Monday, 29 May 2017

Happy Monday

Happy Bank Holiday.
In the UK it's a national holiday and a chance to take it easy, so we thought it would be nice to share pictures of some of our kids doing just that. Taking it easy and having fun!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Celebrating by Francis

Scholarship student Francis Anangwe, Franco to all our family, is really thankful for the Happy House Celebration of Life.
He writes:
" I am Francis , a student in form two at one of the topmost performing schools, Happy House School.
 It’s rare for common people in Kenya to have an opportunity to have a life celebration in their families or homes.
 I am glad that this has true in Happy House where we sit together as a family and celebrate.

To me the function of the Celebration of Life day was very important as I felt it from the bottom of my heart.
My friends and I in form two eagerly prepared an activity to present on that day.
The Happy House  home kids and the primary sections also prepared new ideas on what they would preform on the day and everyone there was pleased with what we all did.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Birthday girls and help needed

 Happy birthday, happy kids.
Husna and Jacinta are celebrating their birthdays this week so true to Happy House practice they received their birthday gifts at Kidz Club on Tuesday.
Happy birthday girls.


From June 3 to 9, Happy House will be having  the Poulton Methodist Charity Shop, on Chapel Street, Poulton, Lancs, to raise very much needed funds
We desperately need helpers from our Happy House friends to give a morning or afternoon to rlook after sales (10am-12.30, or 12.30 to 3pm-ish)
If you can spare some time, even if it is only an hour or so, please email 
For personal reasons Elizabeth is taking a back seat this year and Pauline Royle and Helene Stephens are doing the organising, 
Donations of good can be dropped off at the shop (opening hours only from Monday-Wednesday that week).
If you let Elizabeth have your contact details and times you are available, she will pass them on. Thank you.
We do so need the cash, so of you can give just a bit of your time we would be truly grateful. 
Thank you.

Friday, 26 May 2017

David steals the show

A very special little boy, David, six, loves to dance and to make people laugh.

At the annual Celebration of Life day, David combined both talents as he joined in a dance in the style of the Kamba tribe.
Although the little one of the three, David led the dance where he was joined with Fatuma and Suleiman.
David, who has Down's Syndrome, is such such a happy, outgoing little chap who, thanks to the love and encouragement he receives from all our family, grasps every opportunity life offers him.
That is a real Celebration of Life.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Celebrating life

 Every May, on the anniversary of the death of our Mama Sue's beloved dad, Harold, the Happy House family gets together for a Celebration of Life.
As so many of those in our family, children and staff, have lost someone dear to them, it is a chance to share the happy memories they hold in their hearts and to enjoy entertainment to celebrate the joy of living, being with family and friends.
The emphasis is on being happy, not being sad, and it is a time to laugh and smile.
The children in our Kindergarten put on a show of dance from many comunities and cultures including Maasai, Kikuyu, Luhya, Swwahili, Italian, Nigerian and Luo. 
The primary kids had a dance while the high school also had a song and a dance.
David, as ever, showed off his talent for dance and humour as a Kamba - we'll bring that video on tomorrow's blog!
 Rukia was on stage with her nice golden voice who had  a song.
 Teddy gave us a short speech celebrating life of Mike, his sponsor who died this month, and who the long-time partner of our Auntie Libby.

 Mr. Laurent, Papa and Mama also spoke of those who helped to shape their lives - it was following the death of her own father and the overwhelming grief that followed, that Papa brought Mama to Kenya for the holiday which was to change her life, and put her on the path to her Happy House

  • Tomorrow's blog will bring you a video our our own little dance star David who showed off a new talent for comedy when he joined a dance celebrating the Kamba tribe

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

School report: Opening a new chapter

New books for English and Kiswahili have been provided for our Classes 1 and 2 following a training iniiative for teachers  in schools like our own.
The Ministry of Education has issued the books, which are learner-centred, to synchronise with the updated training for teachers.
Our children are really enjoying the new books and the fact they have come from the Ministry is a boon to Happy House as we usually have to buy all our own text books.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Croc and wash

 We are lucky to have visitors who take croc-type shoes for our kids.
They are the perfect footwear for out-of-school use as they are tough and washable and easy to had down when they are outgrown.
Our kids play hard and are outdoors so much that their shoes get very dirty, but who cares when getting them clean again is so much fun!