Thursday, 31 May 2018

Reviewing the situation

After every exam there is a review of results.
Mama and Uncle Ronnie meet with the children individually to discuss their performance and to compare it with previous results.
This helps each child to understand where they are doing well, exceeding expectations, or where they may need to work a bit harder.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Health call for under fives

A nationwide health initiative to improve the health of children under five has reached Happy House.
Visitors from the Ministry of Health implementing the programme to combat intestinal worms and to administer Vitamin A arrived to give the treatment to each child,
And even though they arrived at nap time, our little ones were ready to cooperate and there were more smiles than tears!
This project is a mass drug administration programme, providing de-worming treatments and Vitamin A supplements to children from 5 – 59 months of age.
Children in this age group are especially vulnerable to worm infections and Vitamin A deficiency, and national drug administration programmes that are run through schools do not cover them. This gap in treatment puts them at risk for worm infections and Vitamin A deficiency that can cause any of the following:blindness, stunted growth, malnutrition, anaemia, poor physical health or reduced mental acuity.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Maths challenge

A series of subject contests for our high school students kicked off with mathematics.
The aim of the challenge for forms two and three is to check on accuracy and the speed in which our students can tackle questions so that they will be well prepared for future examinations.
The young people are keen to do their best and we were delighted with the results.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Books bring joy

Our third year students now have copies of the set books for the literature in their secondary school year, the classic reads Blossoms of Savannah and The Doll’s House,
Teacher Madam Elizabeth said:Many thanks to our director, Mama Sue, for ensuring that we were able to get copies which will enable both teachers and students to cover the 

Appeal from Mama

Today we carry a repeat of mama's appeal which was first posted on Saturday. 
Sadly, the Justgiving link given was not working. Today it is. 
Our need is great, please give if you can. 

Extra and unexpected expenses are causing a cash crisis for Happy House and today, Mama Sue appeals to you, our friends and supporters, to help.
Lives transformed
Rebuilding and extending the outside kitchen,  TV breakdown, lots of kids needing new school shoes all at the same time and buying more computers has eaten into our reserves.
Mama Sue, who makes sure that every pound, euro or dollar is used to maximum effect is asking if you can help by staging a fundraising event, by suggesting an organisation that might make a grant, or by finding a friend to sponsor a child.
New kitchen being tiles
 She is working tirelessly to improve the lives of so many of  Kenya's vulnerable and previously forgotten children.
Thanks to her efforts they are having a childhood they can enjoy and look forward to the future without fear.
Empowered by the loving Happy House family and the education that we are providing, these youngsters will be able make something of their lives and break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.
Please help. 
For information on sponsorship or leaflets for fundraising contact:
To donate go to:

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Our kitty. by Brian

Our new little kitten is the subject of today's blog written by Brian Isiaho.
"Our new cat is called Hayward. 
The first day she came she was very afraid of us. We gave her food and she started eating. Everybody was happy to see it. 
On Tuesday it is the day which was given the name, everybody agreed with the name which was given to the cat.
The cat was brought in to Happy House by our mama when it was found outside the gate. Everyone loves the cat.
She is healthy and happy.  Now she likes to play with us." 

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Mama's Appeal

Lives transformed
Extra and unexpected expenses are causing a cash crisis for Happy House and today, Mama Sue appeals to you, our friends and supporters, to help.
Rebuilding and extending the outside kitchen,  TV breakdown, lots of kids needing new school shoes all at the same time and buying more computers has eaten into our reserves.
Mama Sue, who makes sure that every pound, euro or dollar is used to maximum effect is asking if you can help by staging a fundraising event, by suggesting an organisation that might make a grant, or by finding a friend to sponsor a child.
New kitchen being tiles

 She is working tirelessly to improve the lives of so many of  Kenya's vulnerable and previously forgotten children.

