Monday, 24 June 2013

Dad overjoyed to see his baby

It's six weeks since baby Neema joined our family, and to his great delight her father, John, has travelled to the Happy house to see his youngest daughter.
He was overjoyed to see just how much she has grown and how she is thriving.
John, a casual labourer, was left with newborn Neema and her three elder sisters to care for, when his wife died shortly after giving birth on January 9.
He had enlisted the help of female relatives, but the weight of caring for a newborn, her sisters, and their own families was too much for them.
John, who lives in a meagre mud hut which he and his children share with two goats, realised that he had no hope of coping and asked the local clinic to find help. They called Uncle Billy.
At the start of May, Uncle Billy and some of our older children went to visit the family and it was agreed that Neema should be taken into our care, to give John a chance to reorganise his life with his older girls.
So you can only imagine, his pleasure at seeing his baby girl, who was a poorly little thing when he last saw her, doing so well
Billy said: " John feels indebted to the Happy House and asks God to take it to even greater heights for the great things witnessed in changing the lives of children.."