Thursday, 30 April 2015

Movie magic brings Happy House to life

Mama Sue and Helen Duckworth
There was love, laughter and tears when we showed we showed our new Happy House film for the first time on Tuesday.
Dr Danwata, Peter and  Jo Reid
Friends, old and new, joined us to say hello to Mama and Papa, back in the UK on a brief visit which also gave us the perfect opportunity to premiere our film  which tells the story of Mama and her Happy House - a road of love, laughter and tears.
Janet and cakes
A remarkable and insightful documentary, made by Italian film maker Massimiliano Zeuli who has his own production company, Overlook, in Rome, it transports an audience into the very heart of our founder, Sue,  and the home and family that she has created.
It is also a story of love,  the special love shared by Sue and her husband Dave - the unsung hero who is her rock in every storm.
For 45 minutes our guests saw a day at the Happy House unfold, with our Evans as their guide.
The reactions it received were everything we had hoped for - it spoke to hearts, old and young.
Charlotte Rossall, 12, was there with her mum Joanne. 
Joanne's class at school sponsors Linus and she and Charlotte have helped out with lots of fundraising. But the film had a huge effect on Charlotte.
Joanne wrote on Facebook: "One little lady has had her eyes and heart opened tonight by Sue and David from Happy House.
Charlotte has supported this wonderful charity by proxy for the last few years, tonight through watching a wonderful 45 minute film she has a true and full understanding of how magical it truly is. 110 young lives affected by tragic circumstances and transformed by the kindness and dedication of Sue, David, Libby and all of their team along with the support of people who sponsor children and donate when they can."
Mama Sue and Su Gordon
Sue welcomed everyone to our special evening - a coffee evening at Bispham Junior Football Federation Hub, near Blackpool, which proved to be an ideal venue.
She made special mention of Massimiliano for giving his time, talent and energy to making the film for us as a labour of true love.
Sue paid tribute to everyone whose support makes our work at the Happy House possible and thanked Dr Falalu Danwata,  her oncologist when she was being treated for breast cancer, for giving his name to our scholarship scheme and for being a role model for our children.
BJFF's Andy and Kelly
After the film there was a chance to chat, enjoy coffee and the most delicious cupcakes, made and donated by Janet of Chattercake , a Blackpool celebration cake  and edible gifts business..
Helen Duckworth, immediate past president of Fylde Soroptimist International, presented Sue with a cheque for £500 which had been raised for the Happy House during her year of office.
Sue Gordon of Blackpool Soroptimists was delighted to meet Sue and Dave
 Their Christine Walker Memorial Fund made us a grant of £5,000 to fund our secondary school science lab, which is now underway.  
Our evening was a great success, socially and financially, raising, including the Fylde SI donation, £1074.81
With our thanks to everyone who came along , to Bispham Junior Football Federation's Kelly Barber and Andy Griffiths (07753119842 for bookings).; to Janet of Chattercake ( 07761 061 144)  and all those who helped in any way.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

School Report: Trip to the beach

Our school may be closed, by School Report continues  with news on the second week of holiday club.
Mr Omoi tells us:  Holiday club continued into a second week with the children thoroughly enjoying all the activities on the programme.
The highlight of our final week was a trip to the beach with everyone having fun and relaxing as they played in the sand or swam in the sea.
Now holiday club has ended  and school will resume on May 5.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A new baby and tragic teen bring our family to 110

Two tragic young lives are set to be transformed by our Happy House magic.
A seven day old abandoned baby and a naive teenage girl, pregnant as a result of abuse by a adult relative, have been taken into the safe and caring embrace of our family.
Our new baby, who Mama and Papa have called Michael,  was left with a stranger by his mum who said she need to answer the call of nature. She didn't return.
Baby Michael was taken to hospital and then to a rescue centre  for temporary refuge until he could e placed in a home.
Our new girl,14, whose privacy we are protecting, was also in the Kikambala Rescue Centre,
Unworldly and no more than a child, she had been placed in the care of a relative by her mother who was unable to cope after the death of her husband.
A welcome awaits
But the child was failed by the relative who subjected her to abuse which resulted in pregnancy. She is now six months pregnant.
Mama  and Uncle BIlly made the decision to take her into her family because of her desperate and tragic circumstances. By being a part of our family she will be safe, get the medical attention and counselling she needs, will be in education and she, and her baby, will have the best chance in life.
Auntie Rose with our babe
"We are here for children who need us," said Mama.
It was not a decision taken lightly. Uncle Billy met and counselled the older children before she arrived.
With the generous spirit and kindness that pumps the heart of our Happy House, our family gathered to welcome their new baby brother and sister home.
They came home on Friday afternoon, and today they are settled and secure.
Baby Michael is doing what babies do best - sleeping and eating, and our new girl is enjoying the friendship of her new sisters and , at last, has a reason to smile.
We desperately need sponsors for our children. Sponsorship is £20 a month and is so rewarding for both the child and their sponsor.
 To find out more please email: 
Please, can you help a child to have a better life?

