Monday, 29 February 2016

Uncle Ronnie goes back to school

It's never easy to say goodbye to a friend, so it was with both sadness and joy that our family gave Uncle Ronnie a Happy House send-off.
In his year with us, Uncle Ronnie has learnt much as assistant to our very experienced social worker Uncle Billy.
But he is now going back to college to continue his studies, an opportunity offered to him and which is too good to miss.
It has been a pleasure to work alongside him and he says he will be forever grateful to Mama Sue for all he has learnt from being at the Happy House.
Uncle Ronnie writes: "Thank you for everything. I have really learnt a lot since joining the Happy House.
 It's one year now since I came here but to me it seems as if it is a single day.
This is because of the good people who always surround me.
 When I think of Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy, the kids and the entire Happy House family, I really feel I am surrounded by great love.
 I can say now I am an experienced social worker simply because of all the practical knowledge I have acquired at Happy House. 
The cases we have solved with Mama and Uncle Billy will make me always to strongly believe in myself wherever I will be in this world.
To me it's a great achievement in life because I have really gained a lot.
I lack words to express my thankfulness to the entire Happy House family, may the Lord bless you all."

The Happy House family joined together to wish Uncle Ronnie well in future.
We look forward to following his progress and know that he will come back to visit - once a Happy House kid, always a Happy House kid - age is irrelevant!

Good luck Ronnie from all the friends you have made in the Happy House extended family around the world.. We send you love and wish you luck.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Excited and grateful, by our safari bound students

As our secondary form one students set off on a safari, and the adventure of a lifetime, they have joined together to write today's blog:
Our form one class is humbled and thankful for the opportunity extended to them in form of a trip to Tsavo National Park.
 We feel so excited and grateful to have been given this kind of opportunity that no class has ever got. 
We are proud of our Mama Sue and all those who were involved in the making of the decision and planning for the safari.  
Through this trip, we hope that other classes will also be motivated to work even harder and excel academically so that they may get such opportunity as this when they pass their KCPE exam.
Thank you very much for the care you have shown to us and the support you give our performance."        

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Safari dream comes true

 The trailblazing Happy House kids who were the first to pass their the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams and go on to secondary school are set to go on a big adventure.
Way back when they started their exam year,  Mama gave the kids on our scholarship scheme or living in our family a huge incentive to work hard - "Pass the exam and we'll take you on a safari".
For these kids, coming from circumstance of great hardship, visiting a national game park to see for themselves their country's rich heritage of wildlife was something they could only dream about.
But noone knows better than Mama how hard work, determination and effort, can make dreams come true..
Tomorrow 14 young people,  accompanied by Mama Sue and Papa Dave, head teacher Madam Milka and their class eight form teacher, Mr Isaac, set off from Tsavo East National Park.
After breakfast at the Happy  House they will take the road trip to Tsavo and will watch hippos and crocodiles wallow and bask, before heading on to the hotel that will be their base,  taking in the wildlife, sights and scenery on the way.
Afternoon and evening drives, with expert guides, will take them in search of more wildlife, while they will also have a chance to relax and swim.
Mama has made sure they have all they need. Towels, swimsuits, baseball caps, toiletries were handed out to everyone on Thursday . They will wear their Happy House School tee shirts when they meet for dinner so that everyone looks smart,
"They are just so excited," said Mama "it's as if they can believe it is happening to them!"
And needless to say the cost has been kept to a minimum, with Papa negotiating and excellent price!

  • If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of this trip or to help support our family at Happy House, please go to
  • We still have a lot of scholarship students who need sponsors - people to help support their education and to give them friendship and encouragement. For £20 a month you could help to transform a life. Please email

