Monday, 23 September 2019

Young farmer Khalid

My name is Khalid, I am 13 years old and I am in class four.  
I live at Happy House. My video blog is about the garden here.
 In Happy House we have seven greenhouses and inside each greenhouse there are different crops planted like kales, spinach and eggplant. 
We have got some uncles who work hard to make sure that the garden is clean and a greenhouse does not remain empty by planting crops in them. 
 We have also got some kids who formed a group that would be helping in the garden and they call themselves as the young farmers. I am one of the young farmers and I am very glad to be helping in the garden because the food that we plant we end up eating ourselves. 
e thank Mama, Papa and sponsors who have provided the seeds for us to plant and for the healthy food we grow and eat. 

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Banana Bonus by Diana

My name is Diana and I am in class five at Happy House School.  I am eleven years old. 
I am here to talk about the banana tree. A banana is an example of a fruit that gives us vitamins good for our health.
Here atHappy House we usually have  have bananas three times a week.
We have some banana trees in the garden, but they are a plentiful fruit in Kenya
We also have bananas here that you have to cook before you can eat them. They are also very good for you.
Mama said that bananas are good for our health especially when you have diarrhoea. They help to make you better. 

Saturday, 21 September 2019

A loving home for abandoned baby

A tiny baby boy left abandoned in the bush has found a safe and loving home in our Happy House family.
Named Moses by the hospital - as is the way in Kenya for all foundling boys - his mother had left him in scrubland immediately after giving birth to him on September 3.
The hospital in Malindi was alerted to his plight when his mother, suffering from post-natal complications, had to seek medical help there and it was evident to doctors that she had recently given birth or had an abortion, both of which she denied. 
 After receiving counselling she told the truth and admitted that she had left her baby in the bush.
By some miracle, even before doctors had finished questioning her, a woman arrived with a baby she had found in the area the mother admitted abandoning her child.
While it was suspected that the baby was indeed the child the mother had given birth to, it had to be medically proven.The case is under investigation by Malindi police.
Little Moses remained in the care of the hospital until Wednesday when the Sub-County Children's Officer called Happy House to ask if we could take him.
And as we all know, at Happy House no child in need is ever turned away - there is always room for another.
Mama went to bring the baby Moses home much to the joy of our aunties who will care for him and to all the family he is joining.
The children, at school at the time, were thrilled to bit to come home to a new baby brother.
Today, they will choose a name for him.
Until then, he is Moses, he is in good health and weighs in at 3.1kg.
His tragic start in life is now behind him as he settles in to the love, joy and security of Happy House family.
Welcome little one.
If you can help by us to change lives, you can sponsor our newest arrival, or another child in our care. It costs £20 a month.
For details please email:

Friday, 20 September 2019

Our chickens, by Brian

I am Brian Hayward and my video blog is about the chickens we have at Happy House.
We have 12 chickens in total.
One was laying some eggs while I was there and the others also lay eggs.
There were seven eggs in a container.
There are five containers for water for them to drink, we fill these with a yellow jerry can.
We take some kale leaves for the chickens to feed them and they also have special chicken food.
When the chicken house is dirty, we clean it. The chickens are happy when the house is clean and safe. We thank mama sue for the support

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Two of our crops, by Purity

I am here to talk about two plants, writes Purity. 
I have chosen the pawpaw and brinjals that are found in our garden. 
To some people pawpaw are also called papaya and brinjals are eggplant or aubergine. 
They are grown by the effort of the gardeners at Happy House  who are Uncle Alex and Uncle Julius.
 Pawpaw are rich in vitamins  as are the brinjals. 
A pawpaw plant is a tall plant and the fruits are very big while the brinjals looks long as an egg that is why is called an eggplant. Apart from these two crops we grow kales, spinach and tomatoes. We are very glad to have these crops in our garden.
 I would like to say thank you to Mama, Papa and all the sponsors that support the Happy House family by donating to the family.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Best boy and girl

 Each week at Happy House we celebrate and reward the best girl and boy.
The two children who, that week, stand out for their good behaviour, politeness, tidiness or general attitude are named at Kidz Club and given a prize.
This is an incentive to the other youngsters to follow their example.
This week it was Diana and Erick who received their prizes from Mama and Papa.
Tomorrow our junior presenters series will continue with a vide blog by Purity.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Our courtyard garden by Baraka

My name is Baraka Francis, I am in class five and I am 12years old.
I live at the Happy House.
My video about the courtyard garden. Inside that garden there are beautiful flowers
The soil is fertile, that soil helps the flowers and the other plants to grow.
The leaves of the plants are green in colour. The garden looks beautiful and smart, because of the flowers.
I thank Mama Sue, papa Dave and all the sponsors for the support they give to us .
Thank you and bye.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Our sports stadium, by Michelle

I would like to tell you about our sports at Happy House, writes Michelle, who is nine.
We have a small sport stadium which is known as Happy House football club.
We do play football there and many different kind of games. 
We are able to play these games because of the support we have from Mama Sue and the many sponsors.
We  specially thank Uncle Frank for building the stadium for us.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Flowers make Lucky smile

My name is Lucky . 
When we did I videos I did mine about the flowers  we have at Happy House and actually it was really brilliant.
 I described  them  and how they had very nice smell and look attractive. 
Their colours made me smile broadly.
 We like doing videos so that we can make ourselves happy and to always make ensure our mama, papa and visitors are happy. 

