Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Play pals

When families come to visit, the children soon make themselves at home.
The Happy House kids make them feel welcome and are always eager to play with someone new.
So when Nicola Feay and Rob Marsh, who are in Mariam's sponsor family, called in to say hello and to see how things have changed since their last visit four years ago, their children Jamie, 12, and Amelia, three, soon found themselves among friends.
After a tour of the Happy House the kids were keen to join our children who were playing on the adventure playground, trying out the swings and clambering around the play houses.

It was huge fun for everyone.
Nicola and Rob were so impressed with the way the Happy House has developed and grown.

When they last came,  foundling Esther was a new arrival and a tiny little baby. They were delighted to see her running around a happy, healthy, four year old.
A great friend to our family, and to Mama and Papa personally, Linda Newman is back in Watamu.
Linda, who is in Ashura's sponsor family, came to visit her bringing with her a lovely wall plaque to remind Ashura what a special little girl she is.
Brian also had surprise vsitors, when Damian Davies, general manger at Turtle Bay Hotel and his daughter Maddy called in.
They were playing posties for Catherine Davies and her class, form 7D, at the London School, who are in Brain's sponsor family.
The class had signed a colouring for Brian and sent him gitts - an intricate colouring book plus colouring pens and pencils and a bag full of good-as-new clothes.

Brian is sharing with his brothers at Happy House and the colouring book and pencils he has put in the older kids relaxation rooms so that all the boys and girls who use it can share it too.
He happily posed for pictures for Damian to send straight back for Catherine and her class to see.
Thank you from Brain for being such good friends and to Damian and Maddy for bringing their parcels..
Many thanks also to Wendy Bilton and Andy Jennings from South Buckinghamshire who found room in their luggage for clothes and other necessities for our Happy House kids.
Wendy and Andy were taken on a tour of Happy House and out schools by Auntie Libz.
They were delighted to meet Mama and Papa and were amazed by the very high standard of everything they saw
Wendy and Andy were also pleased to chat with some of our older children and Form One scholarship student, Mercy, told them how much the Happy House had changed her life by giving her education and opportunity.
Andy and Wendy said they would definitely spread the word about our wonderful charity when they go home.
Thank you, we always need new friends.

Potato crunch

Cook Auntie Phillis added another dish to her repertoire yesterday - roast potatoes.
Here, few people have an oven, so anything other than recipes that can be cooked on the open fire or hob is out of the question.
As we have the wood-burning oven lit every day to cook bread, Mama thought it would be a good idea to use it to cook roast potatoes.
Having shown Auntie Phillis how to prepare potatoes for the oven, in the went, and once cooked they came out golden, crisp and crunchy.
They tasted delicious and after now after a successful taster batch, they will be on the menu for all the family later this week.