Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Growing interest

Our high school agricultural students are delighted to see their greenhouse flourishing with GREEN!
Under the guidance of agriculture teacher, Md Caroline, they have put text book theory into practice in their own school greenhouse at Happy House,
The Form Two students whose syllabus covers Crop Production based on soil fertility, seedbed preparation, etc, have established a variety of vegetables.
Spinach is the main vegetable they have raised but they are also growing tomatoes, and kale.
 They have  learnt that vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals thus acting as protective foods; have pleasant smell which makes food appetising and they  keep the body healthy and help in fighting diseases
Lack of vitamins A, B and C present mainly in vegetables may lead to diseases like night blindness, scurvy and beriberi.
The minerals provided calcium, iron and phosphorus, which are at the highest nutritive value when vegetables are consumed   mature and fresh. 
Understanding the benefit of eating vegetables has made the students even more excited about growing - and eating- them!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Raffle bonus

A successful psychic night netted £55 for Happy House.
Lisa Snowden and Debbie Clay of the Four Seasons Eaterie at Four Seasons Fisheries in Staining, near Blackpool, hosted the evening on Saturday and were generous in letting Elizabeth Gomm organise a raffle for our family.
There was a full house for the evening with guest mediums Shirley Wakefield and Colin Greenough and we were grateful to all those who bought raffle tickets,
Special thanks to Lisa and Debbie.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

My hobby, by Baraka

My name is Baraka Francis.
I Am eleven years old..
I learn In Happy House School where I am in Standard Four..
A hobby an activity you like to do in your free time.
My hobby Is drawing.
I Like drawing so much, I like drawing pictures.
My brother likes drawing too.
I draw every day and when I have finished I put the pictures on my bedroom wall.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Every little helps

Friends and neighbours Harry, eight, and Harrison, 11, raised £10 from a plant stall.
The boys live in Poulton, Lancashire, close to Andrea Manders who sponsors Happy House kids Priscilla and Natasha and scholarship student  Ann.
Andrea visited Happy House last year and that's how the boys got to know about it.
They sold lots and lots of mint cuttings and raised a brilliant £10..
Thank you boys, you are real stars,

Friday, 15 June 2018

Quiz time

It was quiz time when Happy House hosted an inter-schools challenge against Rainbow School.
It was a challenging time, with questions from the primary school subjects maths, English, Kiswahili, social studies and CRE  (Christian Religious Education).
Each school entered 10 contestants and were asked question in turn.
After a hard-fought competition, Happy House triumphed with 310 marks to Rainbow's 163.
Well done to both teams.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Five times a birthday!

We had five birthdays to celebrate this week at Kidz Club and five very excited children!
Franchesco Kaingu was the first up to receive his gift, he is five this week. then came twins Baraka and Amani Kea who are seven, Priscilla Ponda, the eldest of the biirthdya children, who is 11 and Baraka Kaingu  who is turning eight.
They enjoyed being in the limelight and each was greeted with the birthday song and cheers.
There was also congratulations to theKG kids who are being so successful in the inter-schools series of music festivals and doing Happy House proud.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Rewarding hard work

Our High School students and their teachers were welcomed to Happy House Home for a treat. 
this was to recognise the huge efforts they had put into helping to market the high school to local parents who may be looking for a school for their kids to move on to in January.
With the help of the teachers, the students created leaflets on what we do which were distributed locally.. 
We had three parents meetings in just one week and after a brief talk the parents had a guided tour to the various stations where students learn. This included the science laboratory, Smart TV rooms, computer room, music room, library and the classrooms as well.
After all this hard work Mama thought it would be nice if she welcome the high school students and their teachers into Happy House home  to appreciate their effort and cooperation in making all the plans possible.
 All the students and teachers were been given new school T-shirts with logos on the back; “Happy House Secondary School” for the students and “Happy House Secondary School- Staff” for the teachers.
 Mama told the students tehy could wear the t-shirts and trousers throughout the week instead of the PE shorts. 
They are all grown up now and with trousers they will look different from the primary school kids. 
The idea was well received and the girls too were excited that they could also wear trousers and were measured their new uniform.
Everybody was really pleased and left wearing the yellow T-shirts and looking smart.
There was also some fruit salad made special for them, everybody enjoyed.
Many thanks to Mama and Aunty Libby for the new uniforms and the fruit salad respectively.