Saturday, 13 December 2014

School takes shape

Coming down
 Work is going on apace to get the school built and ready to open by the start of the new school year in January.
As we told you at the start of the week, having been forced to make the move it is being done as quickly and as cost effectively as possible - whilst at the same time it is keeping dozens of local men and women employed at a time when the local economy is in crisis.
Going up
And for every person working, it is their family fed.
Little Chicks was dismantled brick by brick so that it could, like a jigsaw puzzle, be put rebuilt on the new site.
This is now well on the way as you can see.
Mama is overseeing the project, keeping a very tight rein on expenditure,  and Papa is busy negotiating the best prices on everything, something he excels at.
Making this move is, as we explained on Monday, will eat up all our reserves but we had no option and every room left empty at the Happy House will be another room we can fill with children in need.
Thank you for your messages of support and love.