Sunday, 30 November 2014

Our baby "brother" by Selina and Rose and Closing Day by Kennedy

A lovely blog today from two big "sisters" who have taken Abdul into their hearts.
This Rose and Selina writing a blog about our young brother baby Abdul
We want to tell you our young brother Abdul who is not yet one.
He is now crawling and he has two teeth up and down
He likes playing with others in the sand.
He is trying to stand up by his own. And trying to walk using his baby walk, sitting and trying to call us sister. And his best aunt is aunt Fillis.
Aunt Fillis likes baby Abdul so much.
We love baby Abdul so much.
GOD blesses Abdul.

Closing day - by Kennedy

Scholarship student Kennedy, 14, has written his blog about the end of year school closing day.
"It was on a Thursday that we started the operation of closing our school. 
There was a little speech that we started with and then we showed our parents and visitors the activities that we had prepared for them.
 After we had finished with our activities our graduates came wearing smart graduation uniform. 
They also introduced their activities to us.
 After they had finished there was another short speech and then we closed our school with another word of prayers.
When I am down and all my soul so wearing, when troubles come and my heart abandons me, then I am still awaiting in the silence until you come and sit a while with me.
You raised me up so I can stand on mountain, you raised me up to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on shoulders, and you raised me up to more than I can be. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Love from Italy and a parcel delivery!

Two lovely Italian visitors, Patrizia and Antonio Tononi, called in to Happy House to say hello to their daughter's sponsor child, Happy, and to meet our family.
Parents of LuanaTononi, they brought many gifts of groceries for our family including  rice, maize , wheat flour, baby wipes, beans,  nappies and books to the family.
They were delighted to see Happy and Hajiri (right), who is sponsored by  their neice, Tundra Tononi.
Thank you for coming to see us and for your gifts.  Visitors are always very welcome.

Parcels arrive

More Christmas parcels have arrived safely at the Happy House to the delight of the children who can be certain that everyone will receive a gift from Santa.
It is all thanks to YOU, those who have taken time and trouble to put together a parcel, or who have made a donation. 
With your help the Happy House is transforming lives and giving children, who came to us from terrible circumstances, a joyous, worry-free childhood, knowing they are loved both by Mama, Papa and the family at the Happy House but also by our many friends around the world.
Thank you for caring.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Overcoming fears to skydive for funds

Jumping from a plane at 11,000ft is a giant leap ... specially when you are terrified of heights.
Maxwell Reid, 18, is not letting his phobia get the better of him when he and his friend Ben Cheston (pictured below) take on a sponsored skydive for Happy House today.
Max and Ben, who are going out to Happy House to volunteer next month,  will be making their tandem skydives from the Black Knights Parachuting Centre, Lancashire..
Maxwell, who is in Sixth Form at Rossall School, visited Happy House with his parents, Jo and Peter, and brother Jacob in 2011.
Maxwell, from Lytham, said: " My family enjoyed getting involved with the sporting activities there and I realised these kids are just the same as us, they have a huge passion for sport and are very competitive.
"Volunteering is going to be an incredible and life-changing experience. I know that I will get as much, if not more, from it as I give.
"While I am there I will be working with the Happy House kids alongside the Happy House staff and teachers, helping where required.
"For me this skydive is a massive challenge. I find theme park rides scary enough and you’ll rarely find me in the queue!
"But it will be worth it, because it is for the Happy House"
 If you would like to donate to Max and Ben's fundraising effort please go to

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Spreading a Christmas message of hope

