Monday, 29 December 2014

Cash injection from Bupa

Our Bupa friends
Generous staff at Bupa have given us a healthy tonic!
The Bupa central people team based in Holborn, London, raised £1000 in the run up to Christmas.
They heard about Happy House from colleague Andrew Dickinson, a member of Musyoka's sponsor family, who, with his wife Amy, volunteered with our family last year.
His mum and dad, Michael and Sheila,  sponsor Musyoka's brother,Francis, and his sister, Anna, is in their sister Mwende's sponsor family.
Andrew was delighted when the team he works with took up his suggestion of raising money for our Happy House, as he explains:
 "We work across the Bupa group of companies to provide HR support and services to the 76,000 Bupa employees globally.
 The Bupa founding purpose that drives all our work is to provide longer, healthier and happier lives to our customers and wider population.
Andrew and Amy with Musyoka and Francis
 This is why I am so pleased we have supported the Happy House because you are an amazing example and really bring our purpose to life for each and every Happy House kid, providing them with the opportunity of a longer, healthier, happier life.
The fund raising efforts were led by Aimee Lugard and Rachael Winston who are our key administrative support team. 
They took on my idea of raising money for the Happy House with great enthusiasm and big hearts!.
A few of the children needing dental treatment
 They got the team to agree to donate instead of a secret santa across our 30 people strong team and also got the whole office involved in a cake sale. This meant people from across our team baking festive treats and then selling them in our head office in London where about 300 people work.
 I also have to mention Bob Costa and Rachael Winston for the personal generosity in making large one off donations that really helped us blow our target of £250, four times over!"
Mama Sue,  delighted with the donation which has come at a a very difficult time, has told Andrew that it will be used to cover the costs of dental treatment and also to buy text books for school. 
She asked him: "Please thank everyone who has worked so hard for the children, it is greatly needed and truly appreciated.
Our  family has had a growth spurt, we are now just about at 101, with more to come I know. The lack of visitors is really biting into the community now.
 There are a few more people here just now, but mainly Italians who have their own houses so do not bring work for the hotels. 
 This donation is a great relief to us as we are also suffering from lack of visitors, who bring food, clothes shoes and many other much needed items.
  It is a tough time for us but we are a loving family so together we will all get through this difficult time. We have so much love and support around us from so many kind and generous people."