits are passions, watermelon, pineapple and more.
Fruits are useful to our body. They make us healthy.
At the Happy House  we have  fresh vegetables and fruit every day on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we normally eat bananas These foods make us healthy.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Girls about town

Our girls are having a lovely school holiday and have been getting out and about.
They had the ides of making their own mini-series of videos for you to enjoy and to let you see a little more of the area near to where Happy House is situated in Watamu.
The nearest community shopping is in he district of Timboni so the girls checked out the shops and stalls in Timboni and Watamu.
Amed with android tablets they use in class they report from different shops about the items they sell.
Each girl has also written a piece  and taken still photographs to accompany their video,
The videos will start from tomorrow.
Happy viewing!

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Home visits time

Joyce and uncle
 Keeping strong the ties between children in the care of Happy House and their relatives is so important.
Founder, Mama Sue, believes that although relatives may not be in a position to care for a  child full-time, it doesn't diminish their love or their responsibility.
Stephano, Purity and Jessica with their aunt
Relatives are encouraged to visit as often as they can and also to take their young loved ones back home for a few days in the school holidays.
Of course, in some cases, this is impossible or unsafe and those children stay at home at Happy House and have a great time -with a few extra treats.
Among those who have been on a recent home visit  are Rukia and her brother Said (pictured left) who are staying with their grandma, Amina, in Malindi.
Keeping strong links has enabled Happy House , over time, to successfully repatriate a large number of children back into families into the community once the situation that led to the child being taken into care have been resolved and a relative is able to give them a home, with support.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Welcome back Megan and family

It was a real pleasure to welcome fundraiser Megan Irvine Mordaunt back to Happy House, along with her mother Sonia Irvine, grandad Edmund Irvine and her friend Aurora.
Megan's fundraising efforts in 2017 raised £7000 which enabled Happy House to build the vital secondary classrooms.
She saw them in use for the first time last summer, but was back again to enjoy a holiday and see how things at Happy House, both at home and school, have grown and changed.
Our children gave our guests a traditional Happy house welcome- in song.
Megan, Sonia and Edmund also made short video saying how delighted they are with what they have seen and how happy they are to help our family.
We are so grateful to them for all the help they give us.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Ice cream treat

 It was a happy birthday for Joshua when the Happy House family joined together to sing a greeting for him at our weekly Kidz Club.
Joshua, who is now seven, received his birthday gifts from Papa Dave.
There was the weekly sing off between the boys and girls choirs.
There was also a delicious treat for all our family when ice cream was served!
Top left: Auntie Phillis serves up the ice cream.
Top right: Papa Dave with birthday boy Joshua

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Teachers praised in poetry

Our Happy House founder Sue Hayward has always said that education is the road out of poverty for children in Kenya.
And so providing an excellent education with excellent teachers is key to for Happy House School.
Mama Sue is involved in the selection of every teacher appointed and looks for those who will adopt our ethos both teaching and inspiring the youngsters in their classes. 
But they must also want to learn and grow with their students.
At our end of term Closing Day our Primary Class Eight, who will be going on to secondary level next year, recited Janette Fisher's poem, The Star of Education as a tribute to their teachers.
BUS APPEAL: Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Friday, 16 August 2019

Celebrating success

Celebrating success is always important and at Happy House School we constantly encourage our children to be the best that they can be.
At our end of term Closing Day ceremony, awards were presented to the best and most improved classes and to the best an most improved students.
In secondary school, the best class award went to Form 2 (top left); Grade 4 took the trophy for the best class in Upper Primary while in Lower Primary, Grade 1 (centre left) won the award.
The most improved class was Grade 5 (pictured right).
The programme of class entertainment included the macarena danced by lower primary students.

 BUS APPEAL: Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Thursday, 15 August 2019

High School song

Today in another video from our Closing Day Ceremony at Happy House School we bring you a song from our High School students.
These young people, mostly on free place scholarships, are doing so well and thankful, always, to be at Happy House where they are gaining an excellent education, plus the skills to go out and forge successful careers in the future.

BUS APPEAL: Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Pre-Primary poem

Our Pre-primary Class 2 children recited a classic nursery rhyme to entertain parents, visitors and guests at the end of term Closing Day Ceremony.
English is not their first language, bit they spoke the lines of Girls and Boys Come Put to Play, by poet James Orchard Halliwell, absolutely beautifully.
For those of you who don't know the words, they are here:Girls and boys, come out to play,
The moon doth shine as bright as day;
Leave your supper, and leave your sleep,
And come with your playfellows into the street.
Come with a whoop, come with a call,
Come with a good will or not at all.
Up the ladder and down the wall,
A halfpenny roll will serve us all.
You find milk, and I'll find flour,
And we'll have a pudding in half an hour
BUS APPEAL: Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

A Closing Day Prayer

When school breaks up at the end of term Happy House holds a closing day ceremony.
As well as rewarding success and improvement, there is a programme of entertainment where each class makes its own presentation.
It's always entertaining and engaging - we have exceptionally talented children in our school!
But all gatherings start with prayers and thanksgiving for all we have and a request for God's blessing on our work.
Here Mama Sue leads the opening prayer.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Raising the flag

Before any formal event at Happy House School our scouts raise the flags of two nations.
They march with precision to raise the the Kenya national flag followed by the Union Flag of the UK.
These honour both their home nation and the country of our charity's founder, Sue Hayward.
On this occasion it was for the end of term Closing Day Ceremony attended by parents, guardians, guests and friends and all all our school family.
We will bring you more Closing Day videos
 throughout this week.

 BUS APPEAL: Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Baby date target!