Our Christmas tree for Kenya shines like the beacon of hope that is our Happy House in the annual Christmas Tree Festival at St Andrew's Church, Cleveleys, Lancashire.
When the Happy House was invited to take par,  our UK coordinator Elizabeth Gomm put out a Facebook request to see if anyone could come up with a way of creating a tree synonymous with Kenya - the baobab tree.
Teresa Smith and Zowie Sinclair, the  lovely ladies from Sunnyside Crafts, Blackpool,offered to make one specially for the Happy House.
"They have made a really stunning tree, decorated with hands and hearts featuring pictures of our children. These  symbolise the spirit of our amazing family which, thanks to Mama Sue, has united so many hands and hearts to give hope to vulnerable children," said Elizabeth.
 "Our tree will certainly get us noticed and we are really grateful for all the work they have put in."
At Sunnyside, a  Community Interest Company, Zowie and Teresa specialise in running arts and craft classes for all ages, Their aim is to encourage more people of all ages to enjoy either a new craft activity or hobby.
They also offer Diversional Therapy and Team Building workshops to organisations,  the elderly, people with long  term illnesses and carers.
Beth Evans  helped Zowie to make the tree from cardboard, paper and branches and to put it up in the church yesterday, where there are two dozen trees representing the work of community organisations. 
There is free admission to the Christmas Tree Festival, at St Andrew's, Roughlea Road, Cleveleys, which is open tomorrow and Friday from 1pm-4pm, on Saturday from 10am-4pm; and on Monday and Tuesday next week from 1pm-4pm. 
On Sunday at 7pm there is a concert featuring music and readings at 7pm. Admission £5.
There will be a presentation of the people's choice of tree at 4pm on Tuesday.
Please pop along and take a look.
* Top picture: Beth Evans and Zowie (right),  and below with the Rev Jayne Ward, vicar of St Andrew's.
* If anyone with a business, hotel etc on the Fylde Coast would like to display our tree, and raise awareness of our work, from Wednesday onwards please contact Elizabeth on 07905 130 589.

High cost of dental care

We are lucky to have a dentist who is happy to come to us to do routine checks, which saves us transporting huge groups to his surgery in Malindi.
He also does these check-ups, which involve several staff, without any charge.
But follow up care we do have pay for,
His latest visit has resulted in 37 children, including the 12 in the picture, identified as needing follow- up care, including quite a number of extractions, mostly to align overcrowded teeth.
The average cost is ksh 1,200 per child. 
That brings us to a total of ksh 44,400 (approx £320)  exclusive of any other medications or aftercare services that might arise.
It's an expensive business, but we never take short cuts on our children's health, and plans are in hand to get them the treatment they need.
If you would like to help with the cost, you can make a donation at

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

School Report: Holiday Club in action

 School is out, but holiday club is in and our kids are having fun taking part in lots of organised activities.
Holiday Club runs for two weeks, with teachers arranging the programme, and Madam Catherine tells us: "  Pupils and teachers have divided themselves into different groups with different activities.
These include artwork, reading in the library, watching videos  and crafts.
There are also sporting activities  with ball games plus skittles, bowls and rounders to enjoy.
The babies are having fun playing with toys , singing etc."

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Chilling out with Papa Dave

With a clash of two footballing giants on TV,  Papa enlisted his own team to watch it with.
Evans, Sifa, Hassan and Samson are all keen Manchester United fans and with their team taking on rivals Arsenal on Sunday, Mama and Papa invited them to their house to chill out and watch it the game with Papa.
Musyoka, who doesn't really like football, went along so that he could help Mama in the kitchen.
While the soccer fans watched the game, he and Mama cooked up sausages, chips and beans - quite different from their usual Sunday tea of pilau.
They tucked in to a good tea, cooled down with a swim and went back home to Happy House a happy band of brothers as Manchester beat the Gunners 2-1.

Happy House Hat Challenge: Day 2

Put on a festive hat to help our Happy House.
In just five simple steps!
1: Put on you hat
2: Take a picture and post on Facebook tagging @HappyHouseWatamuKenya
3 DONATE by text HHHC22 £2 to 70070
 (JustTextGiving by Vodaphone)
4: NOMINATE two or more friends to do the same.

5: If you prefer make your donation (£2 or more)  online via

Monday, 24 November 2014

Hats on - donate and nominate!

