Saturday, 18 January 2020

Welcome Judith and Lloyd

Mama Sue first met Judith Wray in 2009 when she had been invited to speak about her plans to build her Happy House at the Open Door Project in Blackpool. Judith, a deacon of the methodist Church, led the celebration. They were so impressed they wanted to sponsor a child with members of the group contributing towards the monthly cost. In the years since, the Open Door "uncles and aunties" have become very dear to our heart, caring as they do for their sponsor child. In 2012, when Judith's ministry in Blackpool came to an end and she and her husband, Lloyd, moved to Leicester, Mama, Papa and auntie Libby were delighted to be at guests at a celebration in her honour. Judith and Lloyd have always kept in touch, sponsoring children , and now Judith has achieved her long-held dream of seeing the Happy House for herself. Mama, Papa and the family are delighted to see Judith and Lloyd them and Mama invited Judith to say a prayer to start the week.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Birthday greetings

There was a birthday double to celebrate at Kidz Club at the Happy House this week.
Neema has just turned seven and Hussein is four. Hussein is pictured with Harry, while Neema is pictured with Steve. They each received gifts and greetings from the whole family. Happy birthday children.

Saying it with Stiches

The wonderful ladies from Say it with Stitches raised £703 for Happy House over the Christmas period by selling the lovely items they handcraft at craft fairs and through private sales and donations.
Patricia Beechey, a former head teacher,  and her friend, Anna (pictured), enjoy crafting and use their skills to help our family by selling the things they make at craft fairs around their home area of Surrey
.They also distribute leaflets about Happy House to promote the work of our charity.
We are extremely grateful to the for their loyal and continued support. 
 Every penny raised will go towards making life brighter for our children.Thank you Pat, Anna and all those who contributed to your magnificent total.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

All About Me: Rukia

Today, Rukia is featured in our All About Me series. She was one of the first children to come into our care when the Happy House opened in 2010. She was later joined by her younger brother Saidi. The children's grandmother, who lives in Malindi, was unable to care for them but she has never failed to visit them when she can and they enjoy going on short stays with her.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

All About Me: Jacinta

Bright and happy, Jacinta is grasping the opportunities offered to her by being a part of our family at the Happy House. She and her sister, Florence, had experienced tragedy and hardship before they were brought into our care. Jacinta loves school, has many friends and enjoys helping out at home.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

All About Me: Diana

Diana joined our Happy house family in May 2016 together with her siblings, John, then 14, and Daudi, then 5. The children went into the care of their maternal grandmother following the death of their mum. Later ,after their grandmother had fallen sick and was unable to look after them, they’d been found on the streets and put in a rescue centre in Mombasa. they had been there for a year when they came into our care and since that time their lives have been transformed.

Monday, 13 January 2020

All About Me: Priscilla

Priscilla had experienced few of the joys of childhood before coming to our Happy House almost four years ago. Then aged nine, she was referred to us by a care home in Malindi where she had been for two years after a very difficult start in life, She now radiates confidence and is a happy child and eager scholar at school and loves being a part of our big and happy family.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Room of their own

There is now a dedicated room at Happy House School where students are able to use the android tablets and iPads that we have bought from donations received. They are a hugely valuable resource, additional to the wonderfully equipped computer suite, helping children, from the very young upwards, in developing IT skills, sharing and searching for information, and creativity. We have found how useful they are, too, in motivating students in their studies. Mr Hamisi, our headteacher, presents this video.