Friday, 26 February 2016

Two reasons to celebrate our life saving mission

These two little ones, playing happily on a swing,  would almost certainly have died unnoticed had it not been for vigilant neighbours who brought them to our care.
From being two pathetic beings,  Lesley, now three,  and Ludwin, one, are now thriving in the care of our loving family and enjoying a childhood free from fear and neglect.
Today, exactly a year after they joined our family, our social worker Uncle Billy writes: "It was at 11.30am that two children, a brother and sister, were brought to us by two police officers, a village elder and a well wisher.
" The story was they had been abandoned by their mom overnight, leaving them hungry, tired and frightened at the time of their rescue. 
"Their mom had left to the unknown and they had a long night unattended....long after the rescue, their mom was found in the beach totally drunk and unaware of the situation of her children
"Both children were suffering ill health, they were in total distress and we had to take them to the hospital regularly
"The hospital bills being an average of ksh 3,000 per week which the mom would never have raised had they been with her.
"Were it not for the Happy House, doubtlessly the two would have slipped off the face of the world.
"On the contrary, they have continued with their clinic attendance and  that with nutritious food, optimal hygiene and tender loving care has ensured they so happy relaxed, in ever better health and very optimistic.
" Lesley plays football, smiles a great deal and makes lots of contact unlike when he newly came and would never make a sound. 
"My initial fear was that he was deaf and dumb! He had a blank and fed-up look all day long.
"Ludwin his little sister is now walking and learning to say a few words and has also developed such desirable social skills for a little girl.
"  As we reach a year since their rescue, there is hope and certainty in their lives
"Their story is another great example of how we weave the Happy House magic on young lives, and the reason  Mama, Papa and all of us have been called together for such a wonderful life saving mission.
" Who knows what  joys the future holds for such delicate lives that would, most certainly,  have been lost unnoticed?"

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Following in Mama's footsteps

Our UK voluntary coordinator Elizabeth Gomm, Auntie Libz to our Happy House family,  has been selected as a finalist in the Network She Foundation International Women’s Day Awards  whichrecognise the achievements of both women and men in fields of business and beyond.
“I feel very surprised and honoured to be nominated for an award and to follow in the footsteps of Mama Sue who won a  Network She Award a few years ago.
“If I were to win, we would complete a Happy House double act. Sue and I often joke that we make a  good double act!"
Libz had been working as a journalist at the Blackpool Gazette for 26 years when in 2010 she left her job to look after things for the charity in the UK as a volunteer. She is also a trustee of the charity..
 "I had met Sue in 2007 when I went to interview her about her Happy House dream. She had no land, nor plans, and very little money but today her Happy House is just as she described that day – and better.
“Something about this inspirational woman, her work, and the children she was dedicating her life to, struck a chord deep within me.
"Helping Happy House brings so many rewards. Of these, my friendship with Sue and Dave, the kindness of others, my bond with the Happy House family, and the certain knowledge that I am, in my own small way, helping to secure their future, are the greatest.
“I am sorry I can’t attend the  Network She Foundation Awards,on March 4 but I have a long-arranged commitment to speak about Happy House at a Women’s World Day of Prayer service in that evening.”

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

School Report: An island outing

 There was an outing for Happy House Primary School class eight pupils, as Madam Stella reports:
"Class Eight enjoyed a field trip to an island known as Kirekwe.
 They learnt  a lot about the environment’s climate. By the end of the day, they were able to identify the area’s climate as hot and dry, the vegetation as mangrove and name the physical features within the area such as hills and valleys. 
They also identified the area’s main economic activity as fishing.
Classes six and seven pupils had a volleyball competition during their P.E lesson. Every class was determined to win and as a result, both played vigorously. As time went by it was clear that both classes were good enough and could not outdo each other hence ending in a draw."

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Go girls go

A very well done to two rising sports stars, Mercy Changawa and Priscilla Ponda.
These two Happy House kids excelled in the ward level inter-school Kindergarten sports.
Mercy was the KG3 winner in the tyre race and Priscilla triumphed in the foot ball contest.
They now go on to sub-county level on Friday.
The Happy House family and all its friends around the world wish them well.

Make a date

If you haven't already, please make a date to join our Happy house Spring Coffee morning at Poulton Methodist Church, Queensway, Poulton, Lancashire on Saturday, March 19, from 10am to noon.
We are thrilled that Mama Sue and Papa Dave will be joining us and they are so looking forward to meet our friends who live close enough to attend.
We have some great tombola and raffle prizes, plus their will be a handicrafts stall, Easter goodies and more. 
Admission is free and coffee and biscuits are £1.
Please come along and bring your family and friends.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Duty of care

Mama Sue and assistant social worker, Uncle Ronald,  hosted a friendly gathering of parents and guardians of the youngsters recently given free places in our school on our Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme.
The scholarships, named in honour of the consultant oncologist who treated Mama Sue,  gives bright and determined children denied access to school because of financial hardship a chance to pursuit their dreams.
But with a scholarship comes responsibilities.
On Saturday, Mama Sue  and Uncle Ronald explained to the parents, guardians and students all about the scholarship scheme and what it involves.
They also outlined what is expected of the students and their carers, and  explained how important it is for the youngsters to have the involvement and encouragement of those who look after them outside school.
Mama then answered any questions they might have.
"It was a really good meeting, they are all such nice people," said Mama.
We desperately need more sponsors for these scholarship students. If you could help provide and education to give a child a bright future please contact