Are you up for a festive fundraising challenge? It’s for warm-hearted fun lovers, no ice cold water involved!
We are asking you to follow baby George Thompson’s example by bobbing on a Christmas hat, donating £2 or more to Children of Watamu Happy House, and posting your picture on Facebook – challenging at least two friends to do the same.
You can donate by TEXT:
*Text HHHC22 £2 to 70070 to donate Children of Watamu . JustTextGiving by Vodafone.
Or, if you are in school, work or a community group, maybe you would like to do a group or family challenge on a chosen day, with all money raised coming to Happy House. Don’t forget to post the piccies. You can payin your donations via the JustGiving link
These are hard times for everyone in Kenya, and many more children are suffering. The Happy House is a safe haven now for 90 children and we are making room to take as many more as  will need us.
No child in need will ever be turned away.
A couple of quid (euro or dollars), WILL make a difference.  Every penny raised goes directly where it is intended to helping our family.
Your hats can be as creative as you like. Please tag Facebook pictures  @HappyHouseKenya when you post your picture so we can all have a laugh.
There are no prizes, but there will be many winners – our children at the Happy House.
Come on folks, bob on a festively festooned fedora, a bauble bobbing boater, a tinselled topper or just a simple Santa hat and have fun.
Spread the word, far and wide, and maybe our Christmas Happy House Hat Challenge will just go viral.
Three month old George is leading the way: " I like it when my mummy and daddy talk to me about Happy House and I like seeing the children on the blog.  I want to help so I’m challenging you to put on a festive hat, DONATE and NOMINATE.”
If you prefer to donate using online banking go to JustGiving
*If you would like a poster to print and put up at work, or to post on your Facebook page please email

Sunday, 23 November 2014

School Closing Day - by Janet, Musyoka, Riziki and Margaret

The end of year school closing day ceremony is a big occasion for our children and today three of our Happy House kids, Janet, Musyoka and Margaret are joined by scholarship student, Riziki,  as they give their take on the big day!
School is closed. We are so glad that next year some of us will be going to the next class. On closing day there  were various activities.
We had rehearsed very hard so that by the day everything would be fine and well organized.
It was an exciting day especially to those who  were graduating to class one and to the class sevens who will be going to class eight being the first KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) candidates in Happy House. 
I thank mama, papa and all the Happy House staffs for changing my life. I have really benefited a lot from them
 I thank God for taking us through the whole year. Am proud that next year I'll be among the Happy House  KCPE candidates.
It was on a Thursday when teacher said that we are going to have our closing day ceremony so we went to our classes to change our uniforms
The parents and visitors came to the Banda and sat on the chairs so the head teacher came and said to us that the parents had arrived so we must hurry so that they don’t get bored.
We were called to do the activities we were so happy.

Riziki: When the day of closing school was reached our teacher said to us that we should go to the banda and change and prepare yourself  to be  ready, so that when the parents came we  should  be  ready to start our programme  of  closing  school.
At nine when the parents were steated we start  our play when we have finished our play a teacher said that we shall now welcome our small babies to come and say a poem and we have so many activities to show the parents .  
Margaret: On closing day I was happy that we were going to show parents and visitors what we have been doing in school. 
We  entertained with different activities such as Indian dance, Scottish dance, poems, songs and Sakata dance. 
 I was in the Sakata dance group and I love dancing as my talent. 
We made everyone happy with our performance and the items did for them.
 And they will be happy with us.           

Video bonus!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Birthday double

Two happy children have  their birthdays this week.
As usual, their special days were celebrated as a family occasion at Kidz Club.
Everyone joined in the birthday songs for birthday stars, Hajiri and Linus, and they each received gifts.
Happy birthday kids.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Committed to our care

Children in our family are committed to our care through the Kenyan courts.

And there was an early start for this group of eleven children, when they travelled to Malindi with Mama and Uncle Billy for the committal orders to be be made by the magistrate.
It is very special and emotional for Mama to have these precious lives entrusted to the caring family that is Sue Hayward's Happy House.
The orders on all children are periodically reviewed, as required by Kenyan law, but for these children it was their first visit to the courts.
Mama and Uncle Billy make sure they know what is happening, and make it an outing so that they are not at all daunted by the surroundings.
Front row: Saul and Saidi; Middle row L-R  : Florence, Mercy, Baraka Francis, Abdul malik & Teddy; Back row L – R :  Brian,Jacinta,Baraka Mkutano & Derrick.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Turning pennies into £s in Tibberton

