Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Bus tour with Papa

Today we have our Star of the Week here to talk about the state of the Happy house bus, the ever-loved Papa Dave. 
Papa explains how we have had welding work done on the windscreen and the very poor condition of the seats. 
The driver’s window does not work properly, it is a good job we don’t have rain very often ! 
The Government decided that all school vehicles should be painted bright yellow and the name displayed on the side. Yes, the vehicle looks good on the outside, trust me it is all show! 
It is now so important that we replace our bus, on her last legs, with something newer and more reliable. 
We need to raise £25,000 to  do this. We hope you will be able to help.
Donations can be made through Justgiving or Paypal
We will keep you update throughout the week as you enjoy the fun with the children.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Sometimes the old girl needs a push

Sometimes, the temperamental old girl doesn’t want to start at 6am in the mornings when she is due to be taken to pick up the kids for school, writes Mama Sue.
The bus is mainly used for the scholarship children who travel in from the outlying districts. 
Their parents cannot afford to feed them every day so the cost of school fees and transport is just impossible. 
We have around 70 children and young adults who are on the scholarship scheme. What a difference we are making to their lives. 
Many were on the scrapheap of life when they came to us.  They had no education, little food, no shoes, and no hope for the future. 
Most of them have been with us for the past six years, they are bright well spoken, intelligent well educated young people, with a future to look forward to.
Without our being able to supply free transport for these children it would be impossible for them to come to the Happy House School.
It is now so important that we replace our bus, on her last legs, with something newer and more reliable. We need to raise £25,000 to  do this. We hope you will be able to help.
Donations can be made through Justgiving or Paypal
We will keep you update throughout the week as you enjoy the fun with the children.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Buy a bus appeal

As we start this new week, I hope the  Happy House kids will make you laugh right through until Saturday, writes founder Mama Sue.
We are launching an appeal to help us buy a new bus. I talked to the children about it and they all wanted to join in. They got themselves into groups and decided what and how they wanted to do their part. 
Singing of the song   ‘Wheels on the Bus ‘ was a combined decision. 
The kids have rehearsed all week. Every afternoon when they came home from school, it was a drink of Moringa tea, a quick change and then into rehearsals. They have laughed, danced and sang their way through the week.
We will explain about the condition of this 20 year old bus as the week goes on. Mechanically it is safe, as we always have the repairs done immediately. But now that there are so many repairs it is becoming a constant expensive.
We would like to raise £25,000 to enable us to buy a good, strong and more up-to- date vehicle.

Donations can be made through Justgiving or Paypal
or our friends who who already donate, can give directly into the charity bank account 
We will keep you up-to-date throughout the week as you enjoy the fun with the children.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Birthday four

Four birthdays to celebrate at Happy House Kidz Club this week.
Twins Tumaini and Gift are now 14, Natsaha is 12 and Purity is also 12.
They each received a bag of birthday gifts and greetings from all the family.
Natasha received her gifts from Rukia (bottom left) , Gift received his from David (top left), Tumaini from Lucky  (top right) and Mama did the honours for Purity (bottom right)/.
Brian Hayward was in the hot seat as judge of the weekly sing-off between girls and boys.
After a little deliberation he chose the girls as the winners!

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Degree of success

Congratulations to our Happy House social worker, Uncle Ronald, on gaining his degree.
Uncle Ronald who came to our family on temporary attachment in 2014 returning back to university to study full time once his time with us was completed.
Two years later we had a vacancy for a social worker and Mama invited him to join our staff.
It meant that Uncle Ronald had to complete his degree as a part-time student, a tough call whilst working full time. But he was determined to do it, encouraged and supported by Mama Sue.
An excellent role model to our children, Uncle Ronald has studied hard but never compromised on involvement with our children - they have always come first.
We send him our heartiest congratulations, and our thanks.
Well done, Uncle Ronald.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Our Magnificent Seven

The Happy House Hayward family is growing up fast.
It's a while since we featured the seven children who share Mama Sue and Papa's name, so we thought we would bring you an update.
The magnificent seven are the youngsters who have no known relatives - abandoned children or foundlings.
The first to come to Happy house was Brian in June 2010, followed by Harry in August that year.
Then came  David in 2011,  Esther in2012, Emmanuel in 2017 and Victor just this year.
This little family, within our bigger family, is thriving in our care. Each child knows how much they are loved and wanted and enjoy every day - well, mostly.
Just a the moment,  baby Victor is teething and a bit tetchy, but once those teeth are through he'll be all smiles once again.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Happy House warms Zambian hearts

