Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fun times learning tables

 Kids x tables=fun!
Take a banda full of eager kids, plus their enthusiastic teachers with Mama and Papa at the helm, and learning times tables became more fun than anyone could have imagined.
With tables marked out from 2 to 12, kids, regardless of ae or class were asked to seat themselves  at the number marking the highest table in their knowledge - knowing that if they sat at table five they could be tested on any times table from two to five and would move back to the point at which they went wrong.
It was like Paddington Station at one point with kids moving backwards and forwards -= depending on how well they did. With lots of clapping and cheering.
If you went back you got a big welcome, and if you moved forward a huge round of applause.
It was good-natured and happy with all the kids and teachers really enjoying themselves.
The older kids who had graduated from table 12 and displayed a good grasp of all their tables then went on to be teaching assistants, coaching the younger ones who were struggling the most.
They made very able assistants, kind and patient as they encouraged the younger ones to keep on trying.
Mama, Papa and Auntie Libz went round tables to listening to individual children say their tables.
After two and a half hours, the multiplication marathon was rounded off with Mr Isaac, deputy head, telling the children that everyone was a winner for the effort they had put in - and there was juice and biscuits for all.
Those who had excelled received pencil cases and pencils presented by Mama Sue and Auntie Libz