Thanks to her efforts they are having a childhood they can enjoy and look forward to the future without fear.
Empowered by the loving Happy House family and the education that we are providing, these youngsters will be able make something of their lives and break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.
Please help. 
For information on sponsorship or lefalets for fundraising contact:
To donate go to:

Friday, 25 May 2018

Four birthdays

There were four birthdays to celebrate at Happy house this week.
And as always, each birthday child was greeted in song by all the family.
Janet, Jacinta, Husna and Elizabeth Ann also received their gifts much to the excitement of their friends.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Celebrating life

 Love never dies.
For our family remembering loved ones who have died, their influence and importance on their lives, is a cause for rejoicing,
At our annual Celebration of Life, held on the anniversary of the death of our Mama Sue's beloved dad, Harold, our whole family joins together to share memories and thanksgiving,
Mama Sue led the prayers thanking God for taking care of our loved ones and also saying thank you for the raining which was falling, refreshing the air and quenching the thirst of the earth.
Speakers included Madam Elizabeth, Mr Isaac, Uncle Ronald, Auntie Velma and students Savanna. Teddy and Baraka Paul.
Uncle Isaac gave a moving tribute to his late mother, whilst Baraka spoke about a friend who died in a tragic accident that he himself had survived.
Auntie Velma talked about her Uncle Wilson and how he had been her motivation and of the way she witnesses the way Mama Sue is driven by the love of her late father,
Mama's determination to build her Happy House and her dedication to its family, is her tribute to him. And when she has a problem she stuggling to solve the one question she always asks is  
"What would Harold do?''.  Invariably the answer will come. 
Nineteen years after his death, he lives on in her heart. It's such a shame he couldn't live to see how many lives his Sue is changing. How proud he would have been.The upbeat Celebration of Life was lead by Samson and Brian and there gospel hymns to add the the upbeat ceremony.The upbeat Celebration of Life was lead by Samson and Brian and there gospel hymns to add the the upbeat ceremony.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Francis gets the all clear

It with great joy that we can report that Francis has made a full recovery from osteomyelitis.
After almost five months of treatment the orthopaedic consultant at Tawfiq private hospital in Malindi has given him a clean bill of health.
Back in January that Mama took Francis,13, to the hospital because je was walking badly and very tired all the time.
Tests and scans revealed that he had the bone infection osteomyelitis in the hip joint requiring surgery to remove the dead bone. A leg bace, to support the infected limb, was made for him and he has been taking high doses of antibiotics to clear the infection.
Mama Sue desperately worried about her boy - he first came to our family as a very small child - had the added worry over money as there is in no national health system in Kenya.
As always, you rallied to help donating £4400. after paying costs of his care the remainder is being kept in a fund for medical and dental treatment.
We know you will be delighted  with the news of Francis recovery and we would like to thank each and every one of you who made this possible. Thank you.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Kitten comes home

A tiny kitten has found a new home at Happy House.
Mama Sue says: We found a tiny little kitten curled up next to the Happy House gate.
She is so thin and bedraggled, and around 4- 6 weeks old.
Here at the Happy House we say ‘There is always room for another’ so in she came. 
We took her to the rear of the kitchen where she was given some warm milk. Then our resident cat Happy Hayward came along.
When he saw the kitten his ears went flat to his head and he began growling. 
I told him ‘Happy, you are so spoilt, you know here at the Happy House we are a caring sharing family.' He was not impressed
He will get used to the little one being around as he is usually such a loving and good natured cat, he is just not used to sharing all the attention.
 At the moment we have called our new family member Baby Hayward, but we will see what the kids decide when we put it to the vote.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Love and life

There will be a special gathering at Happy House today when our family and school joins together to remember the loved ones they have lost and to share their memories.. 
The annual Celebration of Life  takes place as close as possible to the anniversary of the death of Mama Sue's beloved father, Harold, who has been a constant source of inspiration to her throughout her life.
In our video, Mama Sue explains why she regards the Celebration of Life so important to our youngsters.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sharing memories, by Musyoka