What a happy email we have received from the school council at  Tibberton First School, Worcester, who have raised £245.60 for our family.
Tom, Isabella, Lucy and the rest of the school council tell us: "We have heard about Happy House and decided to try to help you look after the children in Kenya.
"We had a Harvest Festival where we brought in food for homeless people in Worcester but we wanted to help Happy House too.
"We had a House competition called “Penny Wars”. Penguins House won but altogether we raised £245.60
"We hope that money will help look after the children.
"Next term we are going to raise some more money and go on a sponsored walk with Hindlip School."
After talking  to their headteacher, Carolyn Tew, the money raised will go towards supporting a child in our Happy House  so that her pupils have a special friend there.
Carolyn also explained how Penny Wars works, just in case other schools would like to follow suit!
"We held it as a competition between our three Houses. Basically each house collects 1p and 2p coins in a jar. The totals can then be sabotaged by putting in silver coins or notes into another house’s jar. So if a house had 250p in copper and then someone put in a 50p piece they would be down to 200p! 
The houses all ended up on about minus 2000!
We sent out a text each day to parents to say which house was winning and that kept the “silver” coins coming in to try to sabotage the winning house! 
So raising lots of money in total."
Thank you everyone for being such great fundraisers and for wanting to help our children, You are very special, indeed.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

School Report: Year ends on a high note

A colourful closing day ceremony brought down the curtain on another successful year for Happy House school.
The annual closing day is important for everyone and a day when achievements are celebrated and talents showcased. 
Certificates were presented to those who had done well, both individual efforts and class performances, in front of gathered audience of relatives, friends and guests.
In a vibrant and happy ceremony, each child had their part to play, from pre-schoolers (like Esther, left) to top primary. 
But for pupils of KG3 it was an even more significant event, their graduation from kindergarten to primary school.
A landmark in their lives, our graduates were smartly turned out in the Happy House school caps and gowns.
Each one, in turn, received their certificate from Mama Sue.
How proud they were!
Then came the entertainment - rehearsed over many weeks - of verse, music, drama and dance. 
Guests were  delighted with the programme and enthralled by displays of Indian and Scottish dancing, introduced to our school by volunteers.
Beautiful costumes added another dimension to the performances as dancers went through their routines without putting a foot out of place.
Mama Sue said: "Closing day was brilliant, the best ever.
" The children were amazing, everything was very well organised.
"They sang and danced their little hearts out.
 "When the graduates were about  parade in, the song up Up Town Girl started playing, I thought what's that on for, then I saw them all  in their caps and gowns  dancing to the music.
"They danced their way into the banda to loud applause.
" All the guests were thrilled with the show."
Pupils, teachers and volunteers had worked so hard to make closing day perfect and their efforts were congratulated with a  rousing response from all those who had so enjoyed watching them.
This was a fitting way to end the year.
It  was also a day when memories were made and which will be recalled with smiles by those taking part throughout their lives.
Well done, to all.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Anti-polio campaign rolls into Happy House

 The Kenya government has rolled out another campaign aimed at eradicating polio.
A four-day  door-to-door exercise, has been rolled out as part of a synchronised effort to reach as many as possible.
Health workers were welcomed to the happy House when they administered oral vaccine to our under-fives.
Uncle Billy said: "All our under 5s have been immunized with anti polio oral drops. We are always committed to ensuring optimal health for our children.
"They are our sole focus."
Kenya is one of the countries in the “wild poliovirus importation belt” – a band of countries stretching from west Africa to central Africa and the Horn of Africa, which are recurrently re-infected with imported poliovirus.
The poliovirus still circulates in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia and porous borders between these countries and Kenya makes it hard to eradicate the disease.
Launching the vaccination campaign, WHO country representative Dr Custodia Mandlhate said  the WHO is committed to supporting vaccination efforts so that the disease is eradicated.
 "Whenever we have one case, we treat it as an outbreak like it happened last year. Currently, we are on the response mode."

Monday, 17 November 2014

Festive fair boosts funds

 Look who came to say hello to Happy House helpers at the Best Little Network Christmas market on Saturday?
Santa popped in to to tell us that he has his delivery round all mapped out and our 88 Happy House kids are on his list!
The Happy House is one of two charities receiving a donation from the proceeds of the fair at Wendy Hollands Fitness Studios in Thornton, plus we had a stall with hand made crafts, all donated by our friends.
Business was brisk for helpers Jackie Fineman, Andrea Manders, Pauline Royle and Elizabeth Gomm.
The family event was a first for the Network which is still in its first year, and showcased the businesses of some of its members.
We are extremely grateful to the network ladies for their very generous support of our Happy House family. It means so much to know that they have taken our children into their hearts.
Thank you ladies.
Thank you also to all the very talented crafty and arty people who made such lovely items for our stall at the fair, including Andrea Manders, Barbara Hall, Chris Camp, Carmel Farley, Nigel and Gill Hook, David Flynn.
It was a really festive event and it was great to see so many old friends, including several members of our Happy house sponsor family, and to make new friends. 
Our Happy House stall raised £249.45 (including advance sales by Andrea).