Monday, 27 April 2015

Kenya's got talent!

Got the Monday morning blues? This video of our Brian is guaranteed to start your week with a smile.Brian, four, is a real entertainer and pops into Mama Sue's office after school to give her a quick song.
Thanks to Sarah Flanaghan who captured this special moment on film.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A visit from Rainbow by Victoria

We are always happy to link up with other schools and children's home for joint activities.
Today's junior blogger, Victoria, tells us about one such happy event:
It was on a Sunday afternoon, the children’s home of Rainbow came to play with us.
Mr. Steve our games teacher told us that we will be starting our games at three thirty p.m.
We had some of activities like football and netball for the big ones.
The small ones were having games like rounders.  Our boys won football and our girls won netball. 
That was the lovely games.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

What a "croc" we got!

Last weekend, we asked for plastic clogs for our kids ...and you delivered!
Dozens of pairs of shoes have arrived at Elizabeth's Blackpool home and she's been busy sorting them in to sizes ready for Mama and Papa to take back with them.
These are just some we have received so far, and we know that there are more on their way.
From all of family, thank you!

Making new friends

Auntie Rose welcomed some very generous visitors when they came to see our family and look round the Happy House.
And it was buzzing with activity as all the children are at home for the school holidays.
Friends of Marina Temperato who is in little David's sponsor family, the caring gentlemen from Italy were delighted with what they saw and hope to be able to help us more in the future
Thank you for coming to see us and for your generosity.

Film night

With Mama and Papa visiting ther old home town of Blackpool, we are taking the opportunity to welcome them and to premiere a new film which tells the the story of Mama and our Happy House at a coffee evening on Tuesday.
The film was made for us by the very talented Italian film maker Massimiliano Zeuli, who has become such a friend of our family.
The coffee evening takes place at Bispham Junior Football Club's new hub, All Saints Road, Bispham, from 7pm-9pm. Admission £2. Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to come by calling 07905 139 589. Thank you.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Coffee, film and hi to Mama and Papa!

Mama and Papa are back in the UK for a short break and on Tuesday were having a coffee evening in Blackpool, when we will be showing, for the very first time, our wonderful new video.
So it's a chance to say hello to our wonderful Mama Sue and Papa Dave and to see the film which captures the very essence of Happy House life - and love.
The coffee evening is on Tuesday, April 28, 7pm-9pm, at Bispham Junior Football Club's new Hub building at All Saints Road, Bispham,  FY5 3AL Admission is £2.
There will be a raffle etc.
Please come along if you can and bring your friends- but we would appreciate numbers so that we know how many we are catering for and don't buy too little, or too much!
Drop an email to or call her on 07905130 589 before Sunday evening if you plan to attend. We hope you will..
Mama and Papa would really love to see you.

Birthday girl

It was Jane's turn to step into the family spotlight at Kidz Club this week, as she was celebrating her birthday.
She received gifts and greeting, with all the family joining in the birthday song and cheers to mark the special occasion.
Happy birthday Jane

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Splashing time!