The warmth, colour, music and spirit of Africa resonated in Blackpool Parks Art Deco Cafe when former students of Ibenga Secondary School in Zambia were guests for afternoon tea.
The women chose Blackpool for their weekend reunion in honour of their former teacher, Sean Gallagher.
Sean and his family lived in Zambia when he was teaching there several decades ago. The family now runs Parks Cafe
They all credit Sean with helping to shape their lives.
The women have gone on to establish good careers in many parts of the world.
Sean and his family hosted their tea and to the surprise of other visitors to the cafe, the women showed their thanks in the typical African way - through song and dance.
Our UK coordinator, Elizabeth Gomm, is a friend of Sean and his family and as she is a keen photographer Sean asked her to record the the occasion.
When the women heard that she was connected with their own continent and of our amazing Happy House they had a collection which raised £45.
They were interested to know more about Mama Sue and her work at Happy House and each went home with one of our leaflets

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Storing treasures

Children living in the care of Happy House each have a memory box and nobody but they can look inside, unless they ask them to.
It's the place they keep their treasures - letters , cards and photographs from their sponsors and things that have special meaning to them.
The boxes are all kept in Mama Sue's office but any child can ask to  look through theirs or to add to it whenever they like.
Here Mama Sue talks about the importance of the memory boxes while a group of kids are all sat on her office floor with their memory boxes open and showing each other what they have.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Results time

 Once the exams are over at Happy House School, the kids have a tense time waiting for their results.
So it's always a relief when they know the their marks and form places are going to be announced.
Last week teachers released the mid-term exam results where class 8 (left) won the best class and most improved class trophies. 
Class 1 won the best class trophy in the lower primary.
Well done to both classes.
This video features teacher Md Sipriana.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Win for the boys

It was a win for the boys at Happy House Kidz Club on Saturday.
The boys choir went into battle against the girls once again and hit the right note with this week's judge, Diana, who hailed them victorious.
There were no birthdays to celebrate this week, so it was a time for sharing family news and a few songs.
It's all good fun, and  winners or losers everyone is happy!

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Mama's boys

In what seems like no time at all, a group of little boys all in our care at Happy House are now young men.
In this video, Mama Sue introduces "Mama's Boys"  - Katana, Evans, Brian, Sifa, John and Stephano.
The boys, bonded by love not blood, have grown up in Happy House care and are now studying hard with career goals in sight.
They are mentors and role models to the younger Happy House kids and always helpful and attentive when Mama Sue s around.
She is the Mama that has given them love and opportunity and as much as she loves the, they love her.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Nature walk

Learning about the creatures and plants that inhabit the world around them is exciting for our children,
And they see some wonderful wildlife and flowers when they go out on a nature walk.
They also get to do lots of running around and exploring, burning up a little of their boundless energy!
Fahima tells us a bit about their recent walk.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Bumper harvest

 The rains Kenya have brought our garden to life and our vegetables are producing fine crops.
In this video our gardener, Uncle Alex, explains tells of how the crops are producing good yields and of how crop rotation ensures we use the soil, all of which has been imported because we are on a base of coral, in the most effective way.
Our kids living at Happy House, who enjoy help[ing in the garden, are reaping the benefit with lots of delicious fresh vegetables including two favourites - okra and spinach.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Top awards for Happy House

Our Class 8 were flying the flag for Happy House School when they attended an awards ceremony at Barani Secondary School in Malindi.
They accompanied  Mr Isaac for the prizegiving.
 It was a special day for awarding certificates to  those schools that performed well in last year’s national exams. 
Happy House received two certificates for being the best private school and best primary school overall.
 Mr. Isaac was the best science teacher in the whole Malindi sub-county.
 Our current candidates attended the ceremony as a way of motivating them to work extra hard. 
We are aiming to be among the top schools in the country when they get their results in January.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

University visitor

Mama Sue and Happy House School were delighted to welcome Dr.Susan Mwaka who is a senior lecturer and a departmental head at Pwani University.
She came to assess Mr Paul, one of our secondary school teachers in charge of mathematics and chemistry.
 Mr.Isaac took her around and she was so amazed with the school. She couldn’t believe that there was a school like ours existing in the whole of coast province.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Happy birthday Harry

A miracle baby, our Harry is now a happy, thriving, nine years old.
His birthday on June 26, makes those of us who have loved him since the day the joined our family extra proud.
Without our help he may not have survived at all.
He was newborn, and approximately eight weeks premature, when he was rescued in tragic circumstances and rushed to hospital.
Happy House provided everything he needed - formula milk, clothes, paid for medicines and guaranteed him a home.
After several weeks he was well enough to come home to our waiting family. 
To see him now, a vibrant youngster with the world at his feet, shows just how the Mama Sue and her Happy House work magic on young lives.
Thank you to everyone who supports Happy House in any way, without you our work would not be possible.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Model kids