Sunday, 21 February 2016

I now have a mission, by Kelvin

Scholarship student Kelvin David has lived with hardship,.
He knows what it is like to be forced to stay out of school because there was no money to pay for his education.
Now his life is very different, as he tells us:
It is nice to be in Hayward’s Happy House Secondary School.
I remember the day when my parents had a financial problem.I could not even join any school due to there being no school fees. 
With the help of our kind, loving, Mama Sue, l can now learn although my parents have got financial difficulty.
I have a mission to complete secondary school  and that is passing my KCSE exams and becoming a doctor in future
All I have to say is Thank You so much to  Mama Sue. And to all the other sponsors who help us, thank you once more.
May God bless you all.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Saturday smile to melt your heart

Ashura  pictured yesterday
Smiles better.  A few days before Christnas, three year old Ashura joined our Happy House family.
The little girl, born to a teenage mum, had endured hardship and uncertainty all of her life,
Her mum, herself vulnerable, was unable to provide for her daughter and it is hoped that now with Ashura in our safe and loving care, her young mum will be able to build a life for herself and that the pair will, in the fullness of time, be reunited.
Ashura is settled and happy, loving school, and has lots of little friends,
This lively little one is another illustration of the magic worked by our Happy House.
If you would like to sponsor a Happy House child please email for details or to make a donation please go to:

Friday, 19 February 2016

A world of difference

 Postcards open a colourful window on the world for our Happy House kids.
They absolutely love seeing pictures of places and people, landmarks and landscapes, from other countries.
Bury Soroptimists are members of Rukia's sponsor family and to her they are her "Bury Aunties". 
Each one of them is kind enough to send her a postcard when they are travels and she is pictured with just a few of them!
Sponsorship student Mary was thrilled to receive another postcard and message from her sponsor Susan Carr.
So please, when you are visiting somewhere new pick up a postcard for your sponsor child.  It will be shown to all their friends and treasured always.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Scott and Laura dig in

Thirsty work for Scott and (below) Laura at work
 The Happy House fruit and vegetable garden plays a vital role in helping to support some of the daily dietary requirements of the family, Veg is picked daily for the kitchen, exotic fruits such as Papaya, Banana, Passion fruit, melon and coconuts are harvested throughout the year for the family.
 Mama Sue uses every opportunity to widen the children's skills and the garden is also used to educate the older children in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.
 The children are so keen to learn and the rewards of growing food for their family is a real positive and a life skill these children could use in the future, as many family's in Kenya grow they own food to help support there income.
Scott and Laura Webster who  keen gardeners from  the English town of Wootton Bassett and long time supporters of the Happy House, volunteered to work alongside Chris the Happy House gardener during their six week stay in Watamu.
 Both agree the gardening challenges in Kenya are very different from the UK, heat being the most difficult  for plants and humans alike.
 Scott said: "During  our stay we have run trials using both Kenyan and European seed in some plant varieties and, in our trials, and the Kenyan seeds performed best as they had been treated to cope with  conditions they endure, however the rewards  from both are immense and donations of seeds are  greatly appreciated.
"The Happy House children have very healthy appetites and seeing them enjoy home grown food is brilliant - nothing tastes better!"

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

School Report: Gussy puts school in the picture

As one volunteer leaves us, another arrives, as Madam Naomi reports:
Gussy Bunbury is settling in at school where she is assisting Mr Omoi in computer lessons and is also involving children in her specialist subject - photography,
Gussy will be showing them how to use a camera and  make a picture and they are looking forward to discovering a new skill,
Pupils have been working hard in preparation for the mid-term examinations.
Children from KG1 to KG3 took part in athletics during the inter-schools competition hosted by Watamu Primary.  Seventeen Happy house kids were chosen to represent the zone.
A friendly football match was held between Happy house and SDA School with Happy House coming out winners.
Above: Eric races into the lead.
Below: Girls football match against SDA.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tucking in and Scouting around

Peter Ward and his colleagues at Cladceil Ltd are tucking into sweet and savoury treats and making a pretty penny for the Happy House.
Peter's accounts assistant Shelley Manson is in charge of keeping the Tuck Box replenished and in the six months leading to Christmas sales raised £75.
Pete and his family, wife Joanne and  sons Oscar and Dylan, live in Nottingham and are in the sponsor families of our Oscar and Farida.
Pete says the Happy House Tuck Box is now an office fixture: "We continuing to eat and raise money!"
Thank you to everyone at Cladceil, your help is very much appreciated

