Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Santa's calling .... TODAY!

Ready and waiting: Zawadi and Abdul
Santa is starting his 2014 rounds early - with the Happy House first on his list.
Our family is celebrating Christmas today, so that all the family - children, staff and friends can be together for a real day of celebration.
Father Christmas will be the star of the day when he makes his deliveries, but there will be other stars too as the house aunties, gardeners, teachers and children have all got plans to entertain.
The decision to hold  the Christmas celebration early, came after the children were talking to Mama and said they would like all the people, who play such a special part in their lives, to be there with them.
Mama said: " Rose and Billy will also be here as they are both going away for Christmas, Rose to Fred’s family in Nairobi  and Billy to see his Mum in Nakuru, other members of staff will be off duty and with their own families,  so it will be nice to have Christmas all together as a family. 
Then on Christmas day we will have another quieter but special day. 
Margaret came and asked if they could have mahamri for breakfast it is like a triangle shaped doughnut. It is traditional in the local villages to eat this on Christmas morning.
I of course said yes. Then they asked if they could have pilau with meat I again agreed. I also said we will buy some ice cream.
Here at Happy House we bring the children up to be caring and sharing. 
Decking the halls....
I always tell them we are on a level playing field, if some of the other children who come to school have parents who work in banks or hotels they are no different when they come through that gate.
I also say never think you are better than anyone else, but also by the same token never think you are less.
We all came in the world the same way and we will all go out the same way.
We have a Young Farmers club, with around 20 members who go to their own polytunnel and grow food. Whatever they grow and harvest I buy it off them at the market price and put the money in a Post Office account. The intention is to use the money,when they have enough to go on a trip.
But after we had talked about Christmas, Margaret came to me and said in front of everyone: ‘ Mama, the Young Farmers Club have some money in the account, can we please give it to you to help with Christmas?’
 I thought yes we are doing it right these children are caring and sharing, they are thinking for themselves and in the right way.
I was so very proud of them,  as always"