Friday, 15 April 2016

Leading by example

Our inspirational Mama Sue leads by example.
Whether it is those employed by Happy House, kids or their relatives she plays an active role in their lives.
She is tireless in her efforts to give those in her care the best so that they can be the best.
And when they slip back, she wants to know why.
She scrutinises every exam result and the performance of our teachers. Children who do not perform well, are pulled up and encouraged and know that only hard work brings rewards. 
Teachers too know that they must always give their best, Young lives depend on it.
The few under-achievers on scholarship or those who are Happy House kids who have gone to live home with relatives but are coming into school, were called in with their guardians yesterday and left in no doubt that they must do better.
Mama explains to guardians they have a duty to make sure a child does their homework and ensure they attend the two weeks free tuition in the holidays.  This is their chance to consolidate and improve.
Mama says the school is a level playing field.   Kids from the poorest backgrounds learn happily alongside those whose parents can afford to pay school fees, if they refuse to pull up their socks and don't want to learn, then Happy House is not the place for them.
Mama is, rightly, uncompromising.
She is not asking them to be academic superstars, just to work hard and get the best results they can.

Food is fuel

Whilst talking to the kids Mama asked about life at home an found some children were coming in to school without having any breakfast.
And for a growing kid, food is fuel. 
So as not to single them out, she has introduced tea and bread for all so that none is working on an empty stomach.
The kids also have a a hearty and healthy lunch.
She also found that some were walking miles to come school because they didn't have the few shillings needed for transport, so she has put an end to that by arranging for them to be given their fare each day.
"Ten bob is nothing, but it is everything if you don't have it," she said.