Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Inside School: Gardening

Another activity  kids at home have enjoyed during the school holidays is gardening.
Uncle Alex, who works in our garden, has had an influx of help from the children and our teachers.
The kids always enjoy gardening, and have their own greenhouses, and know how to plant, nurture and harvest the crops they grow.
Not only do they enjoy growing fruit and vegetables they also enjoy eating them - everything we grow goes straight into our kitchen once it is ready!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Inside School: Competition counts

Mama Sue led a life skills discussion with  some of our older kids during the holidays.
She talked about being kind,  honest and truthful and about respect - both self-respect and respecting others.
Mama Sue also talked about the importance of competition in school and in the wider world.
Her drive and determination not only led to the creation of the Happy House, it also ensures that it continues to grow and thrive and to change many more young lives as a result.
Visitor, Megan Irvine-Mordaunt, who raised £7000 to build two new classrooms on our school, joined Mama and the kids for the morning workshop.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Inside school: Helping at home

Teachers join the children in helping at home at Happy House while school is on holiday.
The kids are always eager to join in family chores, it's fun. 
Teachers get them organised into teams and they all work together.
They really enjoyed splashing about cleaning the netted window screens which keep the insects out of their rooms!
As Mr Laurent says helping at home is all a part of being a family and good exercise too!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Inside School: Teddy talks about Happy House

 Scholarship student Teddy Kipchoge talks about how an education at Children of Watamu charity's Happy House School s changing his life.
Now in secondary form 1, Teddy would not have been in school without the help of Happy House .

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Home News: Kidz Club

Auntie Rose had the tough decision of choosing the winners of the weekly singing challenge between girls and boys at our Kidz Club family meeting.
As always it was a for the family to get together to share news, celebrate birthdays, and to discuss any family matters including behaviour, manners etc.
But the highlight has become the sing-off.  We won't tell you who won, you can find out by watching our video!

Friday, 17 August 2018

Inside School: C is for confidence

Every child needs to believe in themselves and at  Happy House home andschool we grow children who are happy, capable and confident.
Those who have come to our care from tragic or traumatic situations are unsure of anything when they first arrive, many never having had any security, continuity or direction before.
But with love, kindness and respect we turn their lives around and 
instil in them a self-belief. 

In this video from our end of term closing day you will see our scout group performing the flag raising ceremony, the acrobats doig some very daring stunts and and some of the youngsters putting on a play.
We hope you will enjoy.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Inside School: Fundraiser Megan sees the results

It's wonderful for any fundraiser to see how their efforts have changed lives.
And so it was a special day for Megan Irvine Mordaunt  when she arrived at Happy House to see the classrooms that she paid for.
Megan embarked on a mission to help our secondary school build after visiting Happy House last summer and learning that we needed two new classrooms.
A student at Cheltenham Ladies College,  she swam 500 laps of her school pool over three days, smashing through her fundraising target of 7000 euros thanks to sponsorship from generous family and friends.
" I was  inspired by the incredible work being done to give these children a better future. 
"I go to The Cheltenham Ladies College where from the start of our academic career there is a great emphasis on helping those less fortunate through specific house or even school-wide projects which help raise money and awareness whilst perhaps also inspiring others to get involved in the cause."
Megan's donation enabled us to go ahead with Mama Sue's revised plan of building four new classrooms instead of the two we had originally planned  thus providing additional space for study rooms which are now in use for specialist groups or subjects. The additional cost was met by those who supported our building appeal.
Mama Sue and Papa Dave are delighted to see Megan and to be able to thank her personally for her amazing effort.