Monday, 15 December 2014

A sweet gift from St Francis School, Rome

 Our wonderful new friends at an Italian school have raised 1600 Euro (£1268) towards our secondary school building fund.
Francesa Pignani, a pre-school teacher at St Francis International School in Rome, and her early childhood  colleagues held a Christmas cookie sale and raffle at the school last week.
With lovely items made and decorated by the children and staff,  plus generously donated prizes, the sale was a huge success and very well supported.
On Thursday, Mrs Emily organised a raffle, with prizes donated by a generous local businessman, and involved the community in supporting it.
Students were shown our new Happy House video so they would have a greater knowledge of the children they are helping.
The following day the cookie sale was held when students made a donation  and received a cookie and decorated ornament for their gifts.
Francesa contacted us a few weeks ago to say that she and her colleagues would like their students to be a part of the same and to help our "amazing children".
Her husband Massimilano Zeuli, a film maker, was travelling to Watamu and asked to visit , he was so impressed he produced our new video despite being on a very short stay.
He also sponsored Abu as a surprise birthday gift for a delighted Francesa.
"When I projected the video to the students I could tell they really liked  it and were very enthusiastic about it, they were ready to donate and I felt so proud,"said Francesa.
We are so grateful to Mrs Francesa, Mrs Emily, Mrs Maria, Mrs Elena and Mrs Romano for helping making the sale a success and to the principal Mrs. Diane Proiett for her support.
Our thanks also to the children for their efforts and to their parents and their friends as well.
Pictures: Top left: Mrs Elena and Mrs Francesa (r) with some of the lovely items for sale.
Top right: Mrs Romano (in red) with children and visitors; and Mrs Maria (l)
Bottom right:  Mrs Emily with raffle prizes.