Saturday, 28 February 2015

Abdulmalik strides out

 There's no stopping our Abdul Malik  now he's up on his feet and toddling.

Abdul, who was one in December, has been the youngest little boy in our family since he came to us in March last year.

He's a thriving picture of health and happiness and is loved by all

And now he is confidently striding out on his own, he has the whole Happy House world to explore!

"It is very exciting. We are all so proud of him," says Uncle Billy.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Francis - a man of valour

A true gentleman who loves his Mama, that's our Francis.
Mama spent weeks separated from the family last year when she broke her leg, needing treatment back in the UK.
She and Papa were missed by all the family, specially the kids,
Mama is still using a stick on occasions as the ground around the Happy House can be pretty uneven.
On Saturdaym she didn't have it with her and one young man stepped in as her personal guardian.
"There was absolutely no way he was going to let me fall, he had my hand in a vice-like grip.There was so much concern in his face and so much love. ," said Mama.
"At Kidz Club I said how I had personally chosen the Star of the week, telling them how Francis had been on Saturday holding my hand making sure that I was safe when I didn't have my stick..
"He was thrilled, everyone was clapping him and singing Hurray for Francis. When he went and sat back down, I saw him keep looking at the certificate.
"Times like these are my Magic Moments."
Well done, Francis, you are such a kind  and caring boy. A shining star!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

From Hull to Happy House

 A parcel of dresses made with love in Hull, Yorkshire, have just arrived at the Happy House.
Janet Zoller heard about our family from her old friend of Pauline Royle who is a great supporter of our family and who is in Jane's sponsor family.
Janet made the dresses for the girls and also added some leggings and a few exercise books to her parcel.
As you can see they all arrived safely, to the delight of our children. .. and their sender.
Thanks Janet for your kindness.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

School Report: Top roles for pupils

 A newsy School Report from Madam Getry:
Everyone is on toes catching up with every daily routine at the new school. 
The baby class kids  are enjoying having a very big space to play and take their classes with their teacher Madam Getry. 
The atmosphere is also conducive to learning  as there is a cool breeze which makes it very comfortable for everyone.
Bigger classrooms, too,  make teaching and learning better for both teachers and pupils. Madam Neema is pictured  taking a lesson in KG1.
A big event this week was the appointment of our new team of prefects and those who will lead them.
 Nasri Juma is the new head boy with Evan Khamisi at assistant head boy. Head girl is Mercy Reheme  with Mwanasiti Juma as assistant headgirls.
School manager and KG headteacher Madam Rose and primary headteacher  Madam Milka are pictured congratulating the heads and their assistants.
The KG S were also busy with their Teachers
Its our sincere hope they will help the teachers in their respective areas of duty for the success of the school and also to prepare them to be leaders in future.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cooking kids teach chef a lesson

A chef at a local restaurant has learnt how to make crumble after a cookery lesson from Mama and kids.
Habel who works at Marina Restaurant had asked Mama about desserts to add to the menu and when she told him about British favourite, fruit crumble, he asked her to show him how to make it.
And so she, Papa, and a group of kids who had cooked it with in Saturday Cookery Club went along to make it in the restaurant kitchen.
Mama said: "He got all the ingredients and we had lovely time  making a mango and and a pineapple crumble.
Marina (pictured) and all her staff tried the crumble and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Then Habel made us beef pilau,  followed by fresh fruit and ice cream. 
 Janet, Zawadi, Jedidah, Rose, David and Baraka, were thrilled to bits. 
On the way back we talked about learning things and how great it is to be able to teach new things to adults. A good time was had by all."

Monday, 23 February 2015

School Open Day - video

Moving into our new school signalled a huge achievement for Mama,  Papa and everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.
So it was only fitting that those who help to sustain it by choosing to entrust the education of their children to us as day pupils, should have an opportunity to look around.
They were welcome guests to an open day held on Friday, when Mama gave an address explaining how our charity had to fund all its work through the kindness of others and appealed to the PTA to consider doing some fundraising of their own.   Afterwards, the children  and teachers put on a show!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A growing interest - by Sifa

Sifa writes about his special interest for our weekly Junior Blog.
In the Happy House we have a club called Young Farmers.
We started it a long time ago.
We have our greenhouse where plant our crops and they grow well. That teaches us how to grow crops on our own.
Because when there is no one to grow the crops we can grow them. 
It’s interesting work if you are teaching yourself some of the things which you don’t know.
My best work is planting trees and crops.
And when I become big I would like to be a farmer.
Some of the young farmers in the Happy House are Sifa ,Evans ,Fikiri ,Janet and Mercy.
The plants which we grow are tomatoes, water melon , spinach and cabbage and other things..

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Family celebrations

Three Happy House children were in the spotlight at Kidz Club this week.
Elijah Shadrack and Lily Francis celebrated their birthdays with Papa Dave taking on the honour of presenting them with their birthday gifts.
Mama Sue handed over the Star of the Week Award, along with a big hug, to Jedida.
She received it for being such a good room captain of the the bedroom she shares ensuring that everyone plays their part in keeping it looking lovely.
Happy birthday Lily and Elijah, and congratulations to Jeddy.

Friday, 20 February 2015

The little boy who made Happy House history

Five years ago this week, a little boy named Benedict made Happy House history.
Four year old Benedict,  orphaned by the death of his mother two months earlier, became our very first Happy House child.
And with his arrival,  Sue's long held vision of creating a home where children in need would be safe and loved, where they could "go to sleep in a bed and wake up to a breakfast, every day", became a reality.
Remarkably, it had only three years for Sue and her ever-supportive husband, Dave, to raise the money, find the land and complete the Happy House build.
On that day in February, 2010, when Benedict became the very first Happy House kid, it was a very different place from the one it is now. Under Sue's  watchful eye and constant guidance, it has grown, and developed, just like her family!
By the official opening in March that year, Benedict had been joined by 27 brothers and sisters.
Now there are 106 children in our family. Every one of them a life transformed by our Happy House and its magic.
Benedict no longer lives at Happy House.
He came to us from a relatives distraught with grief and with no means of providing for a motherless child.  They kept in touch and visited, and by mid-2012,  they had turned their lives around and were in a position give him a home.
After day visits, then more prolonged trips, and it was obvious that  Benedict was happy and would be both loved and supported, he went home for good. 
We still see him every day! He attends our school where he is doing well.
We gave  Benedict a stable, happy,  family life when he, and his family, were in greatest need.
Whether a child needs us for a few weeks, months,  or for their entire childhood, it makes no difference to amount of care and love they receive.
Each child is loved and cherished as if he or she were any only one. No matter how big our family gets, that is how it will always be.
Benedict was the first child in a brand new Kenyan family, and, as we predicted at the time, it is the happiest family in all of Kenya!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mama speaks at special event

 Mama Sue and Uncle Billy were guests at the opening of a rescue centre near Kikambala.
Stiching Foundation Kenya Childcare , a Dutch based organisation, has set up the centre to provide temporary care for children in need.
Mama was asked to speak about her Happy house and its work with children, something she is always very pleased to do.
Other guests spoke about their own work, giving an interesting insight into what they are doing to help kids.
Mama said it was a very pleasant event which included lunch and time to chat.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

School Report: Settling in nicely

After the excitement of moving into their new school, our primary pupils are enjoying their new environment, as Mr Isaac reports:
 The kids have now settled at the new school. 
They are happy to have new classes which are big and well ventilated.
 We are thankful for all who played a role in ensuring that kids have such a friendly environment for learning  which will, hopefully, help them to achieve their dreams in life. 
Teachers have also vowed to work hand in hand with the director Mama Sue to ensure that our kids shine in all areas pertaining their growth and development. 
 The kids feel very happy to have settled in the new school. Teachers are also ensuring that learners are more settled and enjoy learning.
It is also our hope that children will perform even better.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fellowship and fun