We all had a nice afternoon laughing together with Mama when we were looking at our memory boxes, writes Musyoka..
it was such fun looking at how we are growing together as a family at Happy House.
I was happy to see what I was like when I was a small boy who came to Happy House. It was also fun to see our Mama Sue enjoying the pictures after she was through  with her work. 
This family at Happy House has brought a lot of changes to my life and it has changed  my life.
 I am also happy that I am one of the luckiest boys to live with such a  nice mama who has taken care of me since I was a young boy.. 
I am 16 years old I am very happy for that good chance that I have gotten and may God bless Mama Sue and give her long life. 
She has shown a good example to all Kenyan citizens.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Birthday kids

There were four birthdays to celebrate at Kidz Club this week.
And so there was lots of singing as each child had was congratulated with a birthday song from the family and gifts were were handed over to the special kids.
Auntie Rose had the happy task of presenting a bag of gifts to Rukia who turned 13.  Her brother Said, who has his 8th birthday received his gifts from Papa. Mama presented birthday gift bags to Fatuma, 12, and Daudi, eight
For a treat, fruit salad was served to all the family.
There was the usual singing contest and Mama was the judge. This week the girls won.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Relaxing at home

Home is a place where you can relax .
And how our kids love being at home at Happy House, where Mama's door is open they can sit and chat, or colour at her desk.
While some play or do their activities in groups, younger ones  may take nap on the lounge floor!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Enjoying the ride

 As easy as riding a bike ...
Most of us will know that riding a bike doesn't come naturally.  You have to learn to balance and gain confidence to pedal off on your own.
Our big kids are showing the little ones on how to ride bicycles. 
They are really enjoying  the lessons. Uncle Ronnie says: "at first it was difficult for them. They want to ride at the same time focusing on the pedals instead of looking forward. 
What comes in their minds is that the feet might miss the pedals while cycling. With instructions from the big kids they are learning so quickly and some can now do it without support."

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Friends in knead!

 One thing ur children absolutely love, from the making to eating, is helping make the bread.
Most days, they have bread for breakfast which is freshly made the night before. 
Our cooks always have a helpers queuing up,boys and girls who know exactly the ingredients and method for making a really good dough,
You could say, they're friends in knead ...

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Mama from Manchester, by Francis

Happy House is one of the best places to be because of how it looks after kids who do not have place to live and who do not have any one to look after them or to give them an education.
I was among the first group of kids who came to live at Happy House/
According to what Mama always tell me t I was so stubborn and so naughty when I was a little boy but now I have changed.
 I am now a good boy and that is all because of Mama Sue.
 Mama is the Happy House founder and her dream of helping kids is now true. Happy House is always being a happy home.
I had a bad leg three months ago and Mama who has a kind heart has taken care of me very well and also according to what I heard it cost a lot of money!
Because of Mama I am now standing and walking, my leg is almost cured. 
Mama is really a good Manchester woman, with girl power.
She is a very good example to the nation .We love you so much.
From your lovely friend Francis

Monday, 14 May 2018


 Sharing a room comes with responsibilities.
In bedrooms at Happy House, there is a room captain for each.
The room captain ensures that the children he or she shares with make their beds, keep their lockers tidy and respect and help each other.
And if there's a problem they know there is always an auntie on hand to help and their Mama Sue to sort it out.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

My life, by Rukia

My name is Rukia I am a young girl who has a very nice and  loving place to be taken care of at Happy House.
 I am in standard 7 and really working hard in my studies.
 I love all the people who belong to Happy House family, they are all nice to me and really helpful to me not only to me but also the all the kids at Happy House. 
Happy House is a place where you find happiness and love. Our Mama Sueis raising us all with a spirit of loving, sharing and caring about others.
Nobody is there to criticise us or shout at us.
 We get the best education with the help of our teachers, I love the way they teach, correct us and understand all our problems with different subjects.
 I never liked mathematics but because of their advice and teaching I now really like mathematics, we also have different sports with different schools which the teachers are able to notice talent. 
My talent is singing I love singing and I have the passion in me, and my dream is to be a musician when I grow up. 
We all have different talents so if you have one don’t ignore it because it may one day make famous. That’s all I have for today may you all have a nice day.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Playtime fun

 What shall we play today?
After school, and changed out of uniform, our younger kids head straight out to our adventure playground - or the baby beach as they like to call it.
And there they make up games and let of steam - the older ones helping the little ones.
Whether they are making sandcastles, swinging on old tyres or practising their acrobatics, one thing is certain, they are having fun.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Bound by love

Since Happy House opened more than eight years ago we have helped hundreds of children.
All have come to us from traumatic situations, some temporary, others lasting.
For those whose relatives have been able to turn their lives around, the children have, with our continuing support, have gone home but for other Happy House is the only home they know.
Home is where their heart is, they have a loving Mama Sue and Papa Dave,  staff who care and more brothers and sisters than some of them can count.
We've said it before, but we say it again:
 Happy house is a family bound by love, not blood.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Don't miss our news!

You are reading this, so you know all about our blog.
But please can you tell your friends about it.
The blog is our way of keeping you in touch with some of the day-to-day happenings here at Happy House, serious and no-so-serious, and also events or fundraising activities by our supporters and friends around the world.
It's our daily news vehicle for spreading the word through words, pictures and video - and we haven't missed a single day in the eight years since we opened!
Our sponsors, who mean so much to us, keep an eye on the blog for pictures of their sponsor children. Those who send giftssee them being use.
Only a couple of weeks ago, a friend who sponsors mentioned how she had seen a dress she had sent for her special child a year ago, now outgrown, being worn by a younger member of our family. She was thrilled! It was also an example of how everything is washed and worn until it is only fit for cleaning rags (and we always need those!).
On Sunday, there is a special treat on the blog as it is written by one of our children.
Through the blog we raise awareness of all we do, and encourage fundraising which we need so badly.
With such a large family at home and in school have so many expenses, a lot that can not be predicted or budgeted for, and it is with those that problems arise.
It would be fantastic if over the coming summer months you could make it your goal to to help us by doing your own fundraising - every penny, every cent, counts.  A cake sale at school or work; collecting loose change in a jar; a sponsored slim/run/swim; a coffee morning at home or an fundraising night in  or picnic with friends. 
You may like to stage a bigger event, involving your community.  Whatever you can do will be of huge help to us.
We will support you with leaflets, publicity etc.  All you have do is to email our Auntie Libz, our UK coordinator:
and she will be happy to help.
 To get the daily blog direct there are a few simple steps:
Once there you will see the current blog. Above column of the page there is a small window that says: Follow by email. Add your email address and go to the directed link.
You will then receive an email within a few minutes (check your spam it may go there) which asks you to verify the link. 
Once done, that's it, and the blog will arrive with you each day!
 You can also see the blog on our Facebook page: Happy House Watamu Kenya
 Or you can go to our website and see it there:

If you enjoy our news, please share it with your friends. Encourage them to be involved in our family and may be they would like to sponsor a child.
 The blog is a snapshot of daily life, we can't possibly cover everything that happens, but we do share the highs and the lows.  We have many friends whose day just isn't complete without a virtual visit to Happy House.
 Being a small charity in a highly competitive world makes attracting funds very difficult indeed.
Please, if you can help in anyway to boost our funds your support would be much appreciated - it's badly needed! 
Thank you, as always for your love, your support, and for caring.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Sports plea

Our athletic kids are always on the move.
They absolutely love sports and  with so many kids at home, and in school, our our sporting equipment takes some very heavy wear.
Our sport teacher Mr Steve says we are are in need of new footballs, volley balls and netballs and that any other sporting equipment would be very much welcome.
So if you are planning to travel to Kenya to visit Happy House and would like to take something with you maybe a few balls, ready to inflate, could find room in your case?
They would be very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Flood bring water worries

