Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Little boys brought to safety and now our family is 96!

Four little boys, suffering at the hands of their father,  have come to home to the safety of our loving family at the Happy House.
After hearing distressing news about the plight of the children, aged from four months to seven years, the Happy House stepped in finding the children and their mother had fled in fear  to take refuge in the home of a wellwisher.
The father is being sought by the police for the acts of physical cruelty inflicted on one of the boys whose foot had been dipped in boiling water, allegedly to get rid of jiggers ( burrowing fleas), which have so badly affected the eldest three boys to such an extent  they find it difficult to walk.
The youngest child, baby Musa, was on his mum's back but as she is unable to care for the children and recognised that the baby was suffering from a nasty chesty cough and needed a doctor she was content for all the children to be entrusted to our care.
Uncle BIlly said: "On arrival at the Happy House our new guests were welcomed and made to feel at home.
"Beds were sorted ,they got showered and into fresh clothes  and had disinfecting soak on jigger infected areas.
"This will be done three times daily to speed up the reaction.
" Eric is the eldest brother, followed by Lucky with the injured foot, then Thomas and Musa (pictured getting a  welcome cuddle from  Happy House "sister" Saumu Safari) is the last born.
"This little brood can be likened to our Safari family of five."
All the children were suffering, we are happy that we can give them a safe home where they have no need to live in fear of what may happen next and their mum is welcome to visit.
Another two brothers have also been taken under our wing - Saul, four,
and Teddy, who is two tomorrow.
Born to parents who never married and are now separated they were living with their mother and attending our school, with support from an outside benefactor, when their attendance became irregular raising concern for the boys .
Their father, who is a part time animator at a local hotel, reported their mother to the children's office and legal action is pending.  The children were consider at risk and brought into our care.
They have settled in well and their father visits them regularly and they also make visits to their paternal grandmother.
£20 a month will help to support one of these children.If you would like to join our family by sponsoring a child - and what greater gift could there be this Christmas - please contact our UK voluntary coordinator Elizabeth Gomm elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net or telephone 07905 130 589