Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Christmas box of delights

Christmas is a magical time for any child but for our children at the Happy House, who have come to us with so little, it means so much.
While those who have been with us for a previous Christmas there is the excitement of the build up to the big day, and when that day dawns, as it did on Tuesday, their faces lit up with anticipation of what is to come.
And the day didn't disappoint as the kids had a ball
All except the youngest member of our family, Abdul, who screamed his head off when it was his turn to meet Santa, but his tears soon turned to smiles when he realised that the bearded stranger was bearing gifts!.
But for the rest of  those who have joined our family this year, it was a magical mystery tour ...  of celebration, entertainment and, for the first time ever, a gift from Santa.
At the request of the children, our Christmas Celebration came early so that Uncle Billy, Auntie Rose,  teachers and other staff members who would be off on Christmas Day, some travelling long distances to be with relatives, could enjoy it with them.
As Mama has always wished, and encouraged, her children are caring and sharing and having their special day without the adults who play such an important part in their lives wouldn't be the same.
The highlight was the arrival of Santa and his elves, this year Peter Reid, took on the role with his son Max and his friend Ben Cheston as his helpers.
Santa arrived in a cart , laden with gifts, drawn by our donkeys Mary and Joseph. 
There were cheers as they came through the gate, with excited children jumping up and down and dancing with delight.
There was a programme of entertainment opening with  songs from High School Musical, Wind Beneath My Wings, and entertainment from the aunties before Santa distributed gifts with help from Mama and Auntie Velma. It is thanks to all those of you who so kindly sent parcels that every child received a lovely new outfit from Santa -  best, or as they call them "safari", clothes for high days and holidays.
Then there was more fun, song, dancing, a fashion show by the toddlers and the teachers and uncles took their turn to entertain.
The Fellowship Group sang with guitar accompaniment and there was more dancing and a jaw-dropping display by a team of local acrobats.
No Christmas celebration is complete without a meal and our family enjoyed roasted meat, chicken, pilau ,salad, fruit salad with ice cream, juice and apples.
This Christmas means so much to Mama and Papa. It has been a difficult year, with a prolonged stay in the UK when Mama needed treatment on her fractured leg. 
For much of  that time they were uncertain when they would be able to travel home and a family Christmas seemed a distant dream, but now it is here , and they are there, exactly where they want to be, and where they belong.
Mama says 

"On our Christmas Day I was so proud of everyone. 
"All the staff pulled together to prepare the delicious food. The teachers made mahamri doughnuts and samosas on Monday. The children helped to chop the fresh fruit salad.
"The outside staff slaughtered three goats, a present from a hardware store in Malindi, ready to barbecue.
"We had chicken, pilau rice and salad. It was truly a feast. 
"As snacks the children were given fresh oranges and samosas.
" At four everyone had an apple. 
"The children organised the entertainment, they sang songs, did some dancing and brought the little ones to do a  catwalk show
".I had asked the teachers, aunties, and outside staff to also do something for the children as after all it is the children’s day. I always feel we are building childhood memories.
 "Santa arrived on the donkey cart, it was just brilliant. At the end of the afternoon everyone was saying the best party ever!!
 "When it came to dinner time at six No one wanted anything but fruit salad and juice and all went to bed just as they should be, happy, happy, Happy House Kidz."
* Watch this space for a video of Christmas at the Happy House. Coming soon!