Monday, 1 December 2014

Anxious time for Jonathan

Our little Jonathan is back home and reunited with his twin brother after two nights in hospital after suffering from an obstruction in his tummy.
For  Jonathan the hardest is being separated from his twin brother James, it is the first time the boys have been apart
His stay in Tawfiq Hospital, a private hospital in Malindi, became necessary after he was suffering from bad tummy ache. 
Uncle Billy said: "We were so concerned especially when they talked of possible surgical correction but our fears were soon a thing of the past as medication is doing the trick."
"He is such a delicate littlie who has to be on medication all the time  to keep his sickle cell condition in check. 
"He missed his twin James as well as all his brothers and sisters at home."
"Jonathan was pleased to come back home. James was genuinely  pleased to see his twin who couldn't wait to get home to see him!
"Mama and Papa with a group of older girls called in to bring him home to everyone's jubilation,welcome home Jonathan,you've been truly missed !"

Skydive done!

Well done to friends Maxwell  Reid and Ben Cheston for braving  11,000ft  tandem skydives to raise £682.77p for our family.
Maxwell (right) and Ben will be travelling to Watamu at the weekend,  to volunteer at the Happy House.
Maxwell's  parents, Peter and Joanne, are also going and looking forward to being back at the Happy house which they have visited twice before.
Have a wonderful time, and thanks for your fundraising efforts plus all the items you  have collected  and are taking with you.