Friday, 23 June 2017

Lily is a star

There were cheers for Lily when she was awarded  Mama's coveted Star of the Week at Kidz Club.
Lily received the award for keeping the room she shares with some of er Happy House "sisters"  clean and tidy and being a good role model to the other girls.
Mama congratulated all the children on working hard to do well in their recent exams.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Fruit delight

There's never a problem getting our little ones to eat their five a day!
With fresh fruit and vegetables, much of it straight from the garden, all ripened in the sun it comes at its tastiest, juiciest, best.
And it it goes down a treat as these pictures of of our  Elizabeth illustrate!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

School Report: KG music festivals underway

 Happy House hosted the first round of an inter-school kindergarten musical festival, Teacher Louisa reports.
This covered poem and songs and our children, who had worked hard to prepare for the event, did very well taking first place in each section.

Mama,  Auntie Rose and Uncle Ronny attended the event which was also great encouragement for the children, they always want to do well for their Mama.
Happy House school progresses to the next event which takes place at  Gede later this week.
The activities are always colourful and very interesting.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Michael gets a break

Little Michael took a tumble while he was outside playing with his pals.
An x-ray showed he had a slight fracture just below and elbow.
Uncle Steve took him to Malindi to Tofiq private hospital where, following the x-ray, his arm was put in a lightweight plaster.
He's taking it all in the stride and back  and keeping up with his playmates, who were all very concerned for him, just as before!

Monday, 19 June 2017

He's Happy and he knows it ...

 Our Happy House cat lead a purrfect life.
He is surrounded by kids and adults who love him,  plenty of space to hunt or just to lay in the sun.
The outdoor kitchen was one of his favourite spots, but now he's taken to paying a daily visit to Mama's office.
Mama says: "He comes in the office everyday at 12.30 when Dave arrives with our lunch. He will eat everything Including home made vegetable soup, really enjoying the carrots.
" He loves tuna sandwiches, sausages, yogurt, bananas and one of his favorites is mozzarella cheese. 
"When the children are around he enjoys rice and ugali with them.
" He is the most loving little cat is our Happy Hayward, he rubs around our legs meowing. He lets the children stroke him, even if it is the wrong way. He never scratches anyone, if they get a bit much he just runs away. 
"He finds a nice sunny spot for one of his many daily naps.
" He is 7 years old now, everyone has grown up together, he has also lost most of his teeth same as the kids.. Just pleased they will grow new ones !"

Sunday, 18 June 2017

School is fun, by Lavinne

Lavinne was struggling, because of family hardship,  to access any education before she was given a free place scholarship at Happy House.
She was so eager to learn and is enjoying every minute of being in school. She writes:
At Happy Hoouse secondary school our education is so much fun.
We do all kind of activities.
Our teachers are the best and are ready to help us with anything that we may find is really hard for us. 
We do practical activities in science in  with our well equipped laboratory.
We also do our research using the computers which have got  Internet.
We can also read a lot of story books from the library  to improve our English in both pronunciation and grammar.   

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Birthday quartet

 A bumper number of birthdays were celebrated at Happy house this week.
Four children received their gifts and greetings at Kidz Club, the weekly gathering when all the children and staff come together to share their news.
This week's birthdays are Priscilla Ponda,  Baraka Kaigu and twins Amani and Baraka Kea.
Happy birthday to you all.
Birthday kids pictured are: Top left: Amani; top right, Baraka; Bottom left: Baraka Kaingu; bottom right, Priscilla.