Wednesday, 28 October 2020

No need to be afraid

Rukia was another of our Happy House kids asked to help youngsters returning to school. And here she passes on some very good advice about not being afraid to ask a question. Tomorrow in the last of the videos from the building self-confidence workshop, it will be John's turn to talk to the students back in school after a seven-month break.

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Advice from Oscar

Oscar is a bright and intelligent by who has been a member of our family since the Happy House opened in 2010. He arrived with his sister Janet and brother Evans. Janet is now working as an assistant in our school and Evans is in his final year of secondary education. All three have grown up with Mama Sue guidance and example. They are confident and capable and well able to think for themselves. Here Oscar, who led the exercises, passes on some advice to the other children in school to help them settle back after a seven-month enforced absence because of the pandemic.

Monday, 26 October 2020

Building back-to-school confidence

After a seven-month enforced break, two year groups have returned to school in Kenya. Classes 4 and 8 are back, and while the kids living in our care at Happy House have been receiving home-schooling throughout the pandemic-prompted closure, the children coming into our school from community have not. So knowing it would be a strange time for some, Mama Sue suggested a workshop aimed at building their self-confidence would be a good idea. It began with exercises, for teachers and students! We will bring you more about the workshop tomorrow.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

James is toddling like a trooper!

One last month and James, the youngest member of our Happy House family, is already on his feet and toddling like a trooper! James, a foundling who came into our care when he was 15 days old, certainly makes his presence felt as he runs around shouting at Kidz Club, with all his "brothers" and "sisters" cheering him on. Evans tells us: "He is an active member of the family and we really love him. He is joined by his elder "brother" Victor who makes sure the team is complete." They will be queueing up for school uniforms next!

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Happy House changed my life

When Nasri Juma came to Happy House as one of our Dr Danwata scholars in 2014 he was shy and lacking in self-belief. There had been huge gaps in his schooling because there was no money to pay. He was living in poverty with his grandmother, his mother had left him a long ago. But despite not being in school, Nasri hadn't lost his thirst for knowledge, school was the one place he wanted to be. He knew that with an education he would be able to break free of the poverty that had dominated his life and will help him to make a better life for his grandmother too. Nasri was one of our first Class 8 Primary kids to take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. They all passed with flying colours. He was also one of thefirst to complete his secondary education - again with excellent marks in his KCSE, He is now working at Happy House, assisting with computer lessons in school, whilst studying for higher education by distance learning. Please watch the video as Nasri talks about Happy House and what it means to him and ask yourself if you could afford £20 a month to sponsor a child and to give them a chance please email

Friday, 23 October 2020

Soccer casualty charity

Charity went crashing during a game of football and ended up at hospital! All the kids, girls and boys, at Happy House love a game of soccer and Charity, who used to be so quiet, was in her element when she went toppling. 

She was taken to Malindi, where an x-ray revealed a broken arm. 

It is now in a cast and she returned to hospital the following day to check all was well.

Evans tells us: " She is a brave girl and at the hospital the doctors congratulated her for being very brave.

" It was not easy but, with girl power, she managed it.

"Mama Sue decided that Charity and all the family should have a treat to cheer up the brave little girl."

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Fun in the sun 2

Our children from Happy House had a great time on their trip to the beach. It was one of their treats for Mama Sue's birthday and they had such fun. Mama says by the time they got home they were all tired out!