Sunday, 21 December 2014

Best day ever - by our kids

The Happy House Christmas Party Day was for the whole family, and everyone played their part.  The children were at the heart of the organisation and hosted the event. Today, nine young bloggers give their view of a happy day.
 Janet: The day we had been eagerly waiting for finally came.
On Tuesday morning, everyone was really shining and very smart after we had our breakfast.
By the time Mama, Papa and all the visitors come everything was in order and under control.
Margaret being the master of ceremony welcomed Musyoka to officially open the ceremony with a word of prayer.
The program was well set by the MC and soon the entertainments started.
Father Christmas came at 10am and something very funny was when the young ones saw him riding the donkey with the presents in the cart they started crying, seeking for help from their brothers and sisters.
 After presenting the gifts to everyone Margaret called upon the fellowship group who had three Christmas songs to present.
 While they were singing the kids were also having their snacks.

 There was an acrobatic group who had an item to entertain us.
 After that some of the young girls’ cat walked and they were very good, we had staff dancing competition then we had our lunch the lunch was very delicious then we all had an ice cream with fruit salad. The party ended well and hope everyone enjoyed themselves.
Jedida: On Tuesday, the Happy House kids were celebrating Christmas day.
Mama Sue invited some of her friends. There were many people at the party.
The party was good and we enjoyed very much.
I was very excited .
Margaret was in charge of the party.
We sang the Chrismas songs.
After Father Chrismas came. He gave the Happy House kids some Christmas presents.
Then it was snack time and we ate some fruits and some samosa and after that it was some of the activities.
Soon it was lunch time we ate pilau, goat, fruit, salad, ice cream.
So after that we danced until the party ended.
Baraka: We were waiting for Father Christmas and he came with the donkeys. We were happy to see him.
He began to give the presents. When he finish giving out presents, there were some activities, like dancing, catwalking; some acrobatics and fellowship group.
We really enjoyed, it was real nice day.
Thank you Mama Sue for the party.
We were all so excited about the Christmas party, the aunties had something to entertain for us. And it was a Giriama dance, also the children had something to show Mama Sue.
The master of ceremony was Margaret she had to give out the papers of the party programmes to the teachers, Mama Sue, the Uncles and all the big adults. The first program was High school musical,  Rukia and Samson were the singers, after that then aunties.  I loved the way they danced .
had a great day at the Happy House. We had early Christmas and it was very fantastic.
Everybody was doing something on that special day, we had difference activities that the guests were entertained with, these are songs and, dances we also had acrobatics I really enjoyed during that time of acrobatics, it was my best part.
We had a BBQ surely it was the best Christmas ever.
When we finished eating breakfast, Aunty Fatuma told us that we go and change into our safari clothes.
We were very happy to be told that.
The big boys and girls they helped the small girls and boys to wear their clothes.
After that we went to put on our clothes then we went to the big banda and Evans had the music on and we danced. And then the master of ceremony came.
We started our activities at nine a.m.  We started with High School Musical after that we watched the aunties dancing.. Then Father Christmas came and gave us presents.
For lunch we ate pilau, meat, ice cream and fruits salad.
We had a great day. We planned the party ourselves and it went wonderful. We sang danced and we were entertained by the aunties, uncles and teachers. And we really had a wonderful day and also we enjoyed the delicious food. Thanks, mama, for being a wonderful mother.
We had early Christmas it was a happy day to everyone it was the best Christmas I have ever seen. There were activities which were done, they were so nice like catwalking not  only that one but also  we had a dance, acrobatic, fellowship singing a song, teachers with their  song, and aunties with Giriama dance also the uncles the danced their song.
 Father Christmas came and gave as some presents we had a nice lunch we enjoyed ourselves.
 I will never forget that day

It was on Tuesday morning when everybody had prepared her or his self for the party.
That party was for many people and we also had different activities to do. Example of the
activities that we had are dancing, Christmas songs and also acrobatic.
Then we had many
Types of food which had been brought by Mama Sue. She had brought three goats and one
sack of rice.

 We also had the master of ceremony Margaret and her assistant was Musyoka.
If you missed yesterday's link to our video of this happy day, here it is again: