Saturday, 31 January 2015

Grazie amici and Roof Appeal soars

Thank you to our Italian friends Silvia Papini  and Massino Sodini, from Lucca, and Monica Bottoni from Ferrara  for coming to see us and bringing with them so many lovely things for our children.
Your useful and thoughtful gifts will bring much happiness to our children.
Makuti cuties

 Raise the Roof 

Your wonderful donations have sent our Raise the Roof Appeal soaring to 96% of our £4000 target, and now there's just £152 needed to buy the remaining few makuti tiles.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. To help take us to our target you can donate online at or send a cheque made payable to Happy House to Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive Blackpool FY3 8NS.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Happy House: An amazing place

Having a family of sponsors means so much to our children and brings them a feeling of friendship and love from beyond the Happy House.
Each sponsor is able to open a different window on the world for their special child by telling them about their home  and family life.
So it is it is wonderful for both child and sponsor when they get to meet. 
Susan James, who has just returned home to the USA after volunteering with our family, writes about meeting Saumu Safari, the little girl she has sponsored for the past three years.
"I was a joy to meet my sponsor child Saumu.
She is sven years old.
I specially enjoyed seeing her interactions at school, playing, at PE, and with her friends in the weeks I was at Happy House.  
It is an amazing children's home and school that is developing the children's life skills and social skills.
The older ones help greatly with the younger ones in all areas. They are well behaved in class and are learning all the subjects.  
 I see the progress in action and the hard work of the teachers.
 Since I am a substance abuse counselor I was asked to speak in class 7 .  I gave my talk on drugs and the dangers of drug abuse.
The children listened intently, asked intelligent questions, and took notes.  I used the board to make my illustrations.
  I enjoyed working in the garden and helping in any way, I love seeing things grow and then becoming food.
 I saw the new primary school being built and the progress they have made it should be done soon if not already.
 California is a very long way to go, but it was a trip well worth it.  I plan to come back, but next time  I hope to bring interested friends.
Sue and Dave keep up the wonderful work because it is paying off.
 Raise the Roof 
Every day brings us closer to getting the roof on our primary school completed, thanks to the amazing kindness of our friends.
We are now at 88% of our target just £442 away from raising the full £4,000 in less than two weeks.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. To help take us to our target you can donate online at or send a cheque made payable to Happy House to Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive Blackpool FY3 8NS.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Inner Wheel makes it a red letter day!

 Our Happy House was the focus of a wonderful gathering of friends when Thornton Cleveleys Inner Wheel held their International Night at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood.
And many of the ladies came wearing red as it is the colour of children's school uniform.
After a lovely meal, International organiser Irene Pollitt, who is in Abu’s sponsor family, introduced Elizabeth Gomm who was able to give an insight into Mama Sue's story and showed two videos bringing our family to life.
Before the meal, guests had paid 50p for a photograph of a Happy House child and Elizabeth was able to tell them the stories of the child they had chosen.
She was thanked by Sue Simpson, who is in the sponsor family of Abu’s sister, Sudi, and who, like Irene had in her introduction, told of how rewarding it is to sponsor a Happy House child. 
She also said of how proud  and delighted she and her husband, David, had been to have Sue as a speaker at the District Rotary Conference when David was district governor.
Sue presented Elizabeth with a cheque for £200 from the proceeds of the evening and that along with another £35 donations and bag sales has been added to the offline total on our Raise the Roof Appeal to cover the costs of putting a roof on our new primary school.
Many thanks to everyone who attended for their generosity and for caring about our children.
Pictures: Top, from left, Margaret Crossland (secretary), Irene Pollitt (International organiser) Pearl Harris (president) and Jean Roberts (treasurer). 
Above (left) Jennifer Brooks who was taking donations in exchange for pictures of a child, and Anne Marie Lewis (right) with the evening's programme and her Happy House bag which she told the ladies she had been happily using for months.
Raise the Roof
With £3391.70 raised in just eight days, we are so close to getting our primary school roof on and finished.
A wonderful individual donation of £1,000 from a friend of our family has set us on to the home straight.
Every single penny will help to make a difference, so please if you can spare just a a pound or two don't think it won't be of much help because it really will.
You can donate online at or send a cheque payable to Happy House to Elizabeth Gomm, 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 6NS.
Thank you for your kindness and, as we said, every tile bought will bring a smile!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

