Tuesday, 20 March 2018

KG nets champion goalie!

Happy House kindergarten has produced the best goal keeper in the county - Everline Richard.
She was one of the children selected to represent the sub-county in the county games at Kilifi.
Mr Steve, sports teacher,  said: "The activities were tough because we were competing at a high level  with seven sub-counties 
 Malindi, Magarini, Kilifi North, Ganze, Kilifi South, Kaloleni and Rabai.

Being the first time we have reached this level Happy House is so happy with those of our children selected for the team and tthey have make us proud .
They are also ensuring that Happy House School  is recognised as also doing well in co- curriculum activities.
We are delighted with Everline's success. Hurray for Happy House! Hurray for Happy House team.
This week the primary section will be taking part in inter-school sports activities and hope to do us proud.
We were very pleased to welcome a visitor, Sara, who sponsors some of our kids who came to cheer the children on.
Congratulations to Everline and our kids!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Packages of kindness

We are always incredibly grateful to our friends who support us in so many ways.
Brenda Groves is one of our oldest and most loyal friends, having been supporting Sue's work from the earliest days,
Brenda and her husband Red, have visited many times as have other members of their family.
Brenda likes to send occasional parcels out to Happy House with useful and essential items for our kids, but knowing how we have to pay import duty on every parcel we receive, she always makes a donation to cover it.
She is in the sponsor family of our Charity, whilst her brother, Terry, sponsors  Brian Hayward and scholarship student Lovinne, and her granddaughter, Chloe, is in Said's sponsor family. Her husband Red is in Emmanuel's sponsor family.
As a family, they care deeply about our Happy House family.
Thank you  Brenda for your latest parcel and for the paying the cost of import duty and for a donation of £15 to buy a chair for school  - it's shown in the picture with (from left) Brian, Charity and Said. 
Our joiner Charo is currently making the 83 chairs we need to meet all our needs in school, at a cost of £15 each. 
Thank you, Brendam  and your family for being wonderful and encouraging sponsors to the kids whose lives you enrich and for all the support you give to our family..
Anyone who would like to know more about sponsoring a child should visit http://www.childrenofwatamu.net/sponsored-child-scheme/sponsored-child-scheme-watamu  or email: elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net

Sunday, 18 March 2018

My best friend, by John

Today's blog is written by Happy House student, John Masila, who tells us about his best friend. He writes:
My friend is called William. He is in Standard Six at school.
William likes green and red.
He lives in the town, it is a nice town.
He is a nice dancer and a good footballer, but he is not as good at football as I am.
William is good in exams most of the time.
He has a brother and a sister.
I have two sisters, so I am the only boy.
William is my best friend and I love him,

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Today, Happy House is 8

Happy birthday Happy House.
It is eight years today, since our Happy House children's home officially opened its doors realising a long-held dream for our amazing founder, Mama Sue.
Looking back is a reminder of the the high and lows, the joy and the pain, the wonder and the worry. 
But for Mama Sue, there is only ever one driving force - her children.
However hard it gets, she stays focused on her reason for being, the needy children of Kenya who turned her life on its head and led her and her devoted husband, Dave to dedicate all their time and energy to transforming young lives.
Mama Sue and Papa Dave have created a family home that resonates with love and laughter. 
They have gained the love and trust of children, some of whom had never known was it was like to be loved nor had anyone in whom they could invest their trust,
Mama Sue's foresight, entrepreneurial vision, tenacity and sheer determination has grown our Happy House, not stopping with a children's home but adding three schools as well. 
There is no compromise, everything at home and school is done to the highest standards.  
Mama Sue is a tough taskmaster.  After eight years, she has gained respect for her drive and her exacting standards.
Today, as we say Happy Birthday, Happy House, our thanks and our love go to Mama Sue and Papa Dave.
Those of us who share your journey, support your work, sponsor your kids, are deeply grateful for all you do and glad to be part of the huge and joyful family that is Happy House.

Friday, 16 March 2018

It's snow joke!

There was amazement from Dulla when he received a picture of last week's snow in UK from his sponsors Norma and Pat Smith.
Uncle Ronnie, our social worker, explained what snow is and just how cold it is.
 Dulla, who feels chilly when the rains come and the temperatures drop to the mid-20s, found it hard to imagine how Norma and Pat could deal with such cold.
They have been sponsoring Dulla since he was living at Happy House and were happy to continue their support when it was possible for him and his sister, Rehema, to return to live with their mum.
They come into Happy House school every day and Dulla , who is now in class 3, has just celebrated his ninth birthday.
Our children love receiving emails, postcards or letters from their sponsors and to learn about their families, their pets, their work and their weather!
Every message opens another window on the world and broadens their outlook of life.
Thank you Norma and Pat for your love and your friendship for Dulla
If you would like to know more about sponsoring a Happy  House kid, please email: elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net
Together we change lives.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Pendo is 11

Pendo was just three when she joined our Happy House family, the youngest of a family group of three.
That was in March 2010, and this week she is celebrating her 11 birthday.
It's a pleasure to watch all our children grow, to follow their progress and to see how their personalities develop.
At Kidz Club on Tuesday, Pendo was the centre of attention as all the family sang greetings for her birthday.
Mama Sue presented her with her birthday gift bag, and a very big hug!
Happy birthday Pendo.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

School Report: No more multiple choice

 Happy House School is to set its own examinations to make them more exacting for pupils.
Uncle Ronald, our social worker, explains:
All primary schools and kindergartens do exams with  multiple choice answers provided on the question papers. Pupils are required to choose one of  the four answers provided. It is clear that if you are lucky in guessing you can score good marks even if in reality you don’t know the right answers.
Once you join high school things are different; no answers are being provided on the exam papers. 
Most students find it hard because they are not used to this method and it takes some time to settle into the new system.
At Happy House we always plan ahead. Mama always encourages staff to talk abuut any ideas they might have on how best we can help the children; we work together not only as  a team but also as a family.
In one of the teachers’ meetings, Mama brought the idea that we should start giving the primary and kindergarten kids exams without  multiple choice answers. This will not only allow teachers to assess the exact academic ability of their pupils but will also prepare them for moving on to high school.
The idea was taken positively by all the teachers and last Friday we had a special morning assembly where Mama informed the children on the changes.
It started with a prayer from Mama, then singing where the Home kids had two groups competing in singing; boys and girls.
The boys team was led by Benedict while the girls team was led by Rukia. 
The girls emerged to be the winners for singing nicely. The boys were very good in entertaining as there was a lot of laughing and cheering during their turn. In short nobody lost; they were all winners!
The kids were very excited on the changes of exams.
They are always ready to be challenged when it comes to academic matters.
This change means we will be setting our own exams as all the exams we normally buy from outside come with answers. This means there will be a lot of printing and photocopying.
To make it easy for the teachers, Mama has invested in a photocopier for the school. It will be a huge asset.
We are waiting to see the results of the end term exams with these new changes.