Saturday, 22 August 2009

100 Beds for the Happy House Kids

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Ian Bradburn from Brad Europe Limited our Happy House Kids will definately be able to go to sleep in a bed and wake up to a breakfast.

Ian has donated 100 brand new beds with matresses, 600 sheets, 300 pillow cases, 300 towels, 100 beach towels and 100 fleece blankets.

Thank you just doesn't sound enough to say to Ian for this fantastic gift towards equipping the Happy House for our children to come home in January 2010.


Sorry for the delay in updating the blog but as you can see I am at a slight disadvantage at the moment!! 

Monday, 10 August 2009

Message from Michelle Aspinall

I first came across Sue's fantastic work whilst reading the Lancashire Life at the hairdressers detailing her 'Lancashire Woman of the Year Award'. I had been looking for a charity to be involved with abroad that our family can get first hand experience of when we go travelling next year for 3 months. Children Of Watamu seemd to tick all the boxes, there is a very personal sponsorship scheme so you can actually meet your child when you visit Watamu, and they actively encourage people to go out there and help. We will do whatever is requested when we visit next year, helping out in the orphange-cooking and cleaning, tending to the gardens, playing sports and games with the children, it will be such a privelege just to be there. 
I approached Joyce, owner of Heaton House nursery, where all my three children have been, to see if she could help and she very generously donated £100 and is going to use Children of Watamu as their charity of the year next year. They are going to buy a mixture of cow, goats, ducks and chickens and do a display in nursery of the charity and all the animals they have bought- bringing in teaching of counting, letters, colours and of course introducing the idea of children less fortunate. It will be such a good topic of conversation for children and staff and of course parents..
Heaton House has provided my children with a fantastic start in life, making a significant contribution to the happy, caring children they are today. It mirrors what Sue and Dave are trying to give the children in Watamu- that safe and warm environment and good start in life.
My husband, Ed and I wish to raise many more funds before we go next year. I am hoping to get some more sponsorships from my employer, Salford Royal Hospitals and through the kids school, aswell as family and friends. We are also talking of doing a triathlon aswell, which will be a big challenge!
Thank you Michelle for your kind words.