Friday, 12 December 2014

Happy House welcome for Jo, Peter and Max

 Visitors from the UK are thin on the ground this year, so for Mama and Papa to welcome visitors to the Happy House, who are also good friends, is a real treat.
Peter and Jo Reid from Lytham have been to Happy House a couple of times before and enjoyed spending time with Mama and Papa when they were in the UK as well.
They arrived at the weekend with their younger son, Maxwell, who is spending two weeks volunteering.
His friend Ben Cheston arrives soon to spend a week working with our family, alongside Max, who last visited Happy House with Jo, Peter and his brother, Jacob, in 2011.
The two boys recently raised £832 for Happy House with a sponsored sky dive.
Peter, Jo and Max also arrived laden with clothing and other items donated by friends, some by Jo's friends and colleagues at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital.
Max had also put out an appeal to his own friends which resulted in donations of three good-as-new PlayStations, a Wii console, plus lots and lots of games ... an instant hit with our boys and girls!
Max, who is in his final year at Rossall School, Fleetwood,  is enjoying introducing the kids to new games and helping them improve their sporting skills.
And as it is the school holidays there is lots of time for games, which Ben will help Max with when he arrives.
They are all staying at Turtle Bay Beach Club which is delighted, as always, to welcome UK guests
Many thanks to Peter, Jo and Max for all the lovely things they brought with them and to all those who donated them.
Everything will be very well used.