Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Computers poised and ready for new term

Mama Sue can be very proud of the wonderful computer suite at Happy House School and the way our students are being equipped for a workplace driven by computer technology. 

And she can also be proud of the two young men who run it - Mr Christone and Mr Nasri. 

Christone and Mama go back to his own schooling, before Happy House, and the early days of Sue's charity work in Kenya when she was supporting the development of a local school. Christone was a pupil at the school when the first consignment of secondhand computers, sent from the UK by Sue and her charity, arrived. Learning to use a computer sparked an interest in him, as an eight year old, that has also led to career.

Nasri is a HappY House kid. He was one of the first youngsters to benefit from our scholarship scheme which offered free places in school to youngsters who were being excluded from any school because their parent or guardian was unable to meet the costs involved.  Nasri was living with his grandmother, having been left with her as a young child, and living in dire poverty. 

He has since completed his primary and secondary education and working at Happy House whilst studying an online university course.

Monday, 10 May 2021

Learning in a splash!

Rukia filmed this video of Stevie and some of her younger "brothers" at Happy House washing one of the school vehicles during the spring holiday. She says: "Since they are at home they can help with different chores which are easy for them but at the same time they are really enjoying themselves and learning how different things are done. " All thanks to our Mama Sue or teaching us the good things in life and at the same time loving us. "We love her back."

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Sweet treat for Happy House kids

There was a special treat for our children thanks to a very kind sponsor. They sent a donation for Mama Sue to buy something the children would enjoy as a treat before they return to school after the holidays. Mama chose delicious wafer biscuits, not something the kids would normally have, but something they really enjoy. We are so lucky to have such great friends who do so much to make life at the Happy House such a wonderful experience for our children.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

New school shoes

Getting a family of almost 60 children ready to go back to school is a tall order! But at Happy House, Mama Sue and her team are used to meeting every challenge. Next week, our children will be returning to school after a seven week spring break. And quite a number of them were in need of new shoes after growing out of either their school or sports shoes (or both). We do hand down where we can, provided outgrown clothes and footwear are still wearable, but there is always some that is just beyond repair! So here Mama Sue is with the children and their new shoes to tell you what was needed and to say thank you to everyone who supports us.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Growing pumpkins ... and confidence!

It is wonderful to watch our children at Happy House growing up. For those who sponsor a child, seeing their special little friend on the blog is always special. And we also notice how they change, Edward used to be so shy when he spoke on a video, but now he has so much more confidence when he faces the camera. Well done Edward, you and your friends are a joy to watch.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Student turns teacher

From student to teacher - that's our Happy House Nasri. Not so long ago Nasri was given a chance of an education when he was given a scholarship to Happy House School, having missed out on so much because he grandmother, with whom he lived, couldn't afford the costs of sending him to any school. Living in poverty, she struggled to put food on the table and as much as she wanted to fulfil Nasri's hopes of a schooling she couldn't manage to pay. Now, having finished his secondary education, he is working as a teaching assistant the computer suite at our Happy House School whilst also studying an online university course in IT management. He's a great role model for our children and during the holidays he's been helping them to learn more about using a computer and its component parts.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Positive start to new term

With Kenya schools reopening next week after a seven-week break, Happy House is busy getting ready to welcome back its students. Mama Sue is holding meetings with teachers from every department to prepare for the new term. And as she tells us, her focus is on positive thinking - allowing the children to think for themselves and make their own decisions. We also hear from head teacher, Mr Paul, and school consultant, Mr Joseph, on what makes Happy House such a special place to teach and be taught.