The rains have come with such force that they claiming lives,displacing families and wreaking havoc in many  parts of the country.
Our coastal region has got off lightly. The rains are quenching the thirst of our parched earth. helping crops to grow,  and when the rain is at its heaviest we pump the water from the compound on to the garden.
But the the floods are affecting our fresh water supply.
The main water pumps to Kilifi and Mombasa were destroyed in the foods and according to the county reports it could take more than a month to fix them and get water running again.
This is because  of the extent of flooding the area where they are located.
At the moment we are using the fresh water we have  stored in the tanks at the same time harvesting rain water, we can use  salt water for flushing toilets and household purposes.
We are hoping the water we have will sustain us until when everything is back to normal.  

Monday, 7 May 2018

Mama's cooking is so good

One of our older kids,Brian Isiah,  writes today's blog:
In the holidays, our lovely Mama cooked delicious food for us her  children to eat and enjoy it.
 When it was cooking it smelled good.
 Some of the big kids went and help to cook the burgers. That day I was so happy because it was a special day for everyone.
 At lunch time the burgers were ready to be eaten by the kids.
The kids were called to come and have their lunch.
 Everybody ate them and they said that it was very delicious and juicy. We ate them until we were all full of the burgers.
We thank our Mama for the burgers that she cooked for us and we are happy because of her.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Hair we go ...

 When it's time for our girls to get their hair braided, the older ones are always on hand to help their younger "sisters",
After carefully helping each other to take out the braids they have, which is time consuming in itself, they make sure it is washed and squeaky clean.
Rukia and Janet were in charge of checking the younger children's hair this time and for getting them ready to go to the salon.
While some of the girls know how to plait we prefer them to go out, to enjoy a walk and to be in the community.
They divide themselves into small groups and go to different salons, with each group supervised by one of the big girls.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Porridge power

Mama has been giving our aunties,and Uncle Foleni,  a lesson on how to prepare porridge.
They had been making porridge there way but the children didn't like it until Mama made it and they ate it all up, enjoying every mouthful!
.The kids admitted that Mama’s porridge was the best and thus they would like to continue taking it.
The ingredients were the same but the quantities and cooking method was where the Aunties were going wrong. 
Mama showed them how to measure the mixture of oats, milk, water, salt and to serve it with a little sugar and milk on top.
 After the lesson, everyone had a taste and it was delicious.
Now they will be putting their masterclass skills into action, cooking and serving porridge just like Mama's for breakfast.

Friday, 4 May 2018

New help in the kitchem

 We have a new pair of hands in the kitchen.
Auntie Carol has had an accident and injured her foot which is now in plaster and has put her out of action.
Auntie Phyllis couldn't manage to do all the cooking for our huge family on her own so Uncle Foleni, one of our drivers has joined her in the kitchen
He has experience of working in kitchens and is very interested in cooking. He had often helped in the kitchen after his morning school bus run.
So when he was asked if he could help Auntie Phyllis he was delighted to have the chance.
Our pictures show him with Musyoka  (top left) and with Mr Steve (right) who were also helping out.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Timely reminders

 There was a big welcome for all the children who have returned from visits to relatives  at Kidz Club, which was held a day early as May 1 is a bank holiday in Kenya.
Their friends so pleased to see them back again,  sang them the welcome song and then it was biscuits all round!
The kids were reminded to be ready for the new term and were encouraged to take their studies seriously as education is the only way for a bright future. 
Also all kids are expected to be self=disciplined and do what is right, at the right time andin  the right place.
We had our two choirs competing again. 
Papa was the judg and the girls’ team won again
. We also celebrated Hussein’s birthday, he is now 10. Aunty Millicent presented him a birthday gift.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Super snack

Saturday mid morning snacks went down a treat.Mama and Papa surprised the kids by arriving with trays of cooked sausages ready to make into hotdogs,
Mama and some f the older children helped to prepare them and to make sure everyone, children and staff, had one.
And they were tasty and delicious.