There was a treat in store for the Happy House kids on Saturday.
Dr Ajuk, who introduces himself as Dr Rabbit, and his group put on an entertaining interlude of fellowship, bible stories and songs.
The children joined in with great enthusiasm as they always do.
They brought with them cake and juice which was shared with the kids.
Maura, who is a parent of one of our school pupils,  started Italian lessons with the kids on Saturday and she was invited to cut the cake ( she is pictured with Dr Ajuk and Uncle Billy).
Everyone had a lovely time.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Gordana's language of love

 Our Happy House family gave a warm welcome to visitors from Italy.
Gordana Marjanovic and partner Dragutin Trickovic who are holidaying in Watamu  wanted to return to Happy House after meeting Mama and Papa and visiting our family a few years ago.
Gordana, director and head of studies at the London School in Rovereto is keen to build links between her language school and our family.
Gordano and Dragutin, who are to sponsor two of our children, brought with them tee shirts and baseball caps for our kids,
Their daughter Jadranka Trickovic Mohr is also planning to join our sponsor family.
Thank you for visiting Gordana and Dragutin, we were so pleased to see you, and we are very happy to welcome you and your daughter to our family.
* We need more sponsors for our children, if, like Gordana, Dragutin and Jadranka, YOU would like to sponsor a child please contact:

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My favourite teacher - by scholarship student Katana

Katana Ngari has been at Happy House School since last March when  he was one of the first 20 young people to be awarded a free education in our newly-launched Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme.
He loves being in school and today writes about his favourite teacher:
My best teacher is called Mr. Isaac.
He comes from Timboni in Malindi district , Kilifi County.
He is 25 years old. He is of medium height that is he is not too tall neither too short.
I like this teacher because he is kind loving and considers the weak learners in the class, 
Also I loved him because he is always ready to assist whenever possible. He is very hardworking and he is my role model. 
I love him also because he is good at athletics and is always physical fit. Mr. Isaac is good in maths and science
 He is a good teacher in Malindi district.       

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love is all around

Happy Valentines Day!

Some of our young artists have been busy colouring in their greetings to YOU for this special day.

You show our family so much love and kindness all-year-round and this is the perfect time for us to tell you that we love you too!

For the most romantic day of the year, students at St Aidan's CE Technology College, Preesall, are savouring sweet treats from their admirers.

The  personalised biscuits cooked and delivered by Mrs Joanne Rossall's K7 class were sold yesterday to raise money for our Happy House family .
Mrs Rossall sent this message out to all form teachers:
 Thank you to you and your forms for your continued support of K7’s Happy House Charity. This year has been more successful than previous years and we have raised over £100. When all monies are in we will have a grand total of £106.81.
If you get chance check out The Happy House Blog for today, Saint Aidan’s features in it. Also, they have just completed building their new primary school which opened on Monday of this week. 
There is a film of this on their blog that makes you realise just how lucky we all are.
Thanks again
Joanne,  K7 and everyone at the Happy House.
K7's  mission motivated by love for our Linus, who they help to support, and for all our children.
Thank you  Joanne and St Aidan's. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Sweet hearts

Cupid is on a mission at a Lancashire school today.
His messengers from 
St Aidan's CE Technology College, Preesall,  will be on a labour of love as they 
deliver sweet treats for Valentine's Day.
And theirs is a mission 
driven by love for our Happy House family,
 with all the proceeds from sales of the the heart shaped biscuits coming to our family.
Food technology teacher, Mrs Joanne Rossall's  Form K7 are in Linus' sponsor family and it is they have been helping to make the biscuits.
 Mrs Rossall piped messages on the biscuits which, individually wrapped, will be delivered to the lucky recipients tomorrow.
They had taken pre-orders for those with personalised messages, while other biscuits will also be on sale at break time..
Good luck with your sales today, everyone, and thank you for all the love and care you show to Linus and all our family.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Primary school opening assembly on video

Our Primary School is dominating the blog this week, and today we bring you a video featuring extracts of the opening  day assembly on Monday.
There is also a message from a delighted and relieved, Mama Sue , plus some shots of our children as they walk back home to the Happy House after school.
This journey to and from school is something most kids take for granted, but when you have been used to both home and school on the same site, going out to school is an exciting adventure. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

School Report: Wake-up call

It's been a momentous week for our Happy House School, but before half-term and the move to our new Primary School, there had been a lot going on. 
Madam Russel reports:
Greetings from Happy House School family. Everything is going on well as planned .
We  were privileged to host Sawa Sawa school for ball games. The girls played netball and football while the boys played volleyball and football.
  Happy House boys team won all the games played i.e football (1-0)volleyball (2sets-0) The girls tried their best in netball (17-3) in football Sawa Sawa girls scored (2-0) .
By the end of the day the host Happy House was crowned the winner "Bravo!" 
Classes 1-5  have been sitting their "wake-up" examinations.
This is the first exam  of the year and in a new class 
We expect good results from them.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Primary School opens

The Kenya and British flags were raised for the first time on our new school site, at a special assembly to herald the opening of our primary school.
With the kindergarten and primary schools now together again, it was a very happy day and the culmination of weeks of hard work.
When the assembly, with and address from Mama, came to an end it was time to get on with the day ahead.
Excited primary pupils eagerly to found their places in the new classrooms before settling down to lessons and their regular Monday timetable.
*More pictures and video later this week.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Cheers for school on the move

  A huge cheer went up when a lorry loaded with furniture and kids set off on it's first trip from the Happy House to the new primary school.
There were smiles and laughter all day as every one got involved, including our donkeys,  in making the move as smooth as possible.
It's been a frantically busy weekend but, today, when the kids find their places in their new classrooms, it will all have been worthwhile.
Mama said: "What a busy, happy, time it has been."
If you have not yet seen our thank you video to all those of you who have helped to make our new school happen, you can watch it via this link:

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Man Utd rules by Mtawali

Scholarship student Mtawali Kazungu writes today's blog.
He's chosen his favourite sport as his topic - not prizes for guessing what that is!
My name is Mtawali, I am 14 years old .
My hobby is playing football. I really like playing football and also watching it. 
I am usually using my leisure time playing football. When I play football or watch it, I really enjoy.

My favourite team is Manchester United, It is my favourite team which I am supporting.
 At our home, we have got a team, I and my fellow children.
One day, we went for a match at our neighbours. We were Manchester United while the team against us was Chelsea.
They knew  Manchester United is the best team all over the world. 
We scored them 5 scores to none. And I was the scorer.I scored 3 goals.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

All hands on deck

Builders have been working around the clock to get our Happy House Primary School ready for opening on Monday.
The galana floors are laid and walls are being painted, while at back at home it's been all hands on deck as everyone has pitched in to get ready for the move.
Mama says it's been a mammoth task, but with the kids on half term there's been a chance to move everything from the first floor rooms being used for classes into the big banda.
The children have been help, with even those in kindergarten wanting to give a hand moving chairs and tables in the traditional way - on their heads!
Having everything in the banda will make the move, which starts in earnest today, easier.
By Monday, the scene will be set and the school will come alive to the sound of happy children eager to learn.
Thank you, again, to everyone who has helped to make this possible.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Boxes of delight from Cheadle Hulme School

