Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Jeremiah need never go hungry again

 Her legs paralysed, this grandmother's only mobility is her wheelchair,
It is difficult for her manoeuvre and the only way she could get to visit her granddaughter Keziah at the Happy House was by asking local children to help.
She brought with her  a grandson Jeremiah, who like his cousin, Keziah, had been abandoned by his mum who moved on leaving him behind with his grandmum.
That Jeremy and his grandmother were in hardship was in no doubt.
Mama Sue and Uncle Billy  watched as she hauled herself out of her wheelchair,  and shuffled on her bottom., her legs dragging up the steps into the banda.
Talking  with her grandmother, Uncle Billy and Mama learned she and the little boy hadn't eaten for two days because she had no means of buying food.
Her only income is from begging,  and she had been taking Jeremy,who is around three years old, with her.
But in times of general hardship, the pickings are small.
Mama ensured they were given a nourishing meal, and it to the grandmother's relief, it was agreed that little Jeremy should come home to Happy House where he would be loved and cared for and would never go hungry.
Mama also arranged to get the grandmother and her wheelchair back home in the comfort of our transport.
Jeremy is settling in well and having fun with his new little playmates who are making sure he feels at home!