Pretty maids all in a row!

 As pretty as flowers in a garden some of our girls showcase some lovely dresses given by Dave Fineman,  from Blackpool, who runs a market and online discount clothing business 
Dave supports the Happy House after hearing about it from his wife Jackie.
Jackie , who is in Charity and Stevie's sponsor families,  is an ace shopper and is always on the look out for bargains to send for our family.
In fact it was Jackie who sent the red and white spotted dress (left) featured in a recent blog, which is still being worn, after four and a half years.
Jackie said she had to look twice at the newer picture to check it really was the same dress!
"I bought it in a sale in Peacocks," said Jackie, who is one of our top bargain hunters ... always on the look out for clothes for out kids at knock-down prices.
"I thought it was a lovely blog," she added "and nice to see it's still going strong
."Dave was delighted to donate these dresses, ex-New Look, knowing that what is given to Happy House goes exactly where it is intended ... to our children,
Thank you Dave and Jackie, for your wonderful support.
You will find Dave's online business at

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Something fishy going on - by Evans, Diana, Rasoa and Mary

A bonus today. Four of our children have turned bloggers after a school trip to Malindi Marine Park.
For Dr Danwata Scholarship students, Diana, Rasoa and Mary,  this will have been their first school trip ... and how exciting they found it.
Our own Happy House kid, Evans, also had a ball!
Evans :
We had a wonderful day at Malindi Marine Park. 
We learnt so many things from that place.
We went to the sea and we saw fish, we used bread to attract them. 
We swam with the fish and some people thought that we were going to be swallowed by the fish but they were wrong to say that, we just had a lovely time swimming with the fish.
Everyone was wishing to stay there the whole day and night.
It was a fantastic day out there. 
When the time reached for going home everyone was very tired. Now we wish to go back again,
We had a trip to the Marine Park. On arrival we changed into our swimming costumes and waited for the guides to prepare the boats which we were going for snorkelling.
We were grouped in six different groups.
Each group had a guide and two teachers to lead us. We went to the deep sea to watch different types of fishes. 
There were big and small fish, with different colours. 
We fed the fish with the bread we had carried. It was very fun in the deep sea
. After that we headed to the much awaited island. When we arrive we were requested to dive in the water.
 Some were afraid to dive in the water thinking that it was very deep. When one of the guides told us about the island which meant it was not deep, everybody’s heart was relieved and we went for swimming.
 For about one hour later, we were told to get back in our respective boats, and set off back to the shores and have our lunch. 
We were served with delicious chips and fish and a bottle of soda each. We had a very wonderful day.

Mary :
We went to Marine park. We started the journey in the morning.
When we  reached to Marine park, we were told to go and change our school uniform and wear the swimming costumes.
 Were  divided  into groups so that we could go for boat. We really  enjoyed the boat riding.
It was a very fun day.  The bread we had carried we fed the fish with. After the boat riding we went for lunch. 
After eating we went back to school.  

It was on Friday morning when our teacher told as that we shall be having a trip to Marine Park .
We were all happy because we knew that we shall enjoy  the trip. 
On that day everyone was very smart and noone was dirty.
I am happy because it was my first time to go to Malindi Marine Park. We arrived at Marine Park. The  teachers told us that  the supervisor  they will show us where we will shall go and  change our clothes. 
We went  to the room we change our clothes and wore the swimming costumes .
On that day we had to wait for a moment  so that  the boats to arrive we entered in the boat and we went and enjoy ourselves into the  sea.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Happy House in Focus and Halloween happiness

Our children touched hearts and made us more new friends when Elizabeth Gomm gave a
talk to the Focus group at Poulton Methodist Church.
The group listened intently as Elizabeth told them Mama's inspiring story of the road that led to founding her charity and creating her Happy House, the enduring love and support of Papa Dave, and the stories of some of our children.
They were amazed at the size and scale of the Happy House and of the remarkable transformations being worked on little lives.
A club donation and collection raised £181.84 for the Happy House.
Thank you Focus for giving Elizabeth such a warm reception.