Our kids were jumping for joy when a consignment of  shoeboxes, filled with goodies, arrived at the Happy House.
The shoeboxes ,packed with lovely items ranging from clothes to comics, were sent by their new friends, pupils at Cheadle Hulme School in Cheshire.
They heard about our Happy House through a friend whose children attend the school, and he liaised to get the shoeboxes, duty paid, out to our family.
Everyone received a gift from the boxes whilst the rest of the items have gone into our stockroom ready to help with birthday presents throughout the whole of 2015.
Our kids were eager to hear about the children who sent the parcels, and whilst we couldn't write individual letters to  everyone, some of our kids have written to say thank you on behalf of their brothers and sisters.
Mama Sue said: "We really were thrilled to receive all these wonderful gifts.
"To be able to set some aside for birthdays is a great help, when times here are so hard and we are getting few visitors.
" It is also very special  that it is children  helping children.
"Our kids know the gifts have come from new friends in England and are very excited.
"We hope we may get the chance to know Cheadle Hulme school better over the weeks and months to come.
"Thank you to Cheadle Hulme pupils, parents and teachers for your kindness. It has brought so many smiles to our kids.
"Thank you for making us a part of your Christmas."

Thursday, 5 February 2015

YOU Raised our Roof - now we say thanks on video.

 Our kids are on half-term today and tomorrow, so it's all systems go to move into the new primary school ready for re-opening on Monday.
And this is only possible because of YOU.  
Our thanks to  everyone who has made donations and grants and to the individuals and organisations who rallied to raise £4,000 in 12 days to put the roof on the school.
The roof is now completed and builders are working flat out to ensure that it is ready for some class action from next week.
Relocating to the new site has been a huge undertaking financially, but thanks to Mama's shrewd business acumen, Papa's bargaining skills, their great team and, especially, to YOU, we've done it.
The kids are so excited. Monday just can't come quickly enough! 
In our video, Mama and four of our primary children, including Janet, who will be the first member of our family to sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education later this year,   share their excitement and say a special thank you to you all.
Please share it with your friends and spread your love for our special family a little further!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

School report: After class ventures

Teacher Agnes brings us this week's School Report:
Our primary pupils are eagerly awaiting the move to the new school. 
On Thursday afternoons they enjoy various games like football, netball and volleyball for the ball game competitions. 
Over the week, during the afternoon after the classes have finished, pupils and teachers have different co- curricular activities like guidance and counselling, spelling and scouts .
They gain a great deal from these activities and 
are really enjoying them.

Primary school section is still in the old school and are eagerly waiting to join the new school very soon.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

From Sixth Formers with love!

Valentine's Day at Blackpool Sixth Form College will be sending out a message of love for our Happy House family.
Students in the Raising and Giving group, led by tutor Hayley Anderton, will be running a messenger service delivering lollipops or cards pre-ordered by fellow students for their valentine.
At the centre of their affections will be the Happy House which will benefit from every penny they raise.
The Happy House is their chosen charity for this term and yesterday Elizabeth Gomm went in to the college to tell them more about the Happy House, how it began, and the stories of some of our children.
Thanks to Mrs Anderton for taking our Happy House into the college and to the students for their interest and their efforts.
We're looking forward seeing pictures from Valentine's Day, and to getting to know you better.
Pictured: Hayley Anderton (front row, far left) and some of her students.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Roofers romp towards finish

 Workmen have been getting on with our primary school roof just as quickly as you have been donating.
And every day of the 12 days from the launch of our Raise the Roof Appeal to reaching the target of £4,000 has taken us  a step nearer completion.
Thanks to you this is how the front of the school is looking. There's still more work to do but it should all be finished very soon.
Thank you to the individuals and organisations who donated to the tune of £4050.40.. This roof is the result. 

Birthday greetings kids

There were birthday greeting for three children last week - Happy  eight, Rose Safari, five, and Levian, six.
Levian's Italian guardian, Susanna Gregorio, who supports his care at the Happy House brought a birthday cake for Levian to share with all his Happy House brothers and sisters,
And star of the week was Mwende for putting more effort into doing corrections to her school work, specially in maths!
Happy birthday kids and well done Mwende.