Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Dawlish showcase

Our Happy House friends find us in many different ways.
Photographer Caz Steffens of Dawlish, Devon, happened across us after posting a picture she took of musician Jon Gomm at a Guitar Masters Tour concert in Exeter.
His mum, Elizabeth  (Auntie LIbz to our family)"liked" the picture and when she and Caz became Facebook Friends, Caz wanted to know more about the Happy House.
Elizabeth sent her links to our videos and other information and Caz, director of her own small children's charity, wanted to help more.
She says: "After watching a video about Happy House and seeing the amazing work that Sue and her husband have achieved over the past few years to support so many children, making them healthy secure and above all else making them smile, I wanted to do something to help.

" The Snooky Trust Charity in Dawlish now has a Happy House display with a Happy House donation tin, photographs and leaflets kindly send by Elizabeth, in an attempt to help to spread the word for Happy House.
"Sue's passion, kindness and sincere determination to help change the lives of so many children is a truly amazing inspiration," she adds.
 "I will endeavour to help Happy House as much as I can."
Caz set up her charity five years ago in memory of her brother who died 12 years ago, aged 27, to help 18-40 year olds, from her home county, with a physical illness.
Even so, kind Caz, mum to  Harrie (pictured), 20, Tye, eight and Cae,11, has still found room in her heart and in her shop to help us too.
Thank you from all our family.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Baby finds a family

Last week we had been all ready to welcome a baby girl into our Happy House family.
Uncle Billy, our social worker, had been contacted by the children's office in Malindi asking if we could give a home to little Christine.
Her mum, who was HIV positive, died shortly after giving birth in late July and she had been in hospital since then.
Her two older siblings, of different fathers, are in the care of a children's home in Malindi.
Of course, we would take Christine. As Mama says: "We will always have room, there will always be room for another one."
But it was not to be.
Uncle Billy explains: "The children's office called me to say the baby's relatives have resurfaced
and are laying claim to her.
"It is an intriguing story since the mother was from up country and had two other children in children's homes. "They are now waiting for the father to this baby who is of swahili origin and definitely
not the dad to the other two.
"It is disappointing since we are willing and able to help but also rewarding if the baby is cared for and loved by her own blood relations."

There is a long way to go yet before the future of this little one is secured.
Uncle Billy adds: "We close it at that point for now,but many other complications might arise requiring us to help.
"We shall certainly not dissappoint."
                                                  Cassava crop

Our gardener Chris proudly shows off a bumper crop of cassava, which, once  collected from the garden, has gone straight to the kitchen along with other freshly grown vegetables ready to be used to cook up highly nutrituous meals for our kids. 

Brighton event tonight
There's still time to snap up a ticket for Marc and Thalia Venturi 's Happy House charity night   at the King and Queen, Marlborough Place, Brighton, from 6.30pm-10.30pm, tonight. There are some great prizes to be won in the raffle and Rock and Roll Bingo plus live music from acoustic band Beatroot, a home-cooked finger buffet and cakes donated by the resort's Sticky Fingers!
Tickets - £6 in advance or £7.50 on the door -are available from Marc on 0773 607 1486 . Wishing lots of love for a fantastic night Mark, Thalia and family xxx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Family fun night

There's just over two weeks to go until Steph Hill's Happy house charity night in Poulton, Lancashire.
Steph is in our Lily's sponsor family and in December she and her boyfriend, Gav, will be heading off to Kenya for a holiday -with visiting Lily and the Happy House at the top of their "to do" list.
Steph will see such a change in her little girl who has grown so much since they first met last October, when Steph was at the Happy House with her mum,Bev Higham, sister Lynsey Hill, who sponsors Harrison, and friend Zoe Dixon.
Steph's charity nights are always loads of fun, not to mention a delicious buffet. This year her event is at Poulton Golf Club on Saturday, November 17, from 7pm.
 Tickets are £6 for adults, £3 for children age 15 and under.
Providing the music will be DJ Beej, plus there will be games, raffle, quiz, buffet and, of course ,the cupcakes everyone goes crazy for!
Items for auction include a swarovski bead necklace, an African landscape by local artist Jean Taylor and a weekend away for 4 in a static caravan in Wales on a site right next to the beach!
Tickets are on sale now from 07595339669 or
Please get your ticket now and get set for great night with every penny raised going to help our Happy House family.
And tomorrow in Brighton....
There's still time to snap up a ticket for Marc and Thalia Venturi 's Happy House charity night  tomorrow at the King and Queen, Marlborough Place, Brighton, from 6.30pm-10.30pm.   There are some great prizes to be won in the raffle and Rock and Roll Bingo plus live music from acoustic band Beatroot, a home-cooked finger buffet and cakes donated by the resort's Sticky Fingers!
Tickets - £6 in advance or £7.50 on the door -are available from Marc on 0773 607 1486 or from

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A close shave - by Rukia, the happy blogger!

Myself I am Rukia Esha, I have write a blog because when I write a blog I am happy!
I am writing for you about the barber .
The barber has been good and the boys have their hair cut.
The barber , who is the one to shave them is Uncle Alex and Aunt Rehema help him. 
The boys, they are very smart . When they go to school on Monday next week,the teachers will tell them you are very smart today.

Many apologies to those of you who may have tried to buy gifts from Mama's Christmas Wish List using the link on yesterday's blog.  If you wish to send gifts for Christmas October 31st is the last date you can order from this list, but anything sent later will still get to family at another time. The correct link is:

Our blogger: Rukia

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Booking in

A  library is a key place in any school.
From the outset , one of our great aims has been to get  our Happy House children reading and to get them really thrilled and excited about books.
So getting our library well-stocked is key to this, which is why we have put so many books on our Christmas wish list.
Each child will receive a book this Christmas, complete with a bookplate with their name inside.
Once they have read and enjoyed their book, they will be asked to keep it in the library so that whilst it is still their book, it can be also be enjoyed by their brothers and sisters.
Madam Cathy, who works at our school and looks after the library, is fostering a love of books and all classes have library lessons.
In these lessons they are encouraged to borrow books, to read and to talk about their choices and told how to care for them.
We hope, eventually, with support and help of others, we will have books on every subject and they will open a window on a wider world for or kids.
We are so grateful to everyone who has sent a  parcel, or a gift from our wish list for our children for Christmas. Many have been anonymous and we haven't been able to say an individual thank you. But we want you to know just how much we appreciate your love and generosity.
If there is still anyone who would like to donate a book please take a look at our Amazon wish list:

Friday, 26 October 2012

Celebrating success at St Aidan's

 Sue with Andy Smith,  Ian Taylor, George Burrows abnd Grace Johnston

It was a night of inspiration and celebration as this year's school leavers returned to St Aidan's CE Technology College, Preesall, to receive their certificates, trophies and awards.
A current Year 11s who are taking on roles of responsibility within their school community were invested with their badges of office, including the new head girl and head boy, Grace Johnson and George Burrows.
It was was a privilege for  our Mama Sue to be there as guest of honour and to be asked to be a part of such a special Senior Awards Evening.
Education is at the very heart of Mama Sue's work in Kenya and led her to found her charity, Children of Watamu.
It has been her driving force since that day, in January 2000, when she happened across a tumbledown school where children were sitting on stone floors, counting with stones.
Since that time thousands of children owe their education to to schools she has developed,  while now at her Happy House,  kids,who really would have had no chance,  not only haved found home, family and love, they are benefiting from a trail-blazing school, where both teachers and pupils are embracing new challenges and achieving outstanding results.
In the UK, where education is, comparitively,  so  richly resourced but not always so highly prized, it was refreshing and uplifting to see the very high achievements in all areas, gained by the St Aidan's students.  Students were marking successes in academic subjects, music, the arts, vocational subjects and sport.
Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Elizabeth were welcomed by the head Andy Smith, and Mama Sue introduced by chair of governors Ian Taylor.

Sue with Grace Johnston and George Burrows
After presenting the awards, the gathering of students, parents and staff watched a video about the Happy House and heard from Mama how her work had started and how far it had come in the last 12 years.
Mama Sue said: "All I want, is just what any parent wants for their child, that they do their best. That they be the best that they can be. It's just that unlike most parents, I have 59 children in my family!"
She told the students, who have now moved on to the next stage of their lives, to sixth form or FE college, to apprenticeships or the workplace, to make the most of very minute, to seize every opportunity and to reach for the stars.
"Look what a difference I have made, just one woman who passed a school one day. What can you do?
" What difference can you make?"

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Top marks girls

Head Madam Rose with Rukia and Margaret (left)
What bright kids we have at the Happy House.
Children, who have come to us from the most difficult start in life, are just forging ahead in leaps and bounds.
They are so eager to learn, embracing every opportunity open to them, and achieving the most amazing results.
In the recent exams, Margaret and Rukia gained outstanding marks making them the top performers in their subjects in the zone (a district which covers dozens of schools).

Margaret and science teacher Mr Athuman

Head teacher, Madam Rose, who leads our dedicated and ethusiastic teaching team,  says: " We have good news from the Zonal Education Office. In the first zonal exam that our children have done shows good results from the analysis made in ranking.
" Margaret  became the best in the district in science while Rukia was best in social studies and CRE."
Mama Sue says: "I am so proud of our children. They have done so well and Margaret and Rukia have gained exceptional results. 

Margaret with class teacher Mr Mdachi
Rukia with teacher Madam Magdalene
Our school is providing children with an excellent education and they are just so eager to learn.
"Without the Happy House they may well not have had any schooling at all.
"The older kids all have career ambitions, social workers, doctors, pilots etc,  and there is no reason, with the right support, why they shouldn't achieve them."

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mum's the word

There was an unscheduled engagement for Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Elizabeth last night.
Steve Cushing had been due to give a talk on his his trek across the Arctic to members of St Paul's Mothers' Union, Warton, near Preston, but was forced to stand down because he was unwell.
So he asked Sue and Elizabeth if they could take his place, and Papa came along as driver and Man Friday!.
Hearing the Happy House story brought a real ray of sunshine into the lives of the lovely Warton ladies who were inspired and touched by the way the Happy House is giving vulnerable kids a real chance in life.
Papa, the only man in the house, appreciated the welcome he received and reckoned he'd turned into his late mum ... who had always loved attending her local mothers' union!
Thank you to the Warton ladies for making us so welcome and for giving so generously to to our family - raising £119.
Thank you also to Steve for asking us to step in and we hope you get better very soon.
Rock on in Brighton
If you live in the Brighton area be sure of getting your ticket for Marc and Thalia Venturi's Happy House charity night next Tuesday (Oct 30) at  King and Queen, Marlborough Place, from 6.30pm-10.30pm.
The highlight of the night with be Rock and Roll Bingo - a fun game which is taking the entertainment industry by storm - with some great prizes up for grabs.It replaces the caller with a burst of popular music and the numbers on the cards with the names of famous bands/ singers and songs so it so much more upbeat than the traditional "Legs 11" and "Two Fat Ladies" game.
Marc and Thalia's fundraiser is taking place at the King and Queen, Marlborough Place, from 6.30pm-10.30pm. Prizes for the bingo and raffle include wine and chocolates, a private pod on the Brighton Wheel for up to 8, beauty treatments worth £40, restaurant vouchers, all-day passes to Brighton pier rides, family ticket to the Sealife Centre, a record breaking Hot Chilli hamper, family 3D cinema tickets and Bowlplex tickets.
There will be live music from acoustic band Beatroot, a home-cooked finger buffet and cakes donated by the resort's Sticky Fingers!
Tickets - £6 in advance or £7.50 on the door -are available from Marc on 0773 607 1486 or from

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dinner lady!

When morning school finishes and it's time for lunch everyone is eager to tuck in.
Meals are served in on of our bandas so that means an orderly procession from the nursery school at the back of the Happy House to the banda at the front.
Some of the little ones appreciate a helping hand to escort them, if there happens to be one available.
Volunteer Charlotte Mara, a student from the USA, is being a great asset and always more than happy to be of help in any way. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Talking for funds

The terrific sum of £393.65 was donated by Thornton U3A after a talk by Steve Cushing.
Steve is a supporter of the Happy House, and he talked to U3A about his experiences running the Marathon des Sables, described as "the toughest foot race on earth".
Steve raised money for the Happy House when he ran this 150 mile event in the Sahara Desert and has subsequently raised thousands of pounds giving talks about it and also about his Antarctic Marathon, a few hundred miles from the South Pole, when he became the 9th person in the world ever to run a marathon inside the Antarctic Circle.
Steve, who with his wife, Cherith, sponsors our baby Esther, commented after his latest talk: " I was thrilled that Thornton U3A were so generous, as I know the difference this money can make. I was, however, also sad as after regular talks to U3A, Probus, WI, 3L, Rotary and other similar groups my diary is now empty and the opportunities to raise much needed funds has dried up."
Steve would be more than happy to give talks to any organisations, and as well as voluntary groups, his talk about the Antarctic Marathon is also
suitable for companies looking for inspirational talks for their employees or at conferences. Although preferring talks in the Lancashire area, Steve would be happy to consider travelling further, particularly if he can combine the visit with his other passions of wildlife and landscape photography, and supporting Blackpool FC.
If you belong to any organisations that would like to hear Steve's talks, or know of any such groups, please email Steve directly at


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rain wreaks havoc - by our kids

When it rains in Kenya, it really rains! In this blog  two of our kids,Margaret and Evans, tell just how the recent downpours have taken their toll.
Margaret writes: " On Friday and saturday we had very heavy rains and it destroyed a lot of crops.
"It broke the old greenhouse!
"Some of the crops such as sweet potatoes, bringoles, onions, chilis, cassavas, carrots, tomatoes and many others were destroyed by the rains.
"It has given Uncle Chris (our gardener) a lot of hard work.
"And we have really lost a lot of crops. But the greenhouse is being built again."
Evans also tells the story: "I just want to tell you about the old green house which fell down because of the heavy rain that started on Friday last week and lasted all Saturday..
It rained and rained till the old green house fell down.
Now workmen are setting it up again.
Do you know why they are setting up?
                   Because it is part of the family."
Footnote:.This original greenhousing built from casarina poles, netting and makuti to shade and which has served us so well in protecting crops from the intense sunshine collapsed under the weight of the water in the torrential storms as Evans describes.
In doing so it crushed many of the crops growing beneath it including brinjals, cassava, passion fruits and sukuma wiki.
We are lucky enough to have the purpose-built greenhouse systems that were donated to us since the original greenhousing was built, but losing this shelter and the crops is a big blow.Our gardeners have salavaged as much of the fruit and veg as they can which has gone straight to our kitchen. Until we can afford to buy another of the self-irrigated greenhouse systems for thsi land we have to make do and mend. The old structure is now being replaced as we must use all the land available for cultivation in the best way we can to grow crops to feed our growing kids!
And, of course, because it is a part of our family!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Birthday treats

There are two very happy children celebrating their birthdays this week pictured receiving their gifts at Kidz Club.
 The honour of presenting the gifts went to some of our younger members of the family.
Little Peninah handed over a birthday bag to Salama, while not-so- little Linus made the presentation of his big "brother" Samson.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Bingo rocks Brighton

Thalia with Musyoka at the Happy House
There's a whole new twist on Brighton rock when our good friends Marc and Thalia Venturi hold a Happy House charity night there on Tuesday, October 30.
The highlight of the night with be Rock and Roll Bingo - a fun game which is taking the entertainment industry by storm - with some great prizes up for grabs.
It replaces the caller with a burst of popular music and the numbers on the cards with the names of famous bands/ singers and songs so it so much more upbeat than the traditional "Legs 11" and "Two Fat Ladies" game.
Marc and Thalia's fundraiser is taking place at the King and Queen, Marlborough Place, from 6.30pm-10.30pm, so if you live any where near Brighton please go along to support our family - you can be assured of a very warm welcome!
 Prizes for the bingo and raffle include wine and chocolates, a private pod on the Brighton Wheel for up to 8, beauty treatments worth £40, restaurant vouchers, all-day passes to Brighton pier rides, family ticket to the Sealife Centre, a record breaking Hot Chilli hamper, family 3D cinema tickets and Bowlplex tickets.
Joe with Musyoka and Ben (and Pendo in background)
There will be live music from acoustic band Beatroot, a home-cooked finger buffet and cakes donated by the resort's Sticky Fingers!
Tickets - £6 in advance or £7.50 on the door -are available from Marc on 0773 607 1486 or from
If you want to see for yourself just how much fun there is in store take a look at this snatch of Rock and Roll Bingo
 Marc and Thalia and their children Emma and Joe have been supporting the Happy House since they first heard about it from Sue in 2007 - when it was still just an idea!
 Marc said: "We saw the great work she had done with building a school and helping so many children and she inspired us with her vision to build the Happy House. We wanted to be a part of that and help as much as we possibly could."
Since then they have raised thousands of pounds for the charity, enlisted much support from local people in Brighton"As a family we have always wanted to help children in third world countries who are less fortunate than ourselves, however we never really knew how to go about it.
"Meeting Sue has enabled us to make this possible and there is no better feeling knowing you have helped make a difference to a child's life. Raising money for the Happy House means we can see the difference first hand and the smiles on the children's faces!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tic tac top earner at St Aidan's

The novelty of adopting a tiny tic tac sweet for the school holidays caught on big time with pupils at Saint Aidan’s Church of England Technology  in Preesall, Lancashire, and raised £130 to make life sweeter for our Happy House kids
Students in Year 8 spent 50p on buying a tic tac which they were asked to take on their holiday travels, with a prize for the person photographed with their tic tac in the most unusual location.
Pictured:Adopt A TicTac winner Morgan Sandford (centre front) and classmates back  Fynn Galloway, Natalie Danson, Alex Pope Front Joshua Ronson,  Ellissa Thompson
Fynn Galloway, 12, said: “The idea is that for 50p you are given a tic tac and you have to take your tic tac everywhere with you over the summer.You take pictures of your tic tac and the most unusual location wins a prize!” 
The winner was Morgan Sandford,12, who took her tic tac along to the all-action Camp Bestival in Dorset.

