Thursday, 30 July 2009

Let There Be light

The electricians are now  busy putting the wiring into the Happy House.
Did he get that ladder from B & Q do you think?

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Looking Good

Everytime I see the Happy House I think it really didn't look this big on paper!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Oh Happy Days

Since I posted pictures of the Happy House on the 14th of July, so much has changed in such a short  space of time. The outside is now being painted. The electricity is being installed and the top rooms are ready for the roof to be put in place. I have emailed Silas and Dixon the builder with ideas for inside regarding the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.
 People in Watamu have never seen such a beautiful place for children. Many local people feel part of the Happy House. It has been a community project. We have only used local people for all the construction work. Since work started in the last week of August 2009 we have never had to stop for a day. Thank you all so much much for your generosity and support .As always, I have to say, so much more is still needed. We need beds, tables, chairs, so much for so many. I intend to have all the items made locally, again supporting the local community, but first the money needs to be raised. Things such as bedding, cots, high chairs & pushchairs we need to send out as they are not readily available. Mums in Watamu carry their babies on their backs until they can walk, sleep with them and feed them on their knee. With so many children to care for we will need help to care for our babies.
The monthly standing orders people have arranged are our life line to completion. When the first children come home in January 2010 they will be introduced to their sponsors via email and pictures. I am going to create a memory box for each child, with pictures and information regarding themselves but also of their sponsor who has been caring for them. As we send the sponsor details of their child we want the sponsor to send  updates of their life and family with pictures and letters. When the child is old enough to read and write he/she will be able to open their box and know someone really does care. They are not alone in this world. PLEASE become part of a child's life. For £4.61p per week you can give a child a future to look forward to. Please ring or email me for further details, we need you help.  01253 352430  07536058211

The Maize is Amazing

Some of the children from school check  out the maize growing at the Happy House to see if it is ready for school lunches.
Not yet Kids!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Lytham High School are Travelling Home Today

I know there will be many sad faces today as the treachers and students from Lytham High School leave Watamu for Mombassa Airport on the first stage of their journey home.
What a fantastic two weeks it has been for my children and teachers,  also the teachers and students from Lytham. It has been a very caring sharing experience for all concerned. Lytham brought a laboratory and 10 keyboards.They introduced our children to many aspects of  music, science,  drama,  art, sport and design. Our children gave them a welcome second to none, and amazed everyone by being so bright and eager to learn.Laughter music and singing could be heard everywhere.
The picture shows the students and teachers visiting the Happy House, they were amazed how much has been achieved, and I know they are travelling home with intentions of sponsoring Happy House children and of course returning to Watamu.
Thank you all for being there your help and support is greatly needed and truly appreciated.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Happy House is beautiful

These are some of the  latest pictures of the Happy House. All the doors and windows are in, most of the floors are laid, the roof is ready to go on. The kitchen is being built.It is so exciting!!
I am determined to open in January 2010 come hell or high water. We still need more money, but I suppose we always will with so much to do for so many children. Many people have been kind enough to sponsor one of the future Happy House Kids, at the moment that money is a tremendous help in helping to to finish and furnish, but we need so much more.
During my recent visit with Elizabeth Gomm from the Blackpool Gazette Newspaper she saw for herself the children who are sleeping rough and begging for food or a few shillings just to survive.Some days it was raining very heavy and the children were hiding in the undergrowth just to try and keep dry. This is 2009 how can this is happening?? We must open the Happy House and give these children a chance of survival. Please help me ......

Is this how your children survive?

The sun doesn't always shine in Watamu. These pictures show children just trying to cross a road. This water becomes stagnant and full of infections and mosquitoes.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Elizabeth Meets Grandpa Yaa & enjoys a fresh coconut

Elizabeth was thrilled to meet Grandpa Yaa, and Grandpa never known for being camera shy insisted on a picture. He also asked one of his grandsons to cut a fresh coconut from a Happy House tree for Elizabeth to try.

Eve in Africa Appeal

I am so grateful to Elizabeth Gomm the Womens Editor at the Blackpool Gazette for joining me on my latest trip to Watamu to see how the money raised by people on the Fylde Coast has made a difference to the Happy House.
We met up wth the fantastic students from Lytham High who have had the most fantastic week in our schools.
Elizabeth has written fantastic blog throughout the 2 weeks she has been in Watamu. Please follow this link to read all the news. Follow the Eve in Africa link on the left hand side of the page. The students from Lytham will be keeping the blog going on Elizabeths site for the next week.

Singleton Primary School Make a Splash

 Class 3 of Singleton Primary School  held a sponsored water bucket carry around the school field and have managed to raise approximately £500.
The event was organised by Teaching Assistant Karen Hamadi. Thirtytwo children from Class 3 along with staff and some of Karen's friends took part.
Each child had to carry a bucket of water on five laps of the school field.  There were a few sore arms the following day but we think the children have become more aware that others are not as fortunate as themselves and do not have the luxury of just turning a tap on and getting water whenever they like.