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Our playground by Charity

In this video I am talking about the playground at Happy House where where our young brothers and sisters like to play. 
They enjoy being there while the  big boys and girls enjoy themselves, playing football and netball on the field,.
Our kind friends creaed this space for the little ones to also enjoy playing. The little houses are made of  wood and have makuti roofing. Makuti comes from the coconut tree.
 We use makuti in Kenya as local resource for roofing.  
Mama Sue pay workers to repair and maintain the roofing and wood which suffered damage from the heavy rains.
We thank everyone who helps us for their generosity

Friday, 13 September 2019

Junior presenters check in

We have a new series of videos from our family at Happy House,with some of our younger children taking on the role of presenters,
After seeing what their older brothers and sisters had accomplished as roving reporters around Watamu, the younger ones wanted to have a go by showing you around their home.
In this video with Mama Sue and papa Dave they introduce themselves.
 The first junior presenter will be featured tomorrow.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Speaking of success ...

Success in an  inter-school debating competition brought certificates for two students at Happy house School.
Rukia and Savannah were among the top talkers on the coast and they received their certificates at an assembly at Happy House School this week.
They also received a trophy for being the school's best debaters,
Papa Dave presented the girls with their awards, Certificates of merit from the Ministry of Education.
Mr Duncan also received a certificate.
They are featured in this video with teacher, Mr Duncan.
Rukia is pictured top left and Savannah, top right.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

A career inspired by Mama's help

It was thanks to Mama Sue, founder of  Children of Watamu charity , that Christone  Ruwa discovered an interest in computer science,
Forward thinking Sue was responsible for raising funds and installing computers in the his school in Watamu, which is where she started her work way back in the year 2000.
His passion for computers never left him and he is now studying Information Technology at Eldoret University.
He has now come to Happy house School on placement from college. He will be assisting Mr Kelvin, our computer studies teacher, at the wonderful computer suite we have.
While he will be helping our pupils with their studies, he will also gain much from working in our school - which leads the way in technology.
For Mama its heartwarming to see how this young man, like so many other young people who attended that first school she helped, have gone on to make their way in life, never forgetting the part she played in heir education.
After his placement at Happy House ends he will return to university for his graduation.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Joy, joy, joy

Natasha led a song at Kidz Club at Happy House.
With the other children following her lead, they performed actions to the hymn with the words "happy in my heart".
Nothing could be more appropriate for these kids who have all had tough times for tragedy in their lives but who have found happiness in the heart of our home, Happy House.
There was one birthday to celebrate this week - Craig who is now nine!
Mama Sue presented him with his birthday gift.
The kids of the week awards went to Mwende for the girls and Said for the boys.
Well done children and Happy Birthday to Craig.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Saluting two nations

The start of new term and a new week and our Happy House School gathered for an assembly led by Mama Sue and Papa Dave.
But before the prayers and speeches, the flags of Kenya and the UK were raised.
The Happy House Scouts undertake the ceremony,  marching into place before each flag is raised to the accompaniment of the national an themes of the two nations.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Back to School at Happy House

 Happy House School returned to some changes after the holidays.
Mama Sue told told students at the back to school assembly that Mr Isaac had now moved on to another school and that the new head teacher is Mr Hamisi.
Mr Duncan is acting deputy.
Mama welcomed the children back telling them it was important to work together in this short term which lasts only seven weeks and which leads up to Kenya Certificate of Primary Education for our year 8 students, and to the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education for our top year high school students.
She went on to handover to Papa Dave - also known as Radio Watamu - with his own brand of analysis of the soccer scores!

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Kidz Club special

 Singing, dancing, family news and celebrations  make up weekly Kidz Club at Happy House,
It's a special time  for our family, noisy and fun and a time that everyone look forward to.
This week there were two birthdays to celebrate.
Moffin has just turned 11 and Charity is 10. Papa Dave presented birthday gifts to Charity, while Mama Sue presented Moffin with his bag of gifts.
The best boy of the week was Hussein and Jessica was best girl. They also received prizes.
Mama  handed over Jessica's prize while Papa did the honours for Hussein.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Baraka looks at fashion

My name is Baraka and for my second video from Watamu I am taking you to visit a fashion supply shop.
There were lots of different things like bags that were made of different materials and of different colour.
There were shoes made of different materials, many of them using beads ,and which are very popular from visitors to Watamu from Europe and other parts of the world.
There were also skirts, dresses, and other beautiful things.
Watamu is a beautiful place. with a soft breeze, and visitors who come often want to stay and never go back to Europe or the UK.
Our Happy House Mama and Papa have stayed and built our Happy House home and school - we are so glad that are here and have given us a home.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

The coconut tree by Katana

The coconut palm has many uses, writes Katana.
The timber is used make things and the leaves are used to weave baskets and other things and also for   thatch for roofing houses.
The tree also produces fruit which is very good to eat and each coconut contains milk  which we like to drink.
But there is also another by-product of the coconut tree – alcohol.
It is dangerous to our bodies because it is so strong and harmful.  The sap is tapped from the tree and it ferments into almost raw alcohol very quickly. It is dangerous and can make you very ill or even kill you if taken in large quantities.