Saturday, 28 August 2010

Emailing: swimming 032

Natasha on the left and Brian on the right decided to sit it out. Just look how chubby our beautiful babies are.

Emailing: swimming 026

Charity, Stevie, the twins Pendo and Suamu, had a little swim and then decided to eat the boxes for the arm bands instead. Our other Pendo is just having a think about going back in. When Pendo came to us her legs were very very stiff and quite bowed, the doctor said she had a slight case of rickets, and the damage was already done. Pendo is sponsored by my lovely friend, Elizabeth Gomm, who on hearing this immediately send Pendo vitamins and calcium tablets, the Mums gave them to Pendo every day without fail. Just look at those lovely little legs now, TLC works wonders.

Emailing: swimming 027

The Happy House Family went swimming on Friday, a great time was had by all. We gave them all hot dogs and crisps with tomato sauce at half time!. The day before we had bought 20 sets of arm bands, as some of the children said they could already swim! Wrong!! They thought that being in the water was swimming. We had plenty of staff in the water with them so everyone was safe, children, and staff really enjoyed it. So now when we have a birthday it is a pool party that everyone wants. Next week we have 3 birthdays, so we are combining them into one party. Yes, you have it, the kids wanted to swim 3 times!!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Computer back up is a must!!

Last Monday my computer died a horrible death!! It was like losing my right arm................. having said that since I fell 5 weeks ago and broke my right arm in 3 places there have been days when I could have lost it quite happily!! I know that I lost some emails, if you have written to me and not received a reply please send it again. Can I please ask everyone, not to attach pictures unless you have resized them, the connection here is quite slow and they block everything up. We would be pleased to receive printed pictures for our notice boards, the children are now updating them with the help of Billy, our very caring Social Worker. Our postal address is Sue Hayward's Happy House. P.O. Box 387, Watamu, Kenya East Africa.
I am sorry the blog has not been as often as usual, but it is hard typing with my left hand, and I have needed some time off work. I am very much on the mend now. Thank you to all of you for your love and good wishes, I  must admit it has been a very difficult time for me. My Dave has been amazing at taking care of me, mind you I have given him lots of practice over the years!! Rose, Billy  the Happy House staff and children have also been great, looking after things and of course each other. We really are a happy, Happy House family.
So many of you have written to 'your' children and sent pictures, if you have not as yet please do, it is a shame for a child who does not hear from even one member of their 'family' and others are. We also make a big celebration for each Childs birthday, on the profiles it states when it is 'your' Childs birthday, please send a card or a greeting it means so much. None of our children knew when it was their birthday, not one had ever celebrated. I am not even going to mention children in England and what they receive, and then is it ever enough for the majority of them??  We are so grateful for the monthly standing orders this is how we keep the Happy House up and running and our children loved and cared for, but please realize, this is not just a kind and generous deduction from your bank, it is child's future. Your donation keeps a child safe and healthy, it saves these children from a life on the streets, a life of of destitution, and in some cases from sexual and physical abuse. These children need your support in so many ways. Please don't write and tell me you haven't had the time, you have if you want to!

Friday, 20 August 2010

In the Pink

Brenda's granddaughter Chloe Groves has spent two months teaching archery to kids on summer camp in New Hampshire, USA, but she didn't forget the Happy house while she was away. She dyed her hair pink to raise around $300 for the kids. Hope the colour won't have faded by the time you get to Happy House next month, Chloe! Well done, thank you and big hugs from us all.

Bingo Brenda

The tiny village of Letcombe Regis in Oxfordshire turned out in force for a bingo night organised by Happy House friend ansd sponsor Brenda Groves. They raised an incredible £351.59. Thank you Brenda for being so brilliant , we are so looking forward to seeing you and Chloe again when you come out to volunteer with us next month. Thank you , too, to all those who supported Brenda's fundraiser.

Learning Curve


Happy House sponsor Lesley Pidcock , who visited the Happy House this summer, has been busy spreading the word about our Happy House family since she got back.

Lesley, who sponsors baby  Natasha and older child Janet, has created this colourful display for her base room at Doncaster College, where she teaches childcare, so her new intake of students in September will know all about our work.

Lesley says: "We will be doing a number of fund raising events throughout the year. I am truly hoping it will become a self-directed activity for the students with them planning preparing and facilitating the events they choose to do.

" In the classroom we will be looking at the different cultures and observing how Natasha develops.

" The fund rising will go towards whatever is on  Sue's wish list at the time. "


Friday, 13 August 2010

Thankyou as always Brenda

Brenga Groves has been a very active supporter of our work for quite a few years now, and has also become a very good friend of mine, this is what Brenda told us this week.



After retiring from Crown Packaging, Wantage at the end of May, I was very pleased to go back last week and accept the cheque for £725 on behalf of the Children of Watamu.   Each year 4 charities are nominated and the money raised is split.

The Social Club & Wellness Committee are very active in the fundraising, organising things such as a boot sale, Christmas raffles, cake sale, Easter raffle, plant sales.  A big thanks to my friends, the secretaries who have done a fantastic job, donating prizes, selling and buying raffle tickets to the whole site.  Thanks to my boss Kevin who has supported the charity throughout, and most of all my team "Metals" who I have continually pestered for their money throughout the year. 


Thank you Crown for your continued support over the last 4 years. Hopefully next year Children of Watamu will be nominated again.