Monday, 21 August 2017

Tables time

Our kids have been brushing up on their times tables with some competitive fun .
With tables in the banda designated to individual times tables from two to 12, the kids graduated from from to another only when they shown they were competent.
Mama Sue awarded prizes to children from the kindergarten section who did their best.
Those who received prizes (pictured)
were  Daudi, Jessica, Harry, Brian Zia, Lydia, Baraka Kaingu and Abu.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Happy holidays by Hassan

Today's blog is written by Hassan, younger brother of last week's blogger, Maria.
They were two of the first members of our family, arriving soon after we opened in 2010.
Having maintained strong links with their aunt who lives in the Gongoni area, we were able to reunite them as a family in 2015.
We continue to meet the costs of their schooling and healthcare.
We check on them often and they have just been back to Happy House for a visit.
Hassan writes:
 I have come to Happy House for a holiday and also to visit my family members and my lovely Mama and Papa.
I like being home but I miss my friends and Mama Sue and Papa, because I was with them for a long time.
 The thing that I have been doing is playing games like football, netball and volleyball. 
I also learnt some acrobats styles, and I was the best among them all.
I really had a nice time with them all, and I’m pleased to be with Mama and Papa too.
 I also enjoy the pizzas on a Saturday they were really nice and tasty.
 May God bless our beautiful and lovely Mama Sue 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Burger king and queen!

Tickling our kids tastebuds with tasty dishes they wouldn't normally get helps to brighten their outlook on the world of food.
Their introduction to pizza has been a resounding success, and so this week Mama and Papa decided to show our cooks and our kids how to make beefburgers.
Mama and Papa, who owned a hotel in Blackpool before giving up their lives in the UK to devote all their time to their Happy House family, are both accomplished cooks and enjoy passing on their knowledge.
Using the freshest ingredients, they staged a masterclass for plenty of willing helpers!
When the burgers were made they were slotted into bread rolls sliced and spread with ketchup or mayonnaise and enjoyed by some very happy eaters, making Papa and Mama the Happy House Burger King and Queen.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Doctors see bright outlook for twins

Many of the children who come into the loving care of Happy House arrive in poor health.
As we nourish them, we nurture them. We seek out the best medical help to get them well and for those with ongoing issues we ensure they are monitored and receive all the treatment they need.
Twins Gift and Tumaini were in a very poor state when they arrived in 2016.
Their mum had died of HIV Aids and their father was too sick to look after them. Both boys, who were living in poverty with an aunt,  are infected with the HIV virus and on a course of medication.
But the medicine could not work effectively because they were getting little to eat and malnourished.
We have built up their strength, with regular healthy meals and snacks, and have been supported at the monthly clinics they attend and, most important, given the medication they receive exactly as directed - twice a day and always at the same time.
They are growing and full of energy.
At their most recent visit to the specialist clinic, doctors were surprise and delighted with how well they are doing,  Blood tests revealed their viral load has reduced significantly and doctors predict that if it continues that way, they will be able to come off medication in March next year.
The medics praised Happy House for its determination to get the kids well and for its dedication to their care.
Mama said: " This is such an achievement for all concerned specially the aunties who make sure they get their medicine exactly as directed and for Uncle Ronnie who oversees the medical care of all our children.
"This is not the first time we have managed this successfully,  We had previously supported Ludwin, who was a baby when she came, until she could come off medication and she remains in good health.
"She and Lesley had returned to their mum, but sadly things have not worked out for the family and the two children are now safely back in our care - happy and healthy!''
Aunties pictured are Velma, Constance, Philis, Eunice, Fatuma, Millicent, Esther and Purity 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Brian's looking up!

Huge congratulations to Brian Makotsi for being promoted to sleeping upstairs.
Kids have to earn the the right to sleep upstairs by showing they are responsible and well behaved and once Mama and Uncle Ronnie are satisfied that they deserve to share a room upstairs they move.
Brian was delighted when it was announced at Kidz Club that he was on the move, with Mama praising him for being a kind and responsible boy,
Well done Brian.
Apologies to anyone who read the blog earlier, Auntie Libby accidentally named the wrong Brian ... it can be confusing when there are three in the family!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Beach babes and Christmas date

Splashing in the sea and playing on the sand ... just what holidays are for!
A trip to the beach is always a a treat for out kids and they trooped down as a family, with aunties and teachers to supervise, for a morning on the beach.
They enjoyed frolicking in the water before drying off in the sunshine while playing on the beach. Some making sand castles and others playing games.
One group of boys had great fun burying their Brian in the sand!
Little Elizabeth was belle of the beach in her swimsuit and shades!
And after a very happy morning, the wear band of brothers and sisters returned to Happy House in time for a tasty lunch.

Christmas is coming ...

Christmas at Happy House will come early so that the children, repatriated to their families, can come back to join in the celebrations - just as they did last year.
The week-long activities will be from December 10-16.
Our friends from overseas are always welcome, but Mama Sue says it is very helpful if they let her know in advance that they will be visiting at the time.
Indeed, if anyone is intending to visit at any time of the year, not just Christmas, please let Mama Sue know.  
We like to make sure the whole family know you are coming and, if you are a sponsor, to make sure your sponsor child knows and can look forward to seeing you.
That way we can make it a special time for you, and for them.
So please, as soon as you book your holiday, drop Mama an email:

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


The team of acrobats who thrilled the kids with their amazing skills a week ago, have made a welcome return to Happy House,
In a thrilling training session the acrobats put the kids through some exercises before supervising them as they tried to copy some of their formations.
Our David, six,  who as we all know is a determined little acrobat himself, received some one to one support and at the close of the show he ended up on top of the world at the acrobats elevated him to the top of their human tower