Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Our little miracle is three today

Happy, healthy and loved, so loved, our Happy House Harry is three today.
He will spend his birthday in school learning and playing with his little class-mates and, after school, having fun with his 71 "brothers and sisters."
As is our way, he will receive his present and take centre stage for the birthday song at Kidz Club when all  the family, adults and children, are together.
How different his story could have been...
Early in the morning of June 26 three years ago, Harry was , quite literally, rescued from the scrapheap. Eight weeks premature, and fighting for life with every ounce of his tiny being, he was found by a woman who passing by a rubbish tip when she heard a whimper coming from a plastic bag.
Inside, she found a newborn, umbilical cord and placenta still attached, and plucked him to safety.  She was just time, for within a few minutes the dump was covered with scavenging wild dogs. 
This caring lady got him to hospital where, estimated to be eight weeks premature and weighing just 1.5kg, he was to spend his first eight weeks in special care battling to live. His formula milk, medicines, nappies and clothes were all provided by Mama and the Happy House. 
Mama also promised him a home, visited him often, and there was great excitement and joy when he was finally well enough to come home to our Happy House.
Harry Hayward is a little boy with blessings heaped upon him. He captivates the hearts of everyone he meets, when he smiles his cheeky dimples never fail to get everyone around him smiling too.
Two years ago, I was privileged to take Harry to meet the lady who found him. She couldn't believe just how the wisp of life she had clutched to safety in a dirty, blood soaked, carrier bag, had blossomed into a bouncing baby boy. 
"I think God must have a very special job for him" she said.
What the fut has had on every day since.
He was lucky to survive when all the odds were stacked against him, and lucky to have found such a wonderful home and family.
Harry is enjoying a childhood where he can grow and learn,  get up to mischief and into scrapes, know right from wrong, and flourish.  Always knowing that he, like all his brothers and sisters, is loved, unconditionally loved.
Harry is, indeed, a Happy House miracle.
Happy birthday, Harry.
Kirkham URC Ladies
Elizabeth was speaking at Kirkham United Reformed Church Ladies Group last night. Report and picture on tomorrow's blog