School Report: Cooking, computers and crafts

Teacher Madam Nelly brings us the weekly report from Happy House School:
 We are now in the fourth week of term and all our activities are running smoothly and to plan.
New pupils who joined us have settled in well.
Our school is, for now, divided with primary classes still in Happy House while the kindergarten is happily on the new site. Everyone is looking forward to being together again soon when the primary school is completed.
Thursday  is our games day when, after classes at 3 pm, pupils and teachers  take part in various team sports  like football, netball and volleyball. 
Everybody enjoys being active and and understands how important exercise is to health and wellbeing.
On Saturday,  we had lifeskills activities.
 Mama Sue was in charge of the baking class with  Musyoka,  Margaret and Kezia assisting the baking group with her.
Other skills included the local craft of broom making,  gardening ,sewing and  and feet and hand treatments for more of our little one!
Pupils choose the activity they would like to take part in, depending on  age and interest.
The kids are really enjoying the activities because they are gaining important skills to assist them in their future life.
We also had football match Happy House team against Mwamba. 

With yesterday's donations, including money kind raised by Thornton Cleveleys Inner Wheel Club last night, were are 58 per cent of the wat to our £4,000 total.  Every £10 buys 25 of the 66,000 tiles needed to complete the roof of our primary school. Work is well underway. Please help us to get it finished by donating online at or you can send a cheque payable to Happy House to Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS. Thank you.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Gotcha, Uncle BIly!

Surprise, surprise, Uncle Billy!
Our much loved social worker Uncle Billy had the surprise of his life when he returned from an "errand" with Papa Dave and Uncle Red on Friday to find the whole family gathered and set to celebrate his 40th birthday.
And the biggest shock of all was that the party, planned down to the finest detail by the kids themselves with help from Mama, had been kept top secret ... something he couldn't believe was possible in a family of more than 100 children!   
Uncle Billy writes:
My Beloved family,
I got a pleasant surprise for my Special day! 
Even now, I can’t believe how it was all organized without me having the slightest of an idea! 
Keeping a secret in such a big family  successfully is not easy at all!
We have a lot to do and time flies fast so I didn’t see it coming.
The previous evening I had a chat with Mama and shared details of a little assignment I was planning to handle outside the  office which she tactically deferred till Monday
On Friday afternoon,  Papa Dave came in and asked if I would like to accompany him  and Red to the new land as he wanted to ‘make some pictures’ and then off we went but to a different direction ...all in all I was still in good hands though at some point I wondered if everything was okay, as it not usual for Papa to go for a cold drink without Mama’s company!!
 After a short while  Mama phoned Papa’s to which he offered that we were just finishing up an errand at an electrician’s shop and that we wouldn’t be long…which made Red and I burst into laughter,
.In  no time we were on our way home where a surprise was in store for me.
 When we got to the Happy House I thought we just got in after some special guests … the kids were all smartly dressed and singing but wait a minute…it was a birthday song! Papa asked whether it was my birthday and that even made me more confused to which I answered incoherently…. I had forgotten it was my birthday!
 For some moments I felt hypnotised and my heart leapt with joy as I started relishing the spectacular event.
It was a lovely party with food, cake, juice, apples and lots of presents! 
A special book was presented to me with all the special messages from all our sponsors and friends.
 I am deeply humbled.
 My special thanks to Mama, Papa, Aunty Rose, Susanna Gregorio, Red, Brenda & Chloe for being there to share the joyful moments.
 The staff had worked tirelessly in odd hours to make it a success, our wonderful kids for the beautiful presentations.
 I phoned my mum who shed tears of joy  while adding what she repeatedly says that I am blessed to have such a loving & supportive family.
 There was more in store as I got a dinner invite in a nice restaurant with great ambience and good food.
 This is my BEST BIRTHDAY party EVER and am so indebted to you all for making it  absolutely fantastic for me 
.To say that I thoroughly enjoyed it would be an understatement.
 Thank you one, thank you  all; you can rest assured that these special memories will linger on for the rest of my life. God bless you all.
 Uncle Billy.

