Thursday, 4 December 2014

Home visits for 43

It is quieter than usual at the Happy House  as 43 children have gone on home visits.
Keeping in touch with blood relatives  has always been considered a priority by Mama and  they are encouraged to visit their young family members in Happy House.
Some children have a parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle or elder sibling who is unable to care for them on a full time basis, but who will pull out all the stops to be able to welcome them into their own home for a a few days.
Relatives arrived at Happy House to collect the children and for one little girl it was her very first visit home since she came to us, a dying baby, more than four years ago,
Charity's mum died shortly after she was born and her grandparents were then in such a dire situation they could not even buy formula milk for their orphaned grandchild.
Charity (left) has blossomed in our care and as they have visited often are now able to take her back home for a few days, Mama and Uncle BIlly agreed that it would be right for her to go.
Mama says: "When it got to bedtime Charity packed her back saying she wanted to come home to Happy House, but she has settled now and is fine."
For Musyoka, Francis and Mwende there is an exciting visit to Grandpa who travelled, with some assistance from Happy House, from Nairobi to take the children to stay with him and where they would be able to see their mum for the first.time in a very long while.
Uncle Billy makes the arrangements for home visits and monitors the situation while the children are away to make sure that everyone is well looked after and happy.
Meanwhile, those who stay at home at Happy House are kept busy with lots of nice things to do so that they don't feel they are missing out.
Our travellers will come back at the weekend, tired and possibly a bit grubby, but happy to have been away and overjoyed to be home with all the brothers and sisters they've missed.
And then, united again,  it will be  family excitement all the way to Christmas.

Check records please

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