Friday, 19 December 2014

Elves deliver Christmas memories

 Volunteers play an important role at the Happy House and, in return,  we hope to enrich their lives with experiences  that will last a lifetime.
Those who come to us are of all ages, from many different countries and backgrounds, but who share a common aim - to make a difference.
They work in our family assisting with a multitude of tasks in our busy household and school.
They turn their hands to anything and everything, but it's not often that they are asked to be elves!
Ben with Said and Ndoro
That's exactly what happened when Santa was recruiting his helpers for our Family Christmas Celebration this week.
Max and  Saumu
 Volunteers, Ben Cheston and Maxwell Reid were in the right place at the right time, and there were costumes, in just their size, in Santa's sack
Friends Max and Ben, both from the Fylde coast of Lancashire, were game for a laugh and happy to to play their part in bringing Christmas joy to our 100 kids, teaming up with Max's dad, Peter, who played the man in the red suit.
The two lads, who fly back to the UK at the weekend, will not only have had a memorable experience, they will also have the joy of knowing they will not be forgotten!