Friday, 30 April 2010

Elizabeth Gomm

Blackpool South Friends of Guiding, joined by the Blackpool group,  gave Elizabeth Gomm a very warm welcome when she went to talk to them about the Happy House this week.
Elizabeth said: "They were so interested to hear all about how Sue's Happy House dream has come true and to see how beautiful it all is.
"But it was the children who melted their hearts as they listened to me tell some of the sad stories behind those beaming smiles.
"I hope they now feel they know Musyoka,Francis and Mwende; Lily, Samson and Pendo; Sifa, John and Karembo and our HH pioneeer - Benedict!
"Many of them commented on how young Grandpa Yaa looks for 91 - his fan club is getting ever bigger.
"They also wanted to congratulate Sue, and "the wind beneath her wings" Dave, for their remarkable work in Watamu.
"A sales table and raffle raised £70 and then the ladies got together to have a whip round to make their donation up to £100. One lady signed up straightaway to become a sponsor and others took forms with them.
"I'm still very nervous about giving talks. I may be a bit shaky at times but they do know that every word spoken comes straight from my heart.
"I'd like to say a big thank you to them for being such a good audience and for being so kind to me.
"Hopefully, they will now help to spread the word."
Thank you Elizabeth for all you do for the Children.
Sue & The Happy House Kids xx

First Happy House Memory Box

Today Rose created the very first Happy House memory box for Janet. Some of Janet's family have already sent her emails and pictures of themselves. Janet was thrilled when Rose went through everything with her. We have put the pictures received on a disc. Rose explained to Janet that we would keep her box in the office, for safe keeping but anytime she can come and read what is in it and add things herself.
I have talked about these boxes for so long and today to take this picture of the very first one has really touched my heart.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Happy House Kids Meet the Turtle Watch Team

We have had a great morning out today. I made arrangements to take the children to the local Turtle Watch project. We went to see a video first all about whales, dolphins and turtles. Then we visited the fantastic project that is here in Watamu run by Nicky Parazzi and her team.  Everyone made us all feel so welcome,the children enjoyed seeing the turtles that are being cared for at the rehab unit. There is a re-furbishment in progress and Nicky asked if we would take the children at different stages to see how they enjoy the different activities that are being planned We then went to the beach as Nicky told us two turtles were being put back into the sea today. The children had a great time playing games while we waited for the turtles to be brought. We don't have transport for the children so we went in the local Tuk Tuk's the kids loved it, we sang all the way there and back. One thing the local people know when the Happy House Kids are on the move.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Happy House Kids Ready for the Rains to Come

Six of the Happy House Kids are now in school. The rain can be very heavy so we now have showerproof coats for them.
Little Mwende at the front in the pink coat, is not at school but wanted to try on a coat
The children are so happy to be here they really are bonding as brothers and sisters.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Wedding Day

Today we were all invited to the wedding of one of Grandpa Yaas Grandsons. We arrived at 7am for the wedding breakfast. The children stayed for lunch, mixed and played with the other children. At 4pm the bride and groom arrived, to a tremendous welcome, by this time the number had swelled to around 300 people. The children sang two songs they had been rehearsing for the happy couple. Then at 5.30pm we wended our tired, hot and dusty way home, hand in hand all having had a lovely day.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Moses & The Kids

Moses one of the gardeners was a great hit when he started giving wheel barrow rides. It started off with Pendo and Mwende but it very soon turned into a free for all!!
Many of you have now had details of 'your' sponsored child and I am sure you will be recognizing them on different pictures I will put on the blog. Those of you who have not had them yet, I am working hard to get them to you asap.

A Container sent by the Furniture for Education Charity

On Friday we took delivery of our last container. This one was kindly sent by Terry Burns and The Furniture for Education Charity. A big thank you to all concerned we  really are so well equipped now.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Bovis Lease Lend

Alistair Hendrie from Bovis Lease Lend and his partner Val Black have been a tremendous support to our work over the past months. They organised for many many tools to be bought for the Happy House, in fact  complete tool sets for inside and out. Plus the green mesh you can see that is being used for green houses. Val & Alisair also bought a large plasma television and DVD player for the children that is on every day, the kids love it!!
Alistair and Val also sponsor. Thanks to all concerned for caring about the Happy House Kids

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sandra Foulkes from Singleton Primary School

We were delighted to welcome Sandra Foulkes her husband Derek and their friend Debbie Mullett to the Happy House today.
Sandra is the Head Mistress at Singleton Primary School near Blackpool. The school under Sandras guidance has been a great support to our work, sponsoring children raising funds and supplying  resources. It was great for Sandra to see for herself how the funds had been spent. All three were very moved by what they saw at the Happy House, Happy Healthy Kids.
I am here receiving £40 from Sandra a donation from Philip Edmondson a pupil at Singleton. Philip raised the money by washing cars and helping around the house. Well Done Phillip.
 Sandra bought a lot of knitted hats for the children, which were a great hit, plus football shirts. Debbie brought sweets and many stationary items.