Just as the rains are setting in ...
with excellent timing, the first raincoats sent by our friends in response to our recent appeal have arrived.
And they will be very well used by our children in the weeks to come, especially when the holidays are over and they have their daily walks to and from school.
Protected against the showers they will  have every reason to sing in the rain - not that our kids need a reason to sing!
Thanks to everyone who has sent cagoules and macs, they are much needed and will be very well used.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

School Report: Busy way to relax

School Report today puts the spotlight on Holiday Club. Mr Omoi writes:
The term is over and children are enjoying holiday club activities. 
Everyone is happy and having fun, the older boys and girls are specially interested in the new activities introduced like mechanics and electrical skills.
Reading is popular as always and is a chance for kids improve their language skills through the reading the books found in the Library.
Holiday club is a way of relaxing after the longest term of academics. 
Art is not neglected as children use their creative skills to colour and make picturess.
 I was also impressed by the group who were  so eagerly cleaning the kitchen and helping with the preparation of food as part of an activity,
Computer skills are still in progress as kids were learning using the DVD/ CD ROMS available. 
We also have other kids in the garden learning how to take care of crops
In the afternoon we have sports where kids practice their game skills in  football, volleyball etc.
Thank you Mr Postman!
A smiling delivery driver called at Elizabeth Gomm's Blackpool home yesterday with a pile of parcels full of croc-type clogs for our kids.
Elizabeth put out a Happy House  appeal for the shoes, ideal for playing out in as they are both durable and washable, on Facebook at the weekend and a steady flow of clogs has been arriving at her home ever since.
"When the Hermes driver arrived today with four big bags and a box full, all bought by our  friends from Wynsors online, I couldn't believe my eyes!"
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Build goes on and up

The first phase of our secondary school is coming on apace.
Builders are now up to roof level on the single storey building which will house computer room, science laboratory and library.
The galana flooring bring laid was previously a part of our Little Chicks nursery at the Happy House.
"We have become experts at recycling," said Mama.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Pennies from heaven

 The lovely congregation at Poulton Methodist Church, Lancashire, opened their hearts to our family yesterday, when Elizabeth Gomm went along to join them for their morning service.
And their "noisy collection" raised a staggering £447.57 for our Happy House.
As well as their usual church collection, they hold regular "noisy" collections when members bring along the small change they have saved to throw into the pots and pans rattled by the young people and children of the church.
The aim is to make as much noise as possible, to the accompaniment of bells, tambourines and drums, with money donated going to a specific good cause.
This time we were fortunate to be chosen and Elizabeth was happy to give them a brief insight into the remarkable transformations worked on young lives by Mama Sue and our Happy House.
They were visibly moved by the stories she told them of how Harry and Victoria had come to join our family.
And Elizabeth and friend Andrea Manders, who is in Natasha's sponsor family,  were overwhelmed by the warmth and generosity shown towards them with so many people, after the service, wanting to know more.
We are grateful to the minister, the Rev Barrie Lees, for his introduction and prayers, to  everyone who donated, to the children their enthusiastic collecting, and to Johanne Hughes for inviting us..
Thank you. 
We meet again...
Elizabeth was pleased to see several old friends at Poulton Methodist Church, among them was Helene Stephens who had been a great support to the Happy House in its earliest days,
Helene was events coordinator at Asda, Blackpool, and she arranged a number of collections for clothes and other essentials during the Blackpool Gazette's Eve in Africa Appeal, a campaign led by Elizabeth, then the paper's women's editor, to raise money and goods to help "finish and furnish" the Happy House,
Mama Sue and Papa Dave were never surprised to get a call from Helene asking them to pop in for another load of goods which formed part of our first container-load shipped to Kenya.
Helene was at church with her daughter and grandchildren.
She is pictured with granddaughters, Ella May and Rebecca Leonard, and (above right) are sisters Zawadi and Jane when they first came to Happy House in 2010. Jane is wearing a dressing gown from Helene!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Our young brother - by Jane

Proud big "sister" Jane writes about one of the youngest members of our very big and happy family.
 In Happy House we have a young brother, he is AbdulMalik. He is one year old. He is in playgroup class.
He started school this year.  but he is going for half day only. In the morning until afternoon then he is going back home.
He usual plays with his friends in the school and at home. 
We love our young brother we take care of him.
 But he doesn’t know how to talk yet, because he is still young .
He is walking and every day his walking is better.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Holy Family welcome