We are today entering Week Two of our Raise the Roof Appeal and are just over halfway to our total. 
You can make a donation online at at or text Roof08 followed by amount you want to donate to 70070 -- a free service operated by Vodafone.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Roof is on the way up

Thanks to YOU our primary school roof is on its way.
Agile workmen, with no fear of heights, are busy putting tiles in place on the primary school.
Our Raise the Roof Appeal has raised more than £2,000 in less than a week, and we are now hoping the remainder of the £4,000 needed will come flowing in over the coming days.
We are in a hurry to get our primary children moved and settled in in the school next to our Kindergarten which where their younger brothers and sisters have settled in so well.
Mama says they are loving going out to school. "We can hear them singing when they are on the way home, the closer the faster they get and the louder!
"They all come by the office, saying Hi Mama. It really is lovely."
Thank you to everyone who has donated. Your gift is appreciated by every one of our family and together we are  making a difference to children's lives.
Please encourage your friends to make a donation to help us complete the roof. They can do this online at . or text Roof08 followed by amount you want to donate to 70070 - JustTextGiving - a free service operated by Vodafone.
JustTextGiving is free to use on any UK network, and you’ll only be charged for the donation you make. The donation works like a premium rate SMS, with the cost of the donation charged to your bill}
If you prefer to donate by cheque please make it payable to Happy House and send c/o Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sowing seeds Fikiri

Fikiri takes over the bog to write about two weekend activities - young farmers and church.
When it was time for young farmers, Uncle Alex called us to the garden and the young farmers went to the garden.
Uncle Alex asked us to plant cabbages. kales and tomatoes and then we went to the old greenhouse and cleaned it.
Every Sunday morning after breakfast we are waiting for some minutes to leave and then at 10. 00 am we reach the church.
We are welcomed well and they tell us to sit down when Pastor Nzai arrives.
He starts preaching and after preaching he is calling the praise and worship.
I like going to church.

St Aidan's and Thornton Ladies

Yesterday's blog featured Elizabeth Gomm's Happy House talk at Thornton Ladies Club and her visit to St Aidan's Technology College, Preesall, to meet form representatives from Keller House.  Mrs Joanne Rossall's form K7 sre in Linus' sponsor family.  
At Thornton she received a  cheque for £200, plus another £60 from bag sales and donations , while St Aidan's presented her with £100. 
The pictures were missing from the blog so we are happy to bring them to you today and another thank you to both Thornton Ladies and St Aidan's.

Raise the Roof
You are all being amazing in your support of our Raise the Roof Appeal for our relocated primary school, but we we have to keep asking you to help get us to our £4000 target.
If you can help please make a donation on on line at :
or if you prefer a cheque please make it payable to Happy House and send to Elizabeth Gomm, 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fantastic Fylde friends help Raise the Roof

