Thursday, 31 December 2015

Child of courage

Our little David is a model child of courage.
From his very first breath, he has been a little fighter.
Five last month, he has overcome so many obstacles to walk and talk and, every step of the way, he has been boosted by the love and encouragement of Mama and Papa and all our family.
His Happy House brothers and sisters love him to bits, even when he is bossing them about, and today's video echoes their pride in their special brother.
It was filmed at our Christmas celebration, and will bring a huge lump to your throats.
For Mama was told when he was 11 months old that he has Down's Syndrome and he would never amount to anything just to take him away and love him, his catwalk debut is another milestone in an amazing little life that will be forever etched on her heart.
Where this abandoned baby would have been now, without her and her Happy House, is unthinkable.
Now he is every inch a model kid.
Mama says: "I asked at Kidz Club who wanted to do catwalk at Christmas and David's hand flew up.
"He wanted to do it just like his brothers and sisters,so we had a little practice and he tried so hard, I cried thinking back to how frail he had been.
"At our Christmas party, he did so well and everyone was clapping a cheering . He got to the end and was bursting with pride.  So was I.
"And more tears flowed!"

Five days to go

Five days until we open our Happy House Secondary School....
Paintwork finished and the move is on in earnest as more desks, lockers, and school materials leave the Happy House workshop and store.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Growing challenge

Our kids are being challenged to a growing competition.
While they may be shooting up at a rate of knots, but this contest is to see who can grow the tallest sunflower!
In the latest parcel to arrive from Betty Hatch and her son Paul, Paul popped in packets of sunflower seeds along with the suggestion of staging a sunflower growing contest.
Mama and Papa think it's a good idea and  a Tallest Sunflower Competition will be on our calendar for 2016.
Thank you Betty and Paul for all the lovely things you sent.

Finishing touches

With six days to go, it's all systems go to get the secondary school ready. And nothing is being left to chance to make sure it is perfect for it first pupils.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Countdown to school opening

We are on countdown with just one week to go until we open the doors of our secondary school.
There is still much to do and finishing and furnishing is the order of the day.
It's incredibly exciting for everyone involved, not least those children who will become its very first students, and it is all thanks to you, our supporters, who have turned a dream into a reality.
The first delivery of desks, made by out joiner Charo, left the Happy House workshop yesterday - with Derrick riding with them!

Monday, 28 December 2015

So many friends

Local businesses in Watamu take our family to our hearts and have made donations of food, sodas, money or other items over the Christmas period.
A local luxury hotel and holiday complex Medina Palmsarrived with gifts of second hand clothing and cots which Mama and our kids were very happy to receive.
Thank you to everyone who has helps us at Christmas or throughout the year.
Your support is always needed and very much appreciated.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Special deliveries by Santa helpers!

 Just like Santa, Happy House delivers.
And for those kids who have now gone back to live with relatives or who are on home visits and were unable to join the rest of our family for the Christmas celebration,  Mama, Uncle Billy and Uncle Ronnie went on a special Santa run to take them their gifts,
Among those who were delighted to see them were Maria and Hassan, the Unda sisters,  twins Saumu and Pendo and Salama and her brothers Ushindi and Harrison.
And Mama was thrilled to see them all so settled, happy and healthy.
Top picture: Mama with the Unda girls; Mama and Uncle Billy with Maria and Hassan and Mama with twins Saumu and Pendo.
Right: Mama with Harrison and Ushindi.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Technicolour Christmas

Samson swapped his uniform for a coat of many colours when he took centre stage in a musical interlude.
And Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat captivated our children when they staged extracts of the hit musical.
With Samson taking a powerful lead in the title role, the kids sang their hearts out for an audience of children, relatives and friends at their end of term ceremony.
We have saved the video as a treat for Christmas week.
We hope you will enjoy watching it, as much as they enjoyed performing.