Scouting for new friends

Elizabeth Gomm made lots of new friends for our family when she set up a Happy House stand at the West Lancashire Beaver Scouts Leaders Day in Warton, near Preston, on Sunday.
It was a day when leaders could find out what activities and challenges organisations offer to the youngest branch of scouting, and also to discover the work being done by some charities including our own.
That were we invited was thanks to Lizzie Goldsack, from Ist Staining Beaver Scouts, who Elizabeth got talking to on a train a couple of years ago!
 Lizzie has been following the progress of Happy House ever since.
On Sunday, Elizabeth handed out lots of information and was delighted with the response from leaders including Deputy County Commissioner for Preston, Lesley Thomas, who is pictured with one of the scouts who was enjoying the day,
Thank you West Lancs Beaver Scouts for letting us be a part of your special day

Monday, 15 February 2016

Au revoir Eva - with video

Mama loves to spring a surprise and on Saturday it was a special gathering to say a family
au revoir to volunteer Eva Huguenin Elie.
Eva, from Switzerland, has been helping at the Happy House for six months and has been a huge help to our teachers in school where she has assisted in French and computer classes.
With her help, our pupils have come on leaps and bounds with their French language skills and at her party the little ones sang two French songs for her.
There were thanks from Mama and head teacher Madam Milka, before a catwalk fashion show and dancing.
It was a morning full of love and laughter for a lovely young woman who, in her time at Happy House, has truly made a difference.
Thank you Eva. Come back to see us soon.     

Sunday, 14 February 2016

KG kids on the ball, by Janet and Love Changes Everything

Our Kindergarten Kids have been on ball, as junior blogger Janet reports
 Today I am writing a blog about the kindergarten ball games. 
On Friday,  Happy House kindergarten school went to Dabaso Primary for a ball games competition and emerged as winners.
 Seven of the Happy House kids were selected and to go to the next level at Gede primary on Friday, February 26.
We are hoping the best for them. 
They were so happy when they back shouting and singing " Happy House Power, " led by our nice headteacher Madam Milka.
We are so proud the small children for giving the best of themselves so as to make our school represented in the cluster level.
 We wish them all the best.

                   Happy Valentine's Day  

Love makes the world go round and in Kenya, at the Happy House, is is also changing young lives and putting hope in to hearts.
It takes only a few short weeks to see a child who has come to us unhappy and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, to blossom into a happy, carefree kid.
At Happy House they are given a childhood free from fear or troubles, with love, education and opportunity.
We are there at the time they need us, and for as long as they need us - this may be the time it takes for a family to get over a tragedy or hardship and get back on its feet.
For others it is much longer.
Today, when love is on everyone's lips, please remember our family
 If you can help us to change more lives by sponsoring a child please email for details. To make a donation go to  Thank you.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Role model Baraka and With love from St Aidan's

Mama's Star of the Week is Baraka for bring a role model to the other children in the family.
Baraka is a member of the Kidz Council and was singled out for the way in which he had handled a case of misbehaviour by some of the other kids at the weekend and by keeping them to one side to see Mama.
Kidz Council plays an important part of family life at the Happy House and it is very important for its members, like Baraka, to be a good example to the others.
Baraka received a Star of the Week certificate from Mama.
Kidz Club responded with clapping and laughter when the secondary school form one students did a catwalk parade to show of their new tee shirts, with nifty moves from some!

Act of love

There was brisk business for Valentine's Day at St Aidan's CE Technolgy College,  Preesall, Lancashire.
Class 7K took on the role of delivering heart-shaped biscuits, with personalised messages, to fellow students - with proceeds to the Happy House.
The biscuits were baked by Forms K7 and K8 with guidance from teacher, Mrs Joanne Rossall.
Mrs Rossall says that when the money is counted they could raise as much as £100.
Well done everyone, you are certainly out sweethearts!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine treats made with love

Valentine biscuits iced with personal messages from secret admirers, will be delivered to students at a Lancashire school today.
Students of K7 and K8 at St Aidan's CE Technology College, Preesall, have been baking taking orders and baking biscuits all this week and will be delivering class by class today.
And there will be more Valentine biscuits on sale for those love a sweet treat to buy themselves.
All proceeds will be coming to our Happy House family. Mrs Joanne Rossall and form K7 are just getting to know their sponsor child little Stephen Karisa.
Linus, who they grew to love in the several years they sponsored him, has now been able to return to live with his mum in Nairobi. 
She had worked so hard to rebuild her life after being tragically widowed, which led to Linus being in our care,  and is now able to support and educate her lovely little boy.  Uncle Billy is in regular touch and Linus is very settled and happy at home and in his new school.
Thank you to Mrs Rossall and all the young bakers for all they are doing.