It's been a busy week on the Fylde Coast, as Elizabeth Gomm has been out and about raising awareness and funds for our Happy House ... with every penny raised going into our Raise the Rood Appeal.
And yesterday, in its fourth day, the appeal hit the halfway mark with £2000 already raised.
We now have the challenge of doubling that, but feel sure that with YOUR help we will do it and get that school roof on in no time.
Libby's week started with a talk to Blackpool Civic Trust in the ornate setting of of the council chamber of Blackpool Historic Town Hall.
Members of the Trust found  the story of Sue and Dave's journey that led to the Happy House and the children they are helping there,  both moving and inspiring.
Trust donations of £135 were made up to a total of £248.85 with the sale of Happy house bags and generous donations from members.
Libby is pictured with Trust chairman Joan Humble.
On Wednesday, Libby made a return visit to Thornton Ladies Club where she and Sue had given a talk a few years ago, They were pleased and amazed to hear of the great strides made since that time and a club donation of £200 was increased by £60 from bag sales and donations.
Yesterday she had the pleasure of meeting year representatives of Keller House at St Aidan's CE Technology College, Preesall, where Mrs Joanne Rossall's K7 form are in our Linus' sponsor family.
They work so hard to raise money and Libby was given a cheque for £50 from the school charity fund and another £50 raised by Mrs Rossall's students.
They enjoyed our latest video and were especially delighted to see Linus featuring in it!
Thank you Civic Trust, Thornton Ladies and St Aidan's for being such fantastic friends to our family and a special mention to Paul Humble from the Civic Trust for helping out with a few technical hitches and to  Cameron from St Aidan's for greeting Libby when she arrived.
Thank you to everyone who is keeping our Raise the Roof Appeal on track towards it's £4000 total,. We must get the roof on our school as soon as possible and video appeal  was made by Mama Sue earlier this week, in case you missed it.
You can help, please, by making a donation online to

Friday, 23 January 2015

Our stars and Roof Appeal moves into Day 4

 Five children stepped into the limelight at Kidz Club this week .
Three birthdays were celebrated with greeting, songs and gifts with Mama and Papa handing over the goodies to the birthday kids - Sudi, Esther and Katana.
Then it was the turn of our Stars of the Week.
Janet received her award for the way she works so hard at her studies.
Recent arrival Eric, who joined our family at the end of last year along with his brothers, Lucky and Thomas. 
Eric was awarded his star of the week because he is so tidy and puts everything away where he found it!
Well done Janet and Eric and a very Happy Birthday to Sudi, Esther and Katana.
Left: Mama and Sudi

Raise the Roof Appeal
Workmen have made a start on roofing our new primary
school thanks to every one of you has made a donation or pledge towards our Raise the Roof Appeal.
Entering its fourth day today, our appeal is halfway to our £4000 target.
Please, if you can help every penny you give will make a difference.
Each makuti  costs about 40p (we need 66,000) so maybe it's time to clear out your loose change, take a look down the side of the sofa and give what you didn't know you had! 
We really do appreciate your kindness and our kids, sorting through some of the tiles, illustrate our promise : Every tile will bring a smile!
To donate please go to:

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Our family grows by three and Day 3: Raise the Roof Appeal

In times of hardship, children suffer.
And now, in our coastal area of Kenya,many people, who were already struggling, now have no prospect of work and have been pushed from the edge of poverty into destitution.
Yesterday, we welcomed another three children into our family because their aunt, who has been trying to look after them, is no longer able to cope.
Stephano Sifa, 10, and his sister Purity Pili Kache, seven, and Jessica Hadija, four,  were left with their mum, who suffered mental health problems, when their father abandoned them.
When their mum died three years ago, their aunt (pictured with them) had no choice but to take the family in but she has been finding it increasingly difficult to shoulder the burden of care and had to seek help,
Today, Stephano, Purity and Jessica will be settling in to school, making new friends, and  embarking on a childhood where hunger and anxiety will a thing of the past.
With so many new arrivals in the last couple of months we are yet to start sponsor families for a number of children.
If you can help by becoming a sponsor and  changing both a child's life, and your own, please contact


Today is day three of our £4,000 Raise the Roof Appeal and, with our JustGiving page and text donations reaching more than £800 we are on the way to getting that roof on our primary school.
 Our thanks to all those who have donated. Your donations mean so much and, as you know, your money will go exactly where you intended ... to providing a wonderful school for our children.
If you would like to know more about the appeal please watch the following video:
Donate £10 (25 tiles) Text ROOF08 £10 to 70070 
or any amount online to
Justgiving make a bank transfer or cheque payment contact:

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

School Report:Lesson for life and Urgent Appeal

Madam Sarah brings us this week's report from Happy House School.
Our teachers are leading  lessons in life skills with activities on Saturdays at  when everyone is enjoying taking part.
The activities include:
Mr Steve  demonstrated the pupils how  to identify a problem and what steps to take to help someone in difficulty.
Md Rose led a sewing lesson starting with how to use   a needle, scissors, tape measure, thread and material. She taught them how to measure and cut then how to sew.  She also taught them how hold the needle when sewing and the needle should be against the person using it .
Md Bessy and Mr Hamisi  led pupils into the garden where they were shown how to identify weeds from other plants and how to  prepare the soil  ready for planting.
in the laundry, there were a lesson in how to iron correctly and safely from Md Naomi and Md Agnes 
Mr Allan and Md Russel  taught gave a simple class on playing keyboard, depending on the song ready to sing and follow them properly depending the key of their their voices.
A class in the kitchen was led Md Nelly and Mr Mdachi  when pupils learned about food hygiene when cooking, and were also given advice on cooking safely.
Nail salon
In the bans, Md Neema and Md Gettry had good time setting up a salon for the little ones giving them a pedicure , whicch brought lots of smiles from those with tickley toes!
We had a good day and every pupil enjoyed the activities and learnt  something new depending on the activity they were taking part in.

Raise the Roof

Thank you to all those who have donated to our urgent Raise the Roof Appeal which launched yesterday, we truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.
We have a long way to go to our £4,000 target so please keep sharing, donating, and maybe you could encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.  
They really can make a difference to children's lives.
To donate: 
Please take a couple of minutes to watch this appeal from Mama Sue:

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Our school build has hit a cash crisis so, today, we are launching an urgent appeal for £4,000 to raise the roof on the primary school.
Once the roof is on we can get the classrooms finished and the primary children moved over the new site alongside their younger brothers and sisters who have settled in brilliantly in the completed kindergarten.
Relocating the school has been a huge and worrying undertaking.
Mama, who speaks directly to you in this video filmed yesterday, keeps a tight rein on spending and economies have been made everywhere possible.                                    
Mama  and Elizabeth are working flat out to try to bring in new funds for the build at the same time as our family has grown to 106, with the arrival of more children in desperate need of a safe home.
Moving the school will give us eight more rooms for family use, which means that we will be able to take many more children who need us.
At a time where so many in our community are out of work, our build has brought much needed employment meaning those workers can, at least, feed their families. 
Every one of the 66,000 makuti palm tiles needed for the roof are handmade locally, again giving an income where it is desperately needed.
We must get this roof on NOW.
With YOUR help and YOUR love, we WILL do it.
  • Donate  £10 (25 tiles) Text ROOF08 £10 to 70070 
  •  or any amount online to Justgiving
  •  to make a bank transfer or cheque payment contact:

Monday, 19 January 2015

First aid lesson from Jo

Knowing how to react in an emergency is important, so  it was very helpful to get first aid lessons from nurse Jo Reid when was visiting the Happy House.
Jo, who works at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital,  gave a presentation to our staff, and another to our older children.
She talked them through the ABC of first aid - airways, breathing and circulation. 
With the help of volunteer "casualties", Jo showed the recovery position and how to open airways.
She also covered other scenarios including  burns, choking, broken bones, and bleeding. 
Jo gave a demonstration of bandaging, using of PE coach Steve as her subject as he had a swollen ankle at the time!
Mama said: "It really was very interesting and extremely helpful.''
Many thanks to Jo, who was visiting, from Lytham, with husband Peter and son Maxwell, for sharing her knowledge in this way.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Our new teachers, by Rose

Junior blogger Rose Chai writes about  two reccent additions to the primary school teaching team:
We have new teachers who have come to Happy House School.
One is Madam Nellie and  the another is Mister Faraji he  has been teaching Class Four, while Madam Nelly is teaching. class six .
They are good to us and have been teaching well, telling people the right things to do.
Picture: Rose with Mr Faraji

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Gifts of love

Our family loves having visitors.
After their first week in Watamu, our friends Brenda and Red Groves have been joined for the reminder of their break by their granddaughter, Chloe Groves.
Chloe, like Brenda and Red, came laden with useful items for our family including shoes, clothes and sanitary pads. 
And as she is in Said's sponsor family she popped in a little gift for her special boy too!
Auntie Brenda delivered a gift from her brother Terry Stock, to Lovinne, the Dr Danwata Scholarship student he supports, and to his Happy House sponsor friend
Auntie Brenda is in little Charity's sponsor family, so of course, there was a little gift and a big hug for Charity too!
Brian, Said and Brenda
Another visitor this week was Carol Sohier (pictured with Mama) who brought with her a wonderful donation of £450 which she raised by holding two car boot sales, boosted by sales of knitted hats by  her friends  mother and daughter, Carol Snedon and Phyllis Drak.
Thank you all for all you do to help our family.

Friday, 16 January 2015

A safe place to call home

These four pitiful little people are the newest members our family.
Sanita,12, Salama,seven, Amina, five,  and Stephen, three,  were in terrible shape when they were brought home to our Happy House.
Hungry, dirty and all infected with ringworm, their was brought to notice by a health worker.
None of the kids have been in school since 2013, and  were being left alone for long periods while their 25 year old mum was out, with her youngest child who is a baby,  seeking work.
She was widowed in 2010 when her husband, Samuel,  the family's sole breadwinner, died a from complications after being bitten by a dog, He was buried in his ancestral homeland but because his wife hadn't paid any "bride price" she and the children were taken back home.
She has been struggling ever since, depending on wellwishers to help raise her family which increased with the arrival of Stephen and a baby.
The three eldest children had not been attending school since 2013 and had no hope of a return to education. 
There were concerns that the eldest child was at high risk of drifting on to the streets or into child labour  in order to be able to meet the basic needs of herself and her siblings.
Health workers have arranged to get the baby on a nutrition programme to improve her health, and it was felt that with this support the mother would be able to care for her youngest child as she would be in a better position socio-economically.  She has been advised on the importance and need for family planning.
Uncle Billy said: " Sanita, Salama, Amina and Stephen are now assured of better living conditions and  quality education. 
Welcome Home beloved ones."
* The arrival of these four lovely children brings our family to 105.  We desperately need more sponsors for these and other recent arrivals. £20 a month will help to give a child a secure future - please can you help.
Email: and visit

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Kit for our kids

 Our Happy House soccer players have a new strip to turn out in.
As we have several teams, boys and girls,  the additional strip will really come into play at inter-school tournaments when several teams are playing on the same day.
It has come from Ardington & Lockinge Under 13s who last season were lucku enough to have a new sponsor Dawson's Landscape Services.  
When  owner Barry Dawson suggested donating  their redundant kit to the Happy House they were pleased to do so, and knowing Brenda and Red Groves, who live close by in Wantage, were coming to see us asked them to bring it..
Our footballers were keen to try it on for a photo-shoot.
"We are delighted to see them looking so smart, " said Barry.
Thank you Barry and Ardington & Lockinge Under 13s, it will get plenty of wear!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

School Report: A busy start

 In the first School Report of the new term, Mr Mdachi reports :
Happy New Year to everyone from our Happy House School.
We are now in our second week of term. We started the school year and new term with high enrolment of new pupils especially in the kindergarten.
The opening assembly was led by Mama Sue who welcomed us all back to school. a
Serious learning started on the first day and our Primary Class Eight,  who will be the first Happy House candidates to sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education,  are already busy preparing for their national exam.
This will will take place in November.
Teachers are also very busy assisting the candidates, who are our pioneers. We are equipping them with the necessary skills needed for them to make Happy House shine come December when the results will be announced.
 We hope that our candidates will do us proud and Happy House will be known all over for best results and we shall be singing “Happy House power! Super power!”.
The Kindergarten pupils are also enjoying their new school. 
The Happy House family kids are excited  as they leave to go to school in the morning and back in the evening.This move has created a clear distinction between the home and the school enriching their life experience.
This term we shall have ball games activities and our team is ready hoping that we shall do better.
Our new teachers, who are very welcome, are settling in to the Happy House way of doing things.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Welcome visitors and WI talk

 Happy to be back, our wonderful friends Brenda and Red Groves arrived back in Watamu at the weekend.
Brenda and Red, who are in Charity's sponsor family, have been supporting Sue's work for many years and are regular visitors to Watamu, staying at Turtle Bay Hotel.
Brenda's brother, Terry, sponsors Brian and scholarship student Lovinne and granddaughter, Chloe, is in Said's sponsor family.
Brenda and Red, from Wantage, brought with them a suitcase packed to the brim with goods Brenda had collected or which were donated by friends including Tom Whittaker, Ann Summers and Jenny Kenrick and football strip donated by Barry Dawson which will be featured on the blog on Thursday.. 
Mama said:  "What they have brought is amazing, so many much-needed items. Nappies, sanitary pads for the girls, toiletries, shoes, pencils, books, knickers clothes etc. I am quite overwhelmed there is so much.
" It's going to be such a help."
Brenda and Red are delighted to be back and to see for themselves how the Happy House and its family has grown.
They were shown round our relocated school where Brenda had a chance to say hello to Charity.
Thank you Brenda and Red for all your support and your friendship. Mama, Papa and all the family are so pleased to see you again and look forward to Chloe's arrival later this week. Enjoy your stay.

WI welcome

There was a WI debut for Elizabeth Gomm when she went along to Ansdell and Fairhaven WI, Lancashire, last night to talk about Happy House..
In true WI tradition, she was given a very warm reception by her lovely audience who were inspired by all that Mama Sue has achieved in 15 years dedication to the children of Watamu.
And they were in awe of the sheer scale of the Happy House and the size of the family she has created.
With a WI donation, sale of bags and personal donations the evening raised £174.50 for our family, every penny of which will go to make a difference to the lives of our Happy House children.
Thank you.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Parcel from Ireland and birthday boy

There was great excitement when a parcel from Ireland arrived ... and no shortage of little volunteers to help unpack it!
The parcels, full of clothes, shoes, dvds, books and other wonderful items for our children, was sent by Marc Caron .
Thank you for your kindness, you can see for yourself just how pleased we are!

Sorry Ushindi

Apologies, today, to birthday boy Ushindi.
A slip of the keyboard reported on Saturday that his  younger brother Harrison had celebrated his birthday last week, when it was, of course, our Ushindi.
We are very sorry, Ushindi and hope you enjoyed your day and send you lots of love and birthday greetings.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Scholarship is helping me - by Francis Anangwe

  Scholarship kid Franco writes the blog today to explain his joy at being at Happy House School.
 First of all I take this opportunity to give thanks to Mama Sue for saving my life. 
When I was I young I lived with my parents at a village called Stendikisa. 
One day when my father came home he was drunk, immediately he entered the he asked for food my mother replied and told him that there was no food.
When he heard that he started fighting with my mother by the end my brother and I shouted out for help. 
People came and separated them, the following day they had to divorce and my mother went back to her parents.
 She left me and my brother in problem, my father took us to grandparents in Watamu.
One day my grandmother called me to come. 
What a day, today is a wonderful day, GOD has answered my prayers, my grandmother told me, the scholarship which I was praying for,finally you have get it.
The following day, I come to Happy House school.
When I came I was warmly welcomed by Happy House kids.
For sure, I have never seen a school like this.