Friday, 25 December 2015

A magical Christmas

Merry Christmas!
It was jingle bells all the way when Santa came to call on our Happy House family.
The children who are still on home visits and their relatives came back to join the party and everyone waited in eager anticipation for Santa to make his entrance.
His arrival, with two cheeky elves and sacks full of presents, was greeted by a rousing reception from all the kids who were clapping and cheering.
There was lots of laughter as he made his way to the banda where he handed out gifts to every child, with Papa Dave as his helper.
Then there was singing, dancing, sports and  music and a delicious meal of beef pilau and fruit salad.
It was a very happy day for Mama, Papa and all the children as it was for staff, guests and volunteers.
Thank you for all the gifts you sent to help Santa fill his sleigh.
We wish you a very happy day.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

YOU deliver the greatest gift

Thank you! 
YOU have delivered to Mama Sue, Papa Dave and all our Happy House family the best Christmas gift of all -  the security of knowing the costs of building and opening our secondary school are covered.
It was back in August when rising costs of material and labour meant, our funds exhausted, that building work was a standstill.
And desperate to assure the educational future of our children, we launched the £25,000  Happy House Building a Bright Future Appeal.
We knew in our hearts that you would rally to our cry of help, and so you have.
Friends from around the world have made donations, held fundraising events and gone the extra mile to support us.
Children, from the very youngest in nursery through to secondary students, have done their bit, as have so many individuals who have tested their own endurance in sponsored events - the Iron man challenge and a 10k run to giving up chocolate!
Their have been big events and small ones, all just as important. You know who you are and what YOU have done -  we are not listing names because there are too many and we may leave someone out!
You are all equally important, every penny, every cent, counts.. We know how much you care and are so, so grateful. 
We have achieved this goal together, as we have others that have come before, and we can say, for certain, that as our family grows and develops more challenges will lie ahead.
For now, we can pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.
The educational future of our young people is assured,
You are amazing friends and we are so blessed to know you.
 In today's video a delighted Mama says thank you and wishes you a very Happy Christmas.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Scene set for Santa

The halls are decked with tinsel, the lights are twinkling on the tree and the scene is set ready for Santa when he flies into Happy House on a special mission today.
Our family will celebrate the festive season, a couple of days early, but Santa has such a busy schedule that he's put our children at the top of his list!
Excitement  has mounted as the kids decorated the house and banda, helped by teachers, staff and volunteers.
The presents are packed and ready for the cheerful chappie to deliver to our youngsters.
Our cook had a helping hand from teachers as she prepared the dough for the children's Christmas chapatis - a treat they have requested for their breakfast today.
And for lunch they will also have the meal they requested - beef pilau.
Enjoy everyone.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Welcome to Ashura and David turns five!

There will be Christmas joy and Santa surprises little Ashura now she is a Happy House kid.
Ashura has come to us after a request from Jua Rescue Centre which was looking for a more permanent home after giving her a temporary refuge.
Ashura has suffered a great deal of hardship  and uncertainty in her three and a half years.
Her teenage mum had been rescued from early marriage by the Children’s Department  and taken to Jua in 2012 and despite every effort being made by the centre had not connected with her baby daughter.
Last year her mum claimed she was 18 and left the centre without her daughter who went into a local children’s home. In June this year,  her mum went to claim her and, with Jua’s intervention, a schedule of integration was agreed and signed, but the mum disappeared with the child.
The Jua Centre made every attempt to trace them, and  received some calls from a wellwisher who spotted the mum and child on the streets but still they were not found.
Eventually a relative of the mum traced them and took them to Jua, with support from the Children’s Department  Ashura  was taken into care.
The mum agreeing that she could not provide for her little girl’s needs.
The mum, who had a difficult childhood herself and has no family backing, now has a chance to build a life for herself  while Ashura is in our safe and loving care. She will remain with us for as long as she needs to.
For Ashura the magic of a Happy House Christmas will be full of fun and delight.

David is five

Papa had the pleasure of presenting a birthday gift to his namesake yesterday when our little David Hayward celebrated turning five.
The Happy House family joined together to sing Happy Birthday to David at the weekly Kidz Club.
David has been with us since he was abandoned as a baby and has come so far since then - with constant support and encouragement from all those around him.
He's a real little fighter, and showing himself to be a winner too.
Happy birthday, David.
Mama  told the kids about the Christmas preparations and she then welcomed the new teachers - Mr Mramba and Madam Doris.
They were then invited  to introduce themselves and say a few words to the children.

