Thursday, 14 April 2016

Kits from Clifton Rangers and Net from Natasha

 With football, netball and volleyball teams it is brilliant to have enough kits for our sporting kids
Happy House School is now better off by three football kits very kindly donated by Blackpool's Clifton Rangers.
The kits, surplus to club requirements, were given to Auntie Libby to bring out with her.
With the kits we already have this means we have enough for all our teams – boys and girls.
Kits that have been in use for a long time and are now well past their best, but still usable, will be given to youth football groups in the community.

Thank you Darren and everyone at Clifton Rangers, our kids seem to grow an inch taller when they put on a football kit, 

Thanks to those of you who donated football boots for our older kids too.

In the net

Natasha Wenman who came out to Happy House last year with her dad, Russell, as volunteers heard our volleyball net was getting very shabby and very kindly sent Libby a new one to bring out with her.
Sports instructor Mr Steve and Baraka were caught in the net
 for our picture!

Thank you Natasha, come back soon.