Kind-hearted staff and pupils at a Blackpool primary school are raising money for our Happy House this half-term.
And they have a Kenyan friend to help them!
Our voluntary coordinator Elizabeth Gomm took  a wooden, figure , hand-carved in Watamu, along to school when she gave a talk in assembly yesterday, introducing him as Musyoka the Masai.
And she left him in the safe hands of the school family to watch over a display they are putting together about our Happy House and its work, until the mid term holiday.
Elizabeth, Auntie Libby to our Happy House family and now to Holy Family too, told them all about Mama Sue, Papa Dave and the stories of some of  our children.
Thanks to head teacher Helen Moreton, learning mentor Jane Mather and all the school for making her so welcome,  and a special thank you to Charlotte Barber, chair of the school council, who introduced Happy House into school.
Elizabeth is pictured with the school council.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Birthday boy

Pleased as punch, Sylvester Ndoro is all smiles as he shows off his birthday booty!
Ndoro and  his big brother,Erastus, joined our family in March 2013 and very quickly settled in.
The two brothers remain very close, but have lots of fun being a part of such a big and happy family.
Ndoro's special day was celebrated at Kidz Club when he was presented with his bag of goodies.
Happy birthday, Ndoro!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Team Papa

 Some of our most avid football fans joined Papa at home on Sunday to watch a clash of Titans, Manchester United v Manchester City.
Mama, born in Salford, was rooting for her team, City,  Papa thought  City was in with a good chance predicting  a  3-1 win to City, whilst Evans reckoned United would win 2-1.
Neither got the final score as the full time result was 4-2 victory to United but the win gave Evans the day!
The kids, Janet, Margaret, Fikiri, Sifa, Evans, Baraka, Jane and Sidi  enjoyed a swim before the match, crisps and Sprite at half-time, and  before they went home Mama and Papa served up a delicious tea of sausages, mash and beans.
Pictured above with Papa are: back row: Fikiri, Sifa and Margaret.
Front row: Jane, Sidi, Janet, Baraka and Evans.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

School Report: Celebrating success

It was straight back to school after the Easter bank holiday, but only for a few days before school closed for April holidays.
And every term ends with a Closing Day Ceremony, for parents and guests, when pupils and staff celebrate success and progress.
Teacher Madam Sarah reports: 
The closing ceremony  was wonderful one as parents were entertained by the children with songs, poems, drama and traditional dances. 
We are very proud of the success of Janet Medza in the ball games competitions. She went all the way up county level being the only

student from any private school in the county to do so,
In the presentation of awards, Madam Russell's Class 1 in lower primary emerged as the best class
In upper primary, Class 4 was the best class. Madam Agnes is their form teacher.
The most improved was Class 3 who received a golden trophy for their efforts, Madam Felistus is their form teacher.                          
Individual students received certificates to mark their personal achievements this term (Esther is pictured receiving her award with a very proud Mama and Papa)..
Performing a playlet
Parents of our day pupils were impressed by the great strides made by their children and in their speeches spoke of how happy they are with the performance of their children in our school.
It was a really happy day for all the school family, and the children, who have worked so hard, were ready for a well-deserved break.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Isla, six, sells toys and raises £10!

A little girl with a big heart has raised £10 for Happy House,
Isla Holden was upset when she watched a programme about children suffering in Africa, but she didn't just wipe away the tears and forget, she decided to do something to raise some money to help,
She sold some of her toys and proudly raised £10.
On the suggestion of Happy House friend Helen Charnley, Isla, who has just had her sixth birthday, and her mum, Mel, chose to send the proceeds to our family.
Isla's mum said: "Isla learnt about Africa last year in reception class so she often talks about helping but then prefers to keep her toys!
"Comic Relief made her cry and we sold the bits she chose on Facebook selling sites".
Thank you Isla, from all all our family.
Your money will be used to buy exercise books for our school. We have so many children in school we are always having to buy more for their work!.