Morgan, who was on holiday with her family (right), and her tic tac sent a postcard from the festival and Morgan produced a presentation about her all about her tic tac's travels.She won £10 of shopping vouchers for Primark.
The St Aidan's students are keen to help our family, with the fundraising led by Form K7 and their tutor Joanne Rossall who have sponsored Happy House child, Linus,who is almost three.
Year 11 pupils held a cake bake which raised £30 and their current effort is a guess the weight of the sweetie jar competition being organised by the Year 9 students in their form. (Pictured below are Year 9 students with their ‘Guess the weight of the Sweetie Jar’ competition. Back:  Matthew Moat, Amy Ronson, Harrison Pimbley, Front:Holly Riding, Lauren McGlynn, Luke Kirkby-Taylor)
Ellissa Thompson and Natalie Danson are very keen to help raise money for Linus. Ellissa said, “What Happy House does for vulnerable children is very important. The Happy House gives them a safe, loving home and makes sure they are fed and educated.”

Natalie said: “Going to school is very important for them. It will give them a chance to be able to earn their own living when they grow up and if they have a talent for something, it can be recognised and encouraged.” 
Mrs Rossall receives regular e-mails and photos from the Happy House to let them know how Linus is getting on.
She said: “Apparently Linus is quite bossy even though he is only two and thinks he is in charge at the Happy House. This charity is perfect for our form because the children in Kenya have so little but are so happy, that it sets such a good example for our students. Even in hard times here most of us have some disposable income even if it is just 50p. If we all put 50p in a box it would make such a difference to the lives of these children.”
Fundraising is something that is actively encouraged among students at Saint Aidan’s. Helping others is a key part of the ethos of the school and the students take this seriously, both individually, in form and house groups and on a whole school level, with lots of events throughout the year.
Mama Sue:"We are so grateful to the students at St Aidan's - it is very special when children are helping our children."
*Next week Mama Sue will be guest of honour at St Aidan's Presentation Night.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Groceries galore and lots of love from Italy

Marina Temperato and her friends Denise Curtolo and Paola Casoni, from Italy, came laden with gifts when they made a visit to the Happy House.
Marina (right) and her friends always show a great interest in what what we do, and Marina, we know, has a particular place in her heart for our Little Mr Determined, David.
Marina ,Denise and Paola, were welcomed by our Uncle Billy, who thanked them for the many useful supplies of grocerires- food and household items- which will be put to very good use and which will help to cut down on our household bill.
Thank you Marina, Denise and Paola we are so grateful for your support and love for our family.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Happy birthday, Mama

Mama is a long away from home and missing her kids ever more as today is her birthday.
Happy birthday, Mama , from all your family.
We are sending you lots of smiles across the miles.
We love you, from all your Happy House family  xxxxxx

Working together

Andy O'Brien, the very kind boss at Stockport-based Micro Librarian Systems and his team are driving ahead with plan to form a partnership with the Happy House with the aim of raising both awareness and money for our family.
Andy invited Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Elizabeth over to Marple to meet them.  Sue told them her story which led her to the Happy House , while Elizabeth spoke about some of our very special children.
As well as making a donation, Andy was keen to explain how MLS, which provides library systems and support schools,  could help take the Happy House message into the 14,000 schools they supply, and also to their partner companies.
Like Sue, who is committed to teaching a generation of disadvantaged children to read, thus putting them on the road out of poverty, MLS is passionate about encouraging children to read and to providing engaging technologies to foster a reading and information culture that promotes independent motivated readers and learners for life.
Sue first came across MLS some years ago when she was shown the library system in a Blackpool school. She contact the company which donated a Junior Librarian system to school and community library she was then developing. It has since help keep track of books on loan, something which would have been impossible otherwise.
We recently contacted MLS with an update on our work,  what a difference the scanner had made, and how now we have moved on to the Happy House and its school we were in the process of developing yet another library. 
Andy was so touched by Sue's incredible and inspiring work he wanted to give more help, and is giving the Happy House a dedicated page on the MLS website.
We are so excited and delighted by this partnership and will be working with the MLS team over coming weeks to get things underway.
Thank you to Andy, his fellow directors, and his team for their enthusiasm and caring... and welcome to our Happy House family!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Belated birthday treat