Halloween happiness

It was Fright Friday when staff at  a Blackpool firm dressed up for Halloween.
And as a result Contractor accountants, Nixon Williams has donated £120 to the Happy House.
Marketing manager, Mark Clarke,  said: "Your charity was suggested by  Nathan Cooke, a member of staff, as our monthly charity.  
 Every month the staff here at Nixon Williams have a ‘Dress Down Friday’ on the final Friday and donate £2 that month's selected charity
 Last month in particular was a highlight as some of our staff members got dressed up for Halloween,  
 There were some really good costumes!''

Christmas Fair

Come along to see us today at the Best Little Network's Christmas Market Extravaganza at Wendy Holland's Fitness Studio, Butts Close, Thornton Cleveleys, from 2pm to 5pm.
We will have lots of love handmade craft items on sale for the Happy House plus our Happy House bags, bracelets, information and details on how you can change a life by sponsoring a Happy House child.
It's going to be a fab event with some fantastic ladies showcasing their businesses with the emphasis on Christmas shopping. Santa will be calling in and there will be activities to keep the kids busy while you shop.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Safe at last, Brian can discover a real childhood

There will always be room for another ... just as Mama starts rearranging space to ensure that we can fulfil that promise to the children who need us, the 88th member of our family has arrived.
Brian,a nine- year-old in need of protection from a violent relative, with a known history of child abuse, he came to the  Happy House.
Uncle Billy says Brian's plight was highlighted by his class teachers who called the Happy House for help worried that he was being subjected to beatings at home .
On Monday, neighbours unable to watch the continued ill-treatment, reported the relative to the police.
''We could wait no longer especially as she had been reported to the police which must have infuriated her further and put him at even higher risk. He is now safe and sound."
Uncle Billy said the little boy had endured cruelty, hunger and had been forced into child labour.
Now he is in our family he can finally enjoy, what every child deserves,a childhood free from worry and fear.
''Welcome home Brian. Please feel at home," adds Uncle Billy.
Brian arrived just in time to join in the excitement of the last day of term!
And instantly found that not only does he have new schoolfriends, he also has 87 brothers and sisters all eager to make him feel welcome and at home.
Papa Dave was one of the first to welcome him and soon got him chatting about football ... signing him up to his fan following for Leeds United  - the team Papa always says is the BEST!
It costs £20 a month to sponsor a Happy House kid like Brian and to help us give our children a safe home in our loving family and an outstanding education.  If you would like to know more please visit   or email

Christmas Market: 

If you are anywhere on the Fylde coast tomorrow (Saturday) please pop along to the Best Little Network Best Little Christmas Market Extravaganza at Wendy Holland Fitness Studios, Butts Close, Thornton, from 2pm-5pm.
Little Network is a not for profit ladies only networking organisation.
This is their first official Best Little Network Sales event, where lovely ladies will get to showcase their businesses and an official fundraiser as they are donating part of the proceeds to Happy House and also to Trinity Hospice.
There will be a a big variety of stalls with some unique and original gift ideas, plus tombola and raffle,
And, of course, our Happy House helpers will be busy on our stall .

A true family event there will be some fantastic ideas to keep the children happy whilst mum & dad go shopping for Christmas gifts and Santa will be popping in!
Pictured are from left: Naomi Brown, Jo Smith and Mel Hesketh.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Susanna has reason to smile!

  There was a whole lot of shaking going on when GetFit, Via Vico, Milan, staged a Movero Masterclass to raise money for the Happy House.
Movero is a fusion of aerobics and Latin dance moves ... high-energy fitness which gets both your body moving and your mind buzzing!
Arranged by our great friend and  GetFit executive Susanna Gregorio, the masterclass attracted a great turnout of people wanting to give it a try,
Susanna said: " In three hours of the Movero event we collect over 350€."

She has also been running a special market, selling pre-loved items from her own wardrobe, at Via Vico and business was brisk on Saturday, with one happy shopper spending 100
Susanna is hoping to raise as much money as she can before she goes back to Kenya in December to be with Levian, the little boy to whom she is guardian, and all the Happy House family.
She is thrilled with the the wonderful response she is getting from everyone at Via Vico.
" I'm so happy!" she said