Monday, 13 April 2015

More school building work gets started

There's never time to stand still at Happy House!
Since the end of last year, the kindergarten and primary school has been relocated to a new site and the rooms at home, previously used as classrooms have been turned into bedrooms with toilets and shower room, for the our older girls.
Now the first phase of our secondary school is underway.
The foundation, which had already been laid, was found to need some reinforcing which has been completed and the build started.
This will comprise computer room, library and science laboratory.
Blackpool branch of Soroptimist International kindly donated funds for the lab from the Christine Walker Memorial Fund, whilst other donations have been secured towards the remainder.
These facilities will be used by our lower school and the secondary school, so they are taking priority.
We will take the build as far as we can and stop there, to give Mama and Elizabeth a chance to find and explore more avenues in their attempts to secure funding to complete and start the second phase of the school which we must have built and ready to take its first pupils by January next year.
Starting the build now, whilst so many people in our community are out of work, means that we are providing work for some, at least, and they will be able to feed their families.
If you know of any organisations, businesses, individuals, charitable trusts or institutions we could apply to, please contact Mama Sue or Elizabeth - or
Thank you.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Our school, by Hassan

Hassan, who celebrated  his birthday this week, is today's Junior Blogger.
"My name is Hassan, I love my new school and the other kids also love the school.
Our school is the best school, better than the other school, people love our school.
The school was been built by Mama Sue,
When it is time to go to school, I and my friends we love walking from home to school.
My classnates love the new school. It looks like a hotel.
Class Eight and Class Seven go at school at 6:30am, the class four to six they go at 7:30am."

Saturday, 11 April 2015

So much kindness

Charity, Brian and Said

Our family has so many lovely friends, and where would we be without you?

Ludwin and Eve
You help to bring smiles and security to our children in so many ways, from sponsoring, fundraising, making donations and sending parcels to telling your friends about us too,
Every gesture of kindness means the world, and every penny really counts, and goes exactly where you intended - to helping out children.
Peter and Paul
That is why we take try to ensure that when you send something to our children you get a picture and a letter of thanks.
This week several parcels have arrived containing lovely things for our children including clothing, school bags, books and baby boots! 
Thank you Betty
Thanks Janet
Thank you to  Janet Zoller,, Betty Hatch  (who is in Salama's sponsor family), to  Vicky Simpson and Shaun Windram for sending new outfits for their special friends  Peter and Paul, and to Brenda Groves (Charity's family) for sending school bags for Charity, Said (her granddaughter Chloe is in his sponsor family) and for Brian and scholarship student Lovinne,  who her brother Terry Stock sponsors.
We so appreciate your kindness., thank you again.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Kidz Club celebrations

There was lots going on at Kidz Club this week.
DawnHeatherWhite , "Auntie Dawn" to our family, was welcomed back again.
A regular visitor, she brought a gift for Katana, who she sponsors, and gifts for Fikiri and Pendo Dickson from friends in their sponsor families who also live in Northern Ireland.
There was just one birthday to celebrate.
Hassan received his gift from Papa Dave.
Happy birthday, Hassan and welcome Auntie Dawn.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Changing rooms - our girls on the move

It has been changing rooms at the Happy House this week.
Our older girls are now moved into their newly finished bedrooms.
The rooms, formerly used for the primary school have been turned into a self-contained bedroom area, with its own showers and toilets installed, for use by the older girls.
They also have their own laundry room where the Auntie  responsible for the rooms and their occupants will be able to do their laundry.
The washing machine has been bought with money very kindly donated by the English School in Padua, Italy,
The first of the new beds to be completed- thanks to your donations we have raised enough to cover the cost of  60 beds, being made by our joiner,  and mattresses.
The rooms have matching curtains and bedspreads, made at the Happy House, and locally made wicker storage units and laundry baskets add finishing touches. Shelving and lockers provide personal space for each girl to keep her clothes,
The girls' have been involved at every stage and were so excited about moving.
So there were lots of willing hands ready to help when it came to moving furniture and belongings into their lovely bedrooms.
Turning the classrooms into bedrooms  as quickly as possible had become a necessity as we have had so many children joining our family since the end of last year.
Once we had completed the relocation of the school to a new site we were able to go ahead.
Now the the little ones who sleep in bedrooms on the ground floor have lots more room while the bigger girls and boys have their own lovely rooms in separate self-contained areas, each with their own access,  upstairs.                     

 Buy a bed appeal

 After five years of continuous use, most of our beds have reached,or are nearing, the end of their useful lives.
We are making the new beds at the Happy House with locally sourced materials.
Thanks to you we have raised enough for 60 beds, but we still need more.
 A new bed costs £25 and a mattress £15, If you would like to donate (and every penny helps) please go to: