Wednesday, 31 December 2014

School Report: Getting set for 2015 and kids on a thank you mission

School may be closed until Monday, but our teachers are busy getting ready for the start of term, and the new school year, on Monday.
They are working with Mama to plan the move to the kindergarten on the new site and all it entails to have the classrooms  set for pupils.
During the break, they have also
been out and about canvassing the local communities in  Matsangoni, Malindi and Gede, to advertise the school and bring in more fee-paying pupils. 
These fees help our charity to sustain the school which is run on a not-for-profit basis.
The teachers also enjoyed taking part in the family's Christmas celebration, helping prepare the meal, and taking  their turn in the spotlight to entertain the children.

Thank you 

Good manners are so important in childhood and throughout life and our children are growing up understanding that using their "nice words", saying please and thank you, are an absolute must.
They also understand that they should look after each other and their home.
The result is polite, kind and caring kids and who appreciate all the lovely items they have in their home and the people whose donations and gifts make such a difference to their lives.
So there was no shortage of volunteers to go with Papa to say thank you to the very kind local businessman, Ali Modhammed, who donated three goats for their Christmas dinner.
He owns a big hardware shop, Sheikh Mohammed Hardware, in Malindi which is where Papa goes to buy supplies and Papa took a group of children to see him and to say thank you on behalf of their brothers and sisters.
Kind hearted Ali insisted that his brother should be on the picture instead of him.