Coffee morning

There will be a Happy House Spring Coffee Morning at Poulton Methodist Church,Queensway, Poulton, Lancashire, on Saturday, March 19, from 10am-noon.
It  will be a chance to meet up with Mama Sue and Papa Dave who will be visiting then and  also to help raise some much need cash for our family.
There will be a tombola, raffle, handicrafts and cake stall.
Admission is free and coffee/tea and biscuits will be £1.
Parking in the Teanlowe Centre Car Park, a few minutes walk from the church, is free for up to three hours.
Please come along to see us. If you would like to donate a prize, bake a cake, or can help on the day please contact Elizabeth Gomm on 07905 130 589 or email

Thursday, 11 February 2016

What a lot Brenda got!

Huge thanks to Brenda Groves, our lovely friend and Auntie Brenda to our kids.
Brenda, from Wantage, and her husband Red are regular visitors and long-time supporters of  Mama Sue and her work. 
They are in the sponsor family of Charity, while Brenda's brother, Terry, sponsors our youngest Brian and scholarship student Lovinne, and her granddaughter, Chloe Groves, sponsors Said.
Brenda often sent parcels of  much needed items for our family, but now we have suggested a cutback on parcels because of very high postage costs and import tax, Brenda decided to make a donation instead.
And it went a long towards buying all this shopping, and helped tremendously towards our weekly grocery bill. Papa Dave posed for a picture with Aunties Esther and Phillis.
Thank you so much, Brenda.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

School Report

Our Form One Secondary Students have been out and about to enhance their studies.
Mr Laurent reports: "The school is running smoothly with various activities going hand in hand with the learning process.
 Students are working hard to improve their performance as shown through daily exercises done in classes.
Form One students have picked up well as show by the presentations they gave in class on a range of subjects.
In on session (pictured) Nasri Juma gave a presentation during business studies lesson taking the other students over a topic on human resources.
Later they went out to the nearby shopping centre to conduct a study on satisfaction of human wants. 
This helps them in expressing themselves, research skills  as well as developing confidence.
In  the primary section the new scholarship kids who have recently joined us are settling in and working hard to catch up with the Happy House routine and standards.
We welcome them to our school.
* We desperately need sponsors, individual or group, to sponsor needy youngsters from the local community who have free scholarship places in our school. For information please contact Elizabeth -   Supporting a scholarship helps to keep a child in education - their only road out of poverty. Thank you.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Karen's a barking success!

Badge of honour for Karen
Despite running against 46 mph winds along Southport's Shore Line, Mad Dog runner Karen Adamson made it to the finishing line spurred on by the money she was raising for Happy House.
Karen says: " I first heard about the Children of Watamu at Grace & Favour /Sewing sanctuary in Thornton when I joined them in making dresses for the girls at Happy House and then later on shorts for the boys. 
" After following the wonderful work done by Mama Sue and Papa Dave I decided last year to sponsor one of the children. 
" I was delighted to be matched with Jessica especially as my youngest daughter is a similar age.
"I decided to run the Mad Dog 10k race in Southport to raise some money for the Happy House children and was really pleased to collect £237.00 plus gift aid in sponsorship. 
" The race was a tough one with 46mph winds against me for the first 4.5k but fortunately the sun shone and the rain stayed away."
Well done Karen, every penny you raised will make a difference to the lives of children and many thanks to everyone who sponsored you.

Monday, 8 February 2016

World of science awaits - with video

 Discovering science through practical experiments in a laboratory is a huge adventure.
And now we have our own laboratory equipped and open, it is an adventurous journey our students are about to embark on.
And they couldn't be more excited.
Soroptimist International of Blackpool, part of a worldwide women's organisation, initially made a donation to cover the cost of building the lab from it's Christine Walker Memorial Fund and followed it by donating additional money from the Fund to furnish and equip it.
The work is now complete, benches and sink fitted, and equipment, chemicals bought and safety requirements met.
This week, Mr Laurent, our newly appointed science teacher, will start lessons and he is looking forward to it every bit as much as his students.
In fact he is so keen, when  when, on Saturday,  Mama asked when he would be giving his first lesson in the lab, hie reply was "Now!"
And he was true to his word!
All our teachers are proud to tell us that our laboratory is the best in any school in the district.
On Saturday, Mama officially opened the laboratory and our first secondary students were shown around .
It was a special morning, and we are indebted to everyone who helped to build our school, but on this occasion with a special thank you to SI Blackpool for making our laboratory happen.
Now our children have the world of science at their feet... and who can tell how far those first steps will take them?