Mama Sue is hoping our wonderful Auntie Velma will deliver her the best birthday gift of all - a new baby!
Velma's baby is due in October and as Mama's birthday is on the 16th she has her fingers crossed that it will arrive that day and give us another member of our extended family.
Everyone at Happy House, whether living there are working there, is regarded as family and Auntie Velma is one of Mama's two right-hand women - working in our front office as school secretary.
Here we have an update on Velma and her baby's progress.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Tour time

Papa Dave was delighted to give the Ward family a guided tour of Happy House,.
Pete and Joanne and children, Dylan and Oscar, and Pete's dad and brother, Keith and Mark, have visited before but things are always changing and we wanted them to see our improvements and additions for themselves.We are so grateful to them for all the love and support they give to Happy House and thrilled that they keep on coming back to see us.


Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Friday, 9 August 2019

Welcoming the Ward family

 Peter and Joanne Ward have been such wonderful friends to our family over many years.
They have visited many time with their son, Dylan and Oscar.

Oscar, who was born a year after we opened, named after their first sponsor child, Oscar.

It always a great pleasure to see them and this time they are accompanied by Peter's dad, Keith, and brother, Mark.
They brought lots of lovely gifts for our family - exercise books, pencils, football magazines, three android tablets, and reading books.
Our family gathered to welcome them in the usual way - with smiles and songs.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Laying down the law!

International lawyer, Mark Barron, broadened the outlook and raised the aspirations of young people at Happy House when he spoke to our  high school students.
He talked about his own work, his career path and the opportunities that opened to him.
He also spoke about growing a business.
Our youngsters were able to ask questions and discuss ideas in what was an inspirational and interesting session.


Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Shoe shopping

 Amanda and Mark Barron are used to back-to-school shoe shopping with their two daughters,  but shoe shopping with 20 kids was a whole new experience.
And they were just amazed at how well behaved all the children were as they were being measured and fitted for new school shoes and sports shoes.
Amanda and Mark who , with their daughters Olivia and Phoebe, are visiting the Happy House had been given donations by members of their family and friends.
There was enough to buy 20 pairs of durable black school shoes and 15 pairs of sports shoes.
Here Mama Sue, founder of Children of Watamu Happy House, and Amanda say thank you.


Happy House is raising £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace the 20 year old model which is used to bring kids, mostly on free place scholarships, into our school. The old bus is safe but a constant drain on resources.
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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Olivia's birthday greeting

 Olivia Barron will be celebrating her 14th birthday soon and after a week visiting Happy House with her parents, Mark and Amanda, and younger sister, Phoebe, they are just like family.
So it was only natural that when, at Kidz Club,  the week's birthdays were being celebrated, that Olivia should get her own rendition of Happy Birthday.
The kids sang as loud as they could for Olivia.
Olivia was also asked to present birthday gifts to our own birthday children - Jessica who is nine and Stephano who is turning 15.
There was also a job for Phoebe. She presented prizes to the best room captains - Dulla was selected as winner for the boys' rooms and  best girl was Purity.
Olivia (striped dress) is pictured with Jessica (top left) and Stephan (bottom left) while Phoebe is pictured with Dulla (top right) and  Purity (bottom right).

Monday, 5 August 2019

Shopping galore

Donations from friends in America, Canada and England, have bought so much to Happy House.
Amanda and Mark Barron's wonderful friends gave enough to buy two weeks shopping - groceries and other essentials.
Here Amanda and Mark, their children Phoebe and Olivia, and our Happy House kids say thank you to their friends.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Sponsoring a child gives hope and happiness

Sponsoring a child at  Happy House gives hope, opportunity, security, and love.
Those who join the sponsor family of one of our children will open a window on a world beyond the Happy House and Kenya.
Their child will also know that he or she has friends who care beyond the Happy House, so important to youngsters who have been through so much.
Here Amanda Barron, visiting from the UK, is with Erick and baby Victor, who are sponsored by her  friends, telling them just how their help is making a difference.
To find out more about sponsorship contact our UK coordinator Elizabeth Gomm  -

Saturday, 3 August 2019

You are changing OUR lives

Mark and Amanda and their daughters Phoebe and Olivia were honoured guests at Happy House School  assembly where they heard, in the words of three scholarship students, Sakina, Teddy  and Nasri, just how much they had gained since being offered free places in our school.
They also thanked Mark and Amanda for their contribution to the school by providing a fully equipped computer suite, together with internet access, and for the additional toilet facilities at the school.
Sakina welcome our guests and told them that Happy House was a community of caring and educated people.
She thaked them for the computer room which was enhancing education and thanked Mama and papa for all they do.
She told Amanda, Mark, Phoebe and Olivia that she wished they did not have to go home and could stay forever.

Teddy (top picture) explained how much having such a well resourced computer suite meant to the students giving them access to digitalisation and the worldwide web.
Nasri  (below left) spoke of his gratitude to Mama and Papa for creating the Happy House and for making it so special, and for giving him opportunity as a scholarship student. He said that there was no doubt that Happy House School was the best in the region thanks to Mama and Papa and those who support their work
Amanda said they believed all children had a right to education and that  education in the developing world should be equal with that her own children were receiving in the UK.
She told the students that education opened the door to good careers both nationally and internationally.Amanda thanked charity founder and director, Mama Sue  and her husband Papa Dave and the school family for welcoming them as part of it.

We have launched an appeal to raise £25,000 to buy a newer bus to replace our 20 year-old bus which is used to transport pupils, mostly on free place scholarships, into Happy House School. Without our help, these youngsters from impoverished backgrounds would not have the education or opportunity to go on to careers that will lift them out of the poverty and give them a chance to make a real impact on their community and their country. 
Our bus, whilst safe, is becoming more unreliable and often in for repair and becoming a drain on resources.
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