Visiting students Liliana and Fleur Jendroska were treated to a belkated birthday song when they spent the last day of their holiday at the Happy House.
The girls, who are twins, celebrated their 18th birthdays in September but our children, who love to sing, wanted to make sure they marked this special event in their friends' lives.
Fleur and Lili took along cookies for the kids ... making it a very special treat.
The kids also sent their love and best wishes to Fleur and Lili's mum, Dr Miriam Gross, who was unable to join the celebration because of an injury she suffered in a diving accident.
We all wish you a speed recovery Miriam, and a safe journey home to all.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Kids serve up a double helping

We have two Happy House bloggers today. Jane writes about the results gained by our children in the recent mid-term exams and the bonus blog comes with a time-critical weather report from Janet with a familiar ring to it! 

                       The Number One kids... by Jane
When you are number one in your class at school you make your Mama and Papa very proud.
I am happy that I am number one and making Mama and Papa pleased and happy.
In our school, all the children who are number one in their exams are Happy House kids.
Is good to perform well.  Auntie Velma make this picture of those who has perform well in class to be in
position one. They are:-
Playgroup : Alex

Baby class: Melis
Kg 1: Ushindi, Mwende, Natasha and Pendo
Kg3 : John
Class 1: Hope
Class 2: Jane
Class 3: Margaret
Pictured are: Back: Janet, Margaret, Mariam; middle: Natasha, Hope, John, Jane; front Mwende, Melis, Ushindi and Pendo. Alex was taking a nap!
When it rains .... by Janet
I have send for you some photos about the weather. It is cold and wet. It is so much raining throughout the day so we keep putting on our raincoats and sweaters.
There is alot of water everywhere and we play indoor games, we go to the computer and library.
On weekends we normally stay inside the house so that the babies cannot play with water.
During the rainy season we plant some crops such as maize, tomatoes, pawpaw etc.
We keep looking after each other.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Aunties at play!

Volunteer Aunties, Coral Blackhurst and DawnHeather White, happily turn their hands to anything needed when they help out at the Happy House.
Auntie Coral, from the Isle of Man,  is back for the third successive year and Auntie DawnHeather, from Bangor, Northern Ireland, also comes every year and is now on the second of her 2012 twice-yearly volunteer stints.
In these pictures Auntie Coral, is getting all the littlies involved in a new game at breaktime, making sure that no-one misses out on a turn with Auntie DawnHeather keeping a watchful eye for any child needing an extra hand.
Coming up
Tomorrow is Sunday so the blogspot will be in the hands of our kids and this week it is Jane who steps in a guest blogger... don't miss it!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Thank you ladies

Preston NFU Ladies were a lovely audience for Mama Sue and Auntie Libby when they joined them as guest speakers for their meeting at Salmesbury Memorial Hall.
The ladies were so interested to hear about the Happy House family and the road that led Mama there.
They asked lots of questions and their club donation and a collection raised a very generous £124.
Thank you ladies for being so kind and for serving up some delicous home baking too!
Christmas is coming .... 
How kind you are being to our kids as we prepare for Christmas. Mama and Papa have received so many parcels of gifts and clothes for our children and we are so grateful to every one of you.
We have tried to say a personal thank you, but as some pacels have been anonymous or come without an address it hasn't been possible. So thank you all - from every single Happy House kid!
There are still items on our Amazon wishlist so if you would still like to purchase a gift please visit

Thursday, 11 October 2012

A friend visits Freddie

There was a surprise treat for Freddie when his friend Liliana Jendroska, a member of his sponsor family, came to visit.

Liliana has been sponsoring Freddie since she visited the Happy House a year ago whilst on holiday.

Liliana and her twin sister Fleur,18, saw the Happy House display in Turtle Bay Hotel and went to take a look at it for themselves.
They were so captivated by our family they returned bringing with them  their mum, Mirjam Gross and younger sister.

The family, who live in Berlin, have been back again for a holiday and Liliana couldn't wait to see how much her Freddie has grown.

Freddie and Liliana are now firm friends and Lili and Fleur had a good time playing with our other kids too.

Welcome back girls!