Tony & Judy From Paper Chase Charity

We were chatting to Tony & Judy who now run the Paper Chae Charity in this area about the Happy House and they told us their aims to help the community. This is what they have written for the blog.
Although we had briefly met Sue and Dave at Turtle Bay and around the area we had never really spoken until we were at the hotel a couple of weeks ago. They invited us to visit The Happy House and we were really pleased to visit, as we drove into the compound we both felt that this was a very special place. The more we saw the more it became like a shining light, the children's happy faces and the wanting to learn. These children will really be special and will be a great foundation for the future of this country. When we left we could not stop talking about the place.
During our conversations with Sue and Dave and our joint wish to help the local community, they offered to give us some blood glucose monitors for the local clinics, these were gratefully accepted. The Paper Chase Trust is also supporting a local youth football team and again Sue offered a cool box for their half time drinks. The next project that we are looking at is for a medical team to visit outlying villages, they will look at immunization minor medical treatment and above all health education, again two cool boxes from Sue to carry the medicines.
We look forward to a continuing working relationship and friendship with these two very special people.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

What a difference day makes. Yesterday we could fry eggs on the stones outside, today it has poured with rain every bit of the day, it is very windy, and the locals say cold. To me, 'The Muzungu' ( white person ) it is really  nice and comfortable. Wet & windy yes but cold never. The staff are shivering and I am sat in a to-shirt and cotton pants, able to function better as I am not  gradually dissolving into a hot wet puddle!!
We have closed the Banda for lessons and brought everything inside. You can see in the background the mesh green house 'The Country Boy' has been organizing for the growing of the veggies. Now the weather has changed things will start to grow so fast. Thank goodness, when we have our own produce it will save us some money from having to buy all the food.  I know, I know I am now very money orientated, but to say it is a big responsibility is putting it mildly.
Thanks to everyone for your love and support your emails and messages mean so very much, we really are a Happy House Family aren't we? XX

Opening Day

I have been looking through my pictures today as I have fund raisers who have asked for  some
This is picture was taken by Elizabeth Gomm on the opening day of local children who were welcomed into the Happy House Opening Day party.
 I was amazed as I looked at these young faces, what was looking back at me, despair, fear and what else? Two little faces on the left are smiling. What about the others? What do you see?

Monday, 12 April 2010

Your Children are Coming

Rose and I have been very busy getting everything ready to send all the sponsors 'their' child. We have taken the photographs and talked to each child to give you all as much detail as possible. As the sponsors are aware we are building Happy House Families. So that is a sponsor decides to leave our scheme the child will not feel rejected again in their short life. We will also be opening the Memory Boxes ready for your pictures and letters arriving.

Ready for the Rains

We are busy this week getting ready for the rains to come. With the rain come the mosquitoes so we must take extra care to protect our children. Every child has their own protective net, these have all been washed with a special solution called Power Tab to repel the insects. Fred our security man also helped by washing all the fly screens that cover the bedroom windows inside and out.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sabrina Mallaghan

It was with great sadness that the children and staff said goodbye to Sabrina Mallaghan , pictured here far right.
Sabrian has been a fantastic volunteer here at the Happy House for the past 3 weeks. She has worked so hard every day with the children and really has 'Made a Difference ' Last week Sabrina arranged with the staff to take all the children to the beach, some of them had never ever seen the ocean before. They  had a magical afternnoon, one that will be remebered by all for a long time to come.
We all miss you Sabrina, come back soon.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Limavady ( Northern Ireland ) Help the Happy House

As a result of  Doug Hare, one of the rotary members from Limavady visiting the proposed  development, and informing the local members. The rotary Club of Limavady( A Club with in the frame work of Rotary International) have supported the development of the Happy House.
In making this contribution to completely furnish a bedroom for eight children it was felt that this project reflected the aims of Rotary,in it desire to provide support for  those projects that relieve the suffering of the disadvantaged in these areas.
On a personnel level Doug and his wife Lorna arranged a monthly standing order to pay the wages of Presca one of the Happy House Mums, pictured here with our youngest Happy House child Mwendi. Doug fully understands how important it is to me to create a family atmosphere for the children.

Friday, 2 April 2010

New Arrivals

Today we took delivery of 100 day old chicks. The 'Country Boy' had been busy with the staff preparing the hen house ready for the chicks to take up residence. Water holders were bought and wood shavings were given by local artisans for the floor. We have also bought the starter food and special vitamins drops for the water. Lights have been set up to keep the chicks warm for the first few days.
Next week we will have  another100 chicks for laying eggs. The only problem there is we have to keep them for up to 4 months before they start laying. Once we have this small cottage industry under way I am sure it will help us to pay the monthly wage bill.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Bread Making Classes

Helen Coward the General Manager from Oceans Sports Hotel, has been a fantastic help to me in so many ways. She invited me to meet her stock controller, Johnson, who has now given me lots of ideas on how to control the stock, plan and cost the menus. Helen also sent the Head Chef to teach the staff how to bake our own bread, so much cheaper than having to buy it in every day.
Isaac, one of Grandpa Yaa's sons is supporting us immensely with stock control and the accounts.
Thank you Grandpa for all these clever children of yours.

Jigsaw Kids

After lunch every day we have a quiet hour when the children watch a DVD, educational of course, I can't waste a minuet ! After than we have started doing different past times. One group does coloring, another jigsaws ,some on the computers and some are playing out, others look at books. We now have children from the land next to ours coming in to play, mainly football after school.
We had to show the teacher how to do the jigsaws as she had never seen them before. The House Mothers are so eager to learn so they can teach their children.

Happy House Kids Learn Computer

We have now started computer lessons for the children. Just look at the concentration on their faces, they love to learn. Violet comes in every afternoon to take different groups. We even have the little ones moving the mouse and doing some drawing and colouring.