Monday, 17 June 2013

Changing spoons

The first package of new cutlery has arrived safely at the Happy House ... with thanks to Harfield Tableware who donated 100 teaspoons and 72 small dishes to our family, plus some dessert spoons and forks donated by Hayley Blomley who works there.
They were put into use straight away - with Hope and Suleiman as our mealtime models!
We contacted Harfield a few weeks ago to see if they could supply small quantities when we posted an appeal for polycarbonate spoons for our children, as those we have are made of metal and are beginning to rust because of the salt water we have to use for washing up, coupled with the humidity.
And they kindly offered to donate some to us, which we posted on, as well as confirming they could supply in any quantity.
Polycarbonate is tough stuff and should last for years.
A second parcel, that we know of, is on its way, but we do still need more ... so if you would like to help we would be so grateful. We now need dessert spoons and standard sized spoons and forks, please.
Standard size dessert spoons are 50p each from Harfield Direct and standard sized dessert forks are also 50p each