We have model kids at Happy House!
They just love putting on a fashion show so having some new clothes has given them a perfect chance to strut their stuff on the catwalk.
Some of the friends visiting our family from the UK have very kindly brought out lovely fabrics from which our machinist, Auntie Constance, has made shorts and dresses.
Thank you to all those who brought us the material  - now here is your chance to see what we have done with it.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Springing ahead

The younger Happy House kids were jumping as if on springs when teacher Md Louisa led a Jolly Phonics workshop.
Jolly Phonics is a muliti-sensory synthetic phonics method that gets children reading and writing from an early age. 
It has been introduced to the Kenya Curriculum this year.
The child absolutely love it and are getting good results because of it.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Papa Dave predicts

Papa Dave is a born entertainer and the children at Happy House love his stories and jokes.
He also plays a game where he pretends to predict the future.
They all know it's nonsense but even so they gather round, palms outstretched ready for him to tell them their future,.
It's just a bit of fun.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Garden enterprise

Our keen Happy House youngsters spent some of their half-term holiday working in the garden.
Learning to grow and tend crops is essential in Kenya and something that every one is eager to do.
Our kids enjoy gardening, harvesting crops and eating the produce our garden provides.
And they also appreciate how lucky they are to have vegetables and fruit that come from the garden to the kitchen.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Fahima in the hot seat

It was the older girls versus the older boys in the singing contest at the weekly Kidz Club at Happy House.
Fahima was chosen as the judge - a pretty momentous task as all our singers are so good.
Mama and Papa were away for the day so Janet and Evans took charge of running Kidz Club - with Janet chairing the activity and Evans taking the videos.
After listening to both choirs, Fahima chose the boys as the winners.
Well done lads!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Happy House burger king

A week of lunchtime cookery classes with Mama Sue at Happy House ended  as it should have started with beefburgers.
The menu had to change at the last minute at the start of the week when butcher couldn't get the beef for the mince in time, but on Friday it was ready first thing.
Burger king ,Papa Dave, cooked the burgers which, topped salad and sauce, were served in bred rolls cooked freshly that morning.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Laundry helpers

Kids living at the Happy House don't sit about in the school holidays.
They like to be busy and active.
They organise themselves a rota to help with chores around the house,  whilst also having lots of time for  relaxing playing games, learning new things or building on subjects they are studying.
In this video, we  feature our laundry helpers with presenters Husna and Ali

Monday, 24 June 2019

Fancy footwork

There was some fancy footwork going on at Happy House in half-term.
The kids have a varied programme of activities - a mix of helping around the house, educational fun, games or dancing.
Our presenter on this video is Brian Hayward who is with the dancers in the banda.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Boy power rules!

Boy power came into play when new chairs needed transporting from our joinery workshop at Happy House to our school.
The new chairs, made by Uncle Charo and his assistant, will be used in our classrooms when school resumes after half-term.
The boys, of all ages, offered to help by carrying them the short journey down the lane.
And when Evans asks: What do we have?
There is one resounding answer: BOY POWER!

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Half term helpers

As soon as school breaks up for a holiday, our children at Happy House organise themselves into groups to help around the house.
In this video, Oscar tells you a little more about what have planned and what the group he is with are doing in the kitchen.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Curry time

The old saying that "Too many cooks spoil the broth" couldn't be further from the truth at Happy House.
When Mama Sue decided on chicken curry for one of her half-term cookery classes, she had lots of kids wanting to help.
The washed and chopped the vegetables, made and baked the accompanying garlic bread, and dished up an absolute feast for all the family.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Meat off the menu!

 Meat was off the menu at Happy House when the butcher failed to get his delivery.
We are used to improvising  (anything can happen in Kenya) so instead of teaching the children to cook beefburgers, Mama decided on a good thick soup loaded with vegetables.
It was hands on for  her helpers as they washed, peeled and chopped the ingredients, while others made bread rolls to go with it.
A tasty lunch, enjoyed by all!

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Kitchen fun

For half-term week, our children at Happy House are having fun in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes.
As our followers will know, the kids love to help and there is always a queue of eager volunteers wanting to give Auntie Phillis a hand in the kitchen.
Mama Sue and Papa Dave are working with them this week, introducing some treat dishes - starting off with pancakes!