Monday, 21 December 2015

In the swim at Mama and Papa's and Snap up a photo shoot

Some of the older kids who have remained at Happy House while others are on home visits went on a visit to Mama and Papa's on Saturday.
The children had a such fun starting with a swim in the pool before heading to Mama and Papa's banda where they enjoyed hotdogs, apples and soda,
What a happy morning for them all.

Snap up a photo shoot

Lancaster- based photographer Aggie McGuiness has kindly offered for donation of £20 to Happy House Building a Bright Future Appeal, a one-hour photo shoot and a beautiful desk framed image, worth £85. 
All the £20 comes to Happy House and after placing on Facebook, three of the five on offer were snapped up straight away.
Aggie is a leading name in her field and is a former Master Photographer of Year North West and the winner of  numerous awards,
Her documentary photographic work has been featured by the Art program “The New” and  her work purchased by The National Portrait Gallery and is regularly featured in London exhibitions. 
If you would like to buy one of the remain two of these very special photo-sessions for someone special or yourself please contact
To see Aggie's work and to find out more visit:

Sunday, 20 December 2015

A dog called Tommy, by Jacinta

Jacinta, 13, is our blogger today,
She writes about the animal that she knows best  - the dog at the home of her family.
"A pet is an animal you like most of all,
My pet is a dog, his name is Tommy.
He is black and white.
My dog is as brave as a lion with sharp teeth, long tail and loud growl.
It protects is at night so that no one will come near when he is there.
I feed him soup and bones which he likes. It makes him strong."

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Seasons greetings and goodies from Spire

The lovely administrative staff at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital have sent parcels of goodies for our happy house kids for Christmas.
Business manager Janet Shelmerdine and her daughter Lauren, an NHS advisor,  were at a Happy House evening hosted by theatre nurse, Joanne Reid, before she and her husband, Peter, left for their latest visit to our family in Watamu in November.
They had already donated clothes for Jo to take with her, but Janet said they felt that wasn't enough.
"We wanted to do a bit more," said Janet. 
They contacted Mama Sue to ask what they could send as extras for the children for Christmas.
They organised a collection amongst colleagues which brought in all kinds of craft items, colouring books, dvds, dressing up props and more.
The two big boxes they sent will bring lots of pleasure to our kids.
Thank you to everyone who donated for their kindness and for caring.
Picture are: Standing: Lauren Shelmerdine, Sarah Viney, Janet Shemerdine and Shannon Oldham. Kneeling: Kelsey Colquhoun and Claire Bailey.

Friday, 18 December 2015

School dreams come true

These four children have a chance to achieve their dreams as they join our scholarship scheme.
This week Mama and her team have been interviewing and assessing youngsters, all from very poor circumstances, who applied for free places in our school.
Candidates ,whose education is jeopardised by poverty, are assessed by tests and interview. 
Their parents or guardians are also interviewed and their homes visited.
From the 20 who applied four candidates  were successful and now look forward to starting at Happy House School after Christmas.
They are Philip, Elvis, William and Ann..
We are constantly looking for new sponsorfor our scholarship children. 
If you would like to help please contact Elizabeth Gomm at for details.
Together we can change lives 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

With love from students in Rome

Teacher Patrizia Antonelli is a  good friend to our Happy House family and school and visits whenever she is in Watamu.
And when she is back in Rome she continues to help by raising awareness of the work of Mama Sue and our charity.
Her students at the Caetani Institute in Rome, Italy, have taken our children into their hearts and raised 750 euro for our Building a Bright Future Appeal to finish, furnish and staff our secondary school ready for opening in January.
The students say: " We are a secondary school like your own, and we are writing to tell you something about us and how we know you and your project.
We are students between 14 and 18 years old, our school is in the centre of the town, just near St Peter's Church.
We  have three different courses so we have a lot of subjects.
This year we were thinking about a charity project to help people in Africa, especially to provide education.

So we asked to our teacher, Mrs Patrizia Antonelli, to help us, because we know she is active in Kenya.
She told us about your Happy House Children Home, and about the building of the Secondary School.
We even saw your website, your nice pictures and videos. 

A lot of classes, students  and also teachers gave their donation for Happy School Project we are very happy and proud.
Many of us have a dream, to come to see you in Kenya, in future.
Kind regards and our best wishes for a Merry Christmas of Peace and Love."

Thank you to everyone at Caetani for all your hard work and for the money you raised.
Our school building is now complete and we are busy getting it ready to open.
Our joiner Charo is making desks and chairs, Mama and her management team are interviewing teachers and all is on schedule to open on January 5.
You have helped to make this possible.
Thank you. You are awesome!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Santa mail from Ireland

Santa's workshop in Northern Ireland has posted off another batch of parcels to Happy House this week bring the current total sent off by Dawn Heather White and her colleagues to a whopping 69!
Dawn Heather, who visits Happy House a couple of times a year and sponsors our Katana, made up parcels each containing an outfit, a gift bag and a book or novelty item and asked the people she works with at the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in Bangor to take a parcel to post or to donate the cost of postage.
The parcels will be used for Christmas and also for birthdays throughout 2016
And everyone who took part was given a raffle ticket as a thank you - with items from Kenya as the prizes including kangas, beach bags, beaded bracelets, a carved turtle and a keyring. 
The lucky winners were Bette McMullan, Lorraine McCluskey, Fiona Dagg, Debbie Cousins, Rosemary Busby and  Dr Jonathan Green.
Well done everyone, and thank you!
Dawn Heath is picture (left) with raffle winner Lorraine.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

New beginnings bring Christmas blessings

Family, home, love and education … Mama Sue and our Happy House are there for any child in need, for as long as they need us.
This may be for years, or just a matter of weeks, we never know. 
Most of our children have known relatives and Uncle Billy and Uncle Ronnie, our social workers, work hard to keep in touch. Many relatives visit as often as they can.
So when their fortunes take a turn for the better, it is right for a child to be restored to their family and to continue their childhood with their parents or other blood relatives.
Over the last few weeks a number of children, some who have been with us since our earliest days, have returned to live with their families.  And each one has settled and is happy.
These are new beginnings for each child, and a time of great joy and happiness for their relatives who have worked hard to make this possible. A Christmas blessing indeed.
For Mama and Papa it has been heart-wrenching to see chicks they have nurtured and loved fly the nest.
But Mama only ever acts in the best interest of a child. Her children are her driving force, and she says she knows deep in her heart that this is the right decision.

Our lovely, mischievous Linus who joined our family when he was just 11 months old, has gone home to live with his mum and is back with his sister Millie.
His mum’s life is vastly different from the time when, newly widowed, she was in a desperate situation and had to put both her youngest children in care.  As soon as she was in a position to support Millie she came for her, and has continued to strive to get to a point where she could also be permanently reunited with her little boy. This has always been her goal.
She now has a good job, lives in her own house and is able to support and educate Linus. It is only right that he should grow up with his own mum and family.
They are now happily together again and living in Nairobi
Hassan and Maria, again some of the first in our family, are now growing up with their aunt.
Their aunt, who they have visited on home visits and who has always kept in touch, is now able to take them into her home and family and to support and educate them.
They are happily settled and enjoying life with their own family.
 Dennis received regular visits from his mum and his stepdad. They have moved to a new area, many miles away. This made visits difficult and Dennis was keen to go with them.
He is now 18 and an adult (we helped him through the application procedure for his identity card) and as such cannot remain in childcare. 
He is intelligent enough to make his own decisions and this is what he has done.
His family’s new situation means his step-father is in a good position to support his family financially, and to ensure that Dennis can continue his education through secondary school and has this is place.

Alex Kinyua is now joyfully reunited with his dad and restored back into his family in Nanyuki.
Life now is very different for his father from the time Alex came to us. He was in a desperate situation, having been left with a small child raise on his own, which had led him into trouble. 
He has now paid the price for this actions and has rebuilt his life. He has a good and secure job, a home and support from his sisters who really want to share in helping him to raise and educate Alex.

Lucinda’s family have, thankfully, become much more involved in her life over the last year and she has now gone to live with her two sisters, aged 13 and 10, at their grandparents home.
She has only ever wanted to be with her sisters.
 Lucinda’s grandparents kept her homecoming as a huge surprise for the younger children, so it was a very joyful reunion indeed.
 They are enrolling her in a local school where she will take her Year 8 exam. 
 Lucinda has always struggled with being apart from her sisters.
 We have helped her to grow in confidence, raised her self-esteem and taught her so many valuable skills.  Now, with her grandparents and hers sisters, she is just so happy.

The teenage mum who came to us when she was six months pregnant is now starting to rebuild her life with her mum.
They have been happily reunited and she no longer needs the support of our Happy House.  Her baby, Nicolas, however will remain within our loving family until such a time she wishes and is able to look after him. He is continuing to thrive.
We have been a shelter in a storm for this girl, but she needs to be with her mum who is now in a position to support and care for her and to ensure her safety and education.

Mama and Linus
Mama, Uncle Billy and Uncle Ronnie are keeping a close eye on every child’s situation and visiting to make sure all is well and Mama says from seeing the children with their families is giving her peace of mind and reassurance .
“I am finding it hard to let them go, it’s so different without them. Linus was my little boy, always in my office after school. I miss him, and all of them. So does Papa. Hassan was his buddy, always by his side.
“We are going back to see them this week and Papa is coming too so he can see how Hassan has settled.
“We have been bridge over troubled waters for these children. They will always be Happy House kids and we will always be here for them should they need us.
“The Happy House is for children in need, and we cannot keep children here who no longer need our support and who have families who are able, willing, and really want to look after them.
“These children are going out to their communities strong, healthy and confident and with all the skills we have taught them.
“They have aspirations and ambitions and the drive to achieve them.
“They will be real assets to their families and to their communities, because of all they have learnt at Happy House. You have helped to make this possible.
“If you have sent Christmas gifts, they will receive them and their savings accounts will remain there for them, building interest, until they are 18.
“There are so many changes, all at once, and however difficult change can be I know, deep in my heart,  that these are changes for the good of the kids.”

Monday, 14 December 2015

Seeds of hope

These seeds will produce lots of food for our family.
Collected by Frank McGinley, of Birkenhead, from his generous friends they were delivered by Scott and Laura Webster.
Now they will be planted, under our crop rotation scheme put in place by gardener Chris with help from keen horticulturalist Scott.
And when the time comes these excited little ones will be among those in our family to enjoy the fruits of the harvest.
Thank you to everyone who donated.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

My friend Jane, by Mariam

Our children forge strong friendships as today's blog, by Mariam, illustrates:
Hi, this is Mariam Safari.
I am having a nice holiday from school.
This is a blog about my friend.
My friend is Jane she is in class six.
My friend Jane likes playing football and rounders,
Jane loves me so much and we love each other very much.
In Happy House we love each other like brothers and sisters.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Santa sends a message

Today we have a message for our Happy House kids, direct from the man of the moment himself, Father Christmas.
Parcels for Happy House delivery
He told Auntie Libby that he's got you at the top of his list and can't wait to drop in and say hello when he's on his festive rounds.
Auntie Libby and Auntie Pauline met him when he came to see our stall at Blackpool Victoria Hospital Christmas Markets.
He was so interested he asked to take a leaflet so he could learn a bit more about our new school..
And he was happy to pose for a picture with a very excited little boy called Harrison, who was such a star that he got to visit Santa and his mischievous elf in his grotto.
Visitors to the fair showed lots of interest in our work and we also sold goodies to the tune of £42.80 taking our  Secondary School Building a Brighter Future Appeal to 94% of it's £25,000 target, leaving £1463 to go!
How wonderful it would be of Santa could deliver that!
Thanks to organiser Hayley Turner and the fair for having us, it was a couple of hours well spent.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Mama's video update brings secondary school opening date

We're nearly there!
Our secondary school Building a Bright Future Appeal is just £1500 from its £25,000 target, and our school is finished and will definitely open for it first students on January 5.
What an amazing achievement. this will be and it has been made possible by so many of our friends around the world who have worked so hard to raise the money to make it possible - and to bring dreams come true for our children.
Right now, the finishing touches are being made to the school building,  the primary school, finished in such a rush last year, is being given a coat of paint and joiner Charo has a couple of other men helping him to make the desks and chairs.
Mama is in the process of appointing teachers who will fully understand our Happy House ethos.
In today's video Mama Sue brings you the latest school and family news.
If you would like to make a donation to our Building a Bright Future Appeal  [please go to
 Huge thanks to all those who have already donated, organised fundraising events and made our school happen.
You are just amazing. Thank you.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Birthday boys

 There are two birthdays being celebrated at Happy House this week
Baraka Mkutano turns 13 while Fred Safari will be seven.
Papa Dave had the honour of presenting the boys with their birthday gifts whilst everyone sang Happy Birthday as loud as they could!
Mama told the kids that Santa would have them as first on his list for deliveries this year as he would be calling on December 23 which was when they would have their special Christmas meal.
She asked them what they would like to eat, and this time beef pilau won out over chicken pilau in the voting so that's what they will be having.
There were loud cheers when the result was announced.

Hospital fair

Today the Happy House has a stall at Blackpool Victoria Hospital Christmas Markets in the Education Centre (opp the Women's Unit) from 4pm-6.30pm.
There will be free parking in the multi-storey car park for those visiting the fair from 4.45pm only.
We hope you will come to see us. Everyone is welcome.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mama checks up on her chicks

Emmanuel and Elijah
Many of our Happy House kids will be enjoying Christmas with their relatives this year, as they are now on extended home visits.
We have 50 children left at here with us at home who have no-one or who are unable to go on a home visit for various reasons, Some are too young to understand why.
Mama says that our Brian, now five, whose mum left him in hospital two hours after giving birth, thought he should be going..
‘’The other day after some of the children had left he came and told me he wanted to go and see auntie, I smiled and cuddled him and tried to explain, but it does pull at your hearts strings that there is no auntie."
“ Esther another of our foundlings  who is three, decided she would pack her bag as other girls in her room were doing. When she was told she was not going on a visit she cried and screamed. Uncle Billy was called and calmed her down by saying she would be going in the evening.
Rukia and Saida, and Mama with Janet, Evans and Oscar
“By the time evening came she had settled down, was happy and had forgotten all about it.”
Visits are carefully planned and the children really look forward to them and are excited when they leave."
They will, of course, receive their Christmas gifts and cards you have sent even though they will not be at the Happy House when Santa calls!
In Kenya, Christmas is a religious celebration of togetherness, and for these children being with their mums, dads, grandparents, aunties or siblings is a gift indeed.
Always the mother hen, Mama is going out and about, with Uncle Billy and Uncle Ronnie, to check that all is well with her chicks
“I just couldn’t wait to get out there are see how the kids are doing,” she says.
Mama with Karembo, John, Sifa and Grandma
“Everything was so very, very, positive.
“We visited Janet,Evans and Oscar,  how happy they were to be doing their own thing with their cousins and having more freedom.
“Twins Pendo & Saumu, were so happy with their Mum as too were Peter and Paul.
“Jedidah is loving being at her aunt’s house and with her cousins.
“Sifa John and Karembo are at their grandma’s house and enjoying every minute. They are being such a great help to her.
“Some of the homes are truly basic and the children are carrying water, but that is normal life here.
“All the adults were delighted to see us and made us feel very welcome.
“Everyone is so happy to have their children home.
Katana and Fikiri with their mum
“ Other family members have been visiting to celebrate with them, and that was all the families.
 “They thanked us for what we have done,  how the children speak English, how well mannered, intelligent, and respectful they are.
“They are truly beacons of light within their own community. We are so very proud of them.
“We were there when their lives were desperate, now situations and lives have changed.  As we all know life can turn on a sixpence, but it can also in time turn back again. It is amazing to see children who are at home with their natural Mum
“The natural bond is undeniable."
“ We have visited others too and have more to see this week.
“We are in touch by phone so we can be confident the happiness we have seen in the last week will definitely be repeated  over the next.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Thanks St Aidan's and sales dates

The Happy House is one of the charities to benefit from a non-uniform day held at St Aidan's CE Technology College last Friday.
Here are some of class 5B students at their thanksgiving breakfast held that morning.
Thank you everyone for your support.
Morning market
A morning plying our wares, many of them handicrafts made by friends who support us, raised £44.30.
Elizabeth Gomm and Pauline Royle set up  sall at at Christmas Fair the Air Balloon, Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool, on Saturday morning.
The money raised was boosted by another £30 which Susan Sadler had collected from clients at her chiropody practice.
This week we will be having a Happy House stall at Blackpool Victoria Hospital Christmas Market on Thursday from 4pm-6.30pm.
Picture: Pauline helps a young customer on trying our pick-a-stick game on Saturday.