Friday, 19 January 2018

Francis keeps on smiling

Francis is one brave boy!
He took his visit to hospital to be measured for a leg brace in his stride and went straight back to school afterwards,
When Mama Sue showed him the pictures taken during his visit, he just laughed!
Meanwhile, his Happy House brothers and sisters were very serious indeed when they looked at the pictures and Mama explained how Francis has a bone infection needing a special brace and lots of treatment.
They all want him to get well soon, just like you do.
Our fund to cover the cost of his treatment now stands at £4,379. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated for helping to get Francis well again.
Learning he has the bone infection osteomeylitis which needs surgery and antibiotics is a huge worry,  made worse because there is no free healthcare in Kenya.
At the moment, we have no idea what the total bill will be but we know that the initial costs can be covered thanks to your donations.
Please, if you can spare a few £s or Euros to help Francis, please go to:

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Gifts from Italy and JustGiving on the case

Our volunteer Sara Tognon  who has come from Italy to spend time working with our Happy H ouse family brought with use some very useful gifts of clothes, toiletries and other essentials.Some of our kids had great fun helping her to unpack.Thank you Sara.

JustGiving problems for Italian friends

Some of our wonderful Italian friends are experiencing problems trying to make donations through JustGiving.
This is causing a major problem for them and for us and JustGiving has assured us that they are investigating the matter with urgency,
To help them with this they have asked  donors to attempt clearing of their browser history and to then try again to make the donation. If  this does not work please let our UK coordinator know:  and she will pass the information on to the data team at JustGiving.
The general donation process on our charity page is working so others wanting to give to our charity should not face any problems.
We apologise to our Italian friends for this and we are doing out utmost to ensure that JustGiving resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Francis goes back to hospital

Our Francis smiled his way through his latest visit to Tawfiq Hospital where he was being measured for a leg brace.
Francis, who is suffering from the serious bone infection osteomeylitis, will need the specially made brace to support his leg and hip after he has a surgical biospy to determine the exact nature of the infection and to remove some dead bone.
This is likely to take place next week, once the brace has been completed.
The latest trip to hospital, with Mama Sue and Papa Dave, went smoothly and Papa played games with Francis on his tablet whilst they waited. Mama was stayed with him while he was being measured and as she says in her video update he was very relaxed.
She also took the chance to talk to the consultant.
Mama is still worried and upset about her boy, but thanks to you, our amazing friends, some of the financial worry has been lifted from her shoulders, because we now have £4,179 donated towards paying for his treatment.
Living in a country where there is no free healthcare, is a huge worry for our charity  when a child develops a serious illness.
We know that Francis' treatment could escalate beyond the amount raised so far, but the way you are rallying to help us get our boy well also gives us reassurance that you will help us  to raise all the money we need.
There are no words to express our gratitude to you. You are giving this youngster, a lively, vibrant, 13 year old, a real chance of making a full recovery.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
If you would like to help by making a donation please go to:

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Classrooms almost finished

Our four new classrooms at Happy House school are almost completed.
The air vents, which are handmade using a mould, are going in to give both ventilation and additional light.
The vents also help to keep down the costs
The steps, paths and floors all made from the local stone, galana, are also being laid.
Mama Sue said: "It's all looking good."

Francis update

Francis, 13, who is being treated for a serious bone infection, osteomeylitis,   was in Malindi yesterday at Tawfiq Hospital, we will bring you an update with video tomorrow - internet connection permitting.
We have a special JustGiving page where you can contribute towards the cost of his treatment. 
There is no National Health Service in Kenya and we will have to fund all the care he needs.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Someone to lean on

There is an early start today for Mama, Papa and Uncle Ronnie as they take Francis to be Tawfiq Hospital in Malindi to be measured for a frame which will be made to support the leg and hip affected by the serious bone infection osteomeylitis. Thanks to your generosity we will be able to pay for the frame and his initial treatment, but we have no idea, at the moment, what lies ahead for Francis, 13. But one thing we do know  is that he will never be short of someone to lean on!His Happy House friends are rallying round to do all they can to keep him smiling and to help him get around as this pictur with Stephano (left) and Oscar(right) illustrates,We are grateful to everyone who has made a donation and for your good wishes.In a country with no free healthcare, every bit of medical treatment, dressings, appliances and medication must be paid for.
You can help keep Francis on the road to recover by making a donation at :

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Home to Happy House, by Musyoka

Today, Musyoka,15, writes the blog. 
 He came to Happy House in 2010 with his younger brother Francis and baby sister, Mwende, having endured a difficult time with their sick mum.
For the first time, Musyoka, the eldest and the carer to the two little ones, was able to be a child, to go to school and to have fun in a happy, caring, family.
Five years later they were able to go to live with their grandparents, north of Nairobi, and with whom, through Happy House,  they had built a loving relationship.
A few months ago they returned to our care, for just one reason - as Musyoka explains:
"Two years ago me,  Francis and  Mwende went home to live with our grandparents.
We loved to live with them.
I enjoyed it so much I even joined with them in farming and looking after the goats and cows and growing crops.
We were all happy.
In 2010
I always phoned Mama Sue often to tell her about our life, and when we were facing problems I could tell her.
There was just one problem we had which was about our school which was dropping.
We went to school always, but we were lacking a lot of things. 
We lacked teachers, school facilities and books.
I decided I should tell Mama Sue about our big problem and she said  that once a Happy House kid, always a Happy House kid.  She said we could come back if we would like to and talked to our grandad.
She arranged for the transport to get us safely back home again to join our Happy House family and we are so happy.
We now have a good education.
Musyoka, Francis and Mwende
We can talk to  our grandad and our grandma whenever we want to.
I thank you Mama for everything you do, may God bless you.
* Musyoka's brother, Francis, 13, has been diagnosed with a serious bone infection, osteomeylitis requiring costly treatment in a country where there is no free medical care.  We have set up a Justgiving page where you can help Happy House to get him the treatment he needs.
To make a donation please go to
Thank you.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

You rally to aid Francis

In 24 hours your donations have totalled  close to £1,700 towards the costs of getting our poorly Francis back on the road to recovery.
Almost £700 has been given through our special JustGiving page, while another £1000 has come in offline.
We are so grateful to everyone who has responded to our appeal to to pay for medical treatment  at Twafiq Hospital, Malindi, for Francis, 13, who has a serious bone infection, osteomeylitis.
With no national health service in Kenya all medical care must be paid for and we know, that initially we are looking at £2000 and that this could more than double.
Francis is one of our precious family of Happy House kids and we will get the best for him, whatever the cost - but we cannot do it without your help.
For those of you who may have missed it, Mama's video appeal is here and to make a donation please go to
Thank you.