Friday, 14 June 2013

Here is Mama .. at last!

I want to thank all of your for your love and good wishes during my recent illness. I am now on the road to recovery, but it has been very bumpy ride.
 I had a hip replacement in Mombasa in July 2010, that has now failed. I never felt it was  quite right. Billy and I were walking through the Happy House one day and I said to him ' Don't I walk funny Billy ? He replied, 'Yes mama, but you are fast !' 
 On the day before the charity night in March it was so terribly painful, I was vomiting with pain. I didn't really do anything, fall or bump it, it just started being  excruciatingly painful. I was admitted to hospital on the Sunday morning and ten weeks later,
 I have had a temporary hip replacement. Mr. Steve Mannion and Mr Elbowe, were fantastic and really explored every avenue to find the cause of so much pain.
 Finally everything was removed and sent away for testing, the socket was washed out.I was fitted with what is called a spacer in the hip. It  also slowly releases antibiotic, so any infection will be cleared. It is now 5 weeks since my operation, I was back in clinic this week and Mr Mannion was very pleased with my progress.
 For those of you who know me well will know that is a very unusual experience! A Doctor pleased with me!  I am usually the problem patient.
 Mr Mannion wants to see me again on the July 1 when,he says if I continue to improve  as I have been doing, we can start to plan for the complete hip replacement. Then, after a safe period of time, we will be homeward bound!!!! 
Light at the end of the tunnel. We planed to return home to our children in July, so this operation will delay us but hopefully not by too long. 
To say I am homesick is the understatement of the year. The Victoria Hospital here in Blackpool  have treatment for everything  ... except home sickness/
My Dave says the only remedy is to stop crying, stay strong, and focus myself forward. I know he is so right, but the theory is so much easier than the practice. 
I was too ill to Skype our kids and we didn't want to worry them by seeing Mama unwell. When we could finally Skype it was hard to keep control of myself everyone looked to have grown, they were all so happy to see Mama and Papa. 
The last thing we ever want is for the children to think we are not here for them. Our children have come from such dire circumstances, abandoned, beaten or neglected for them to even think we had also abandoned them is unimaginable.
 Billy and Rose do a brilliant job of talking the children through everything, comforting and reassuring them that all is well and that Mama needed to have an operation and couldn't Skype from hospital as it was not allowed. 
 Gradually, they accepted yet another sad situation in their lives. Short lives, that have already endured so much more than anyone should have to in a lifetime.
 On Wednesday Papa and I Skyped the family, everyone was pushing to get in and tell us their news. Some have had visitors, some had been helping in the kitchen,  laundry and baby room. To tell us Mr Athman was now their new headmaster and Madam Joy his Deputy.  I had received all the exams results, so we talked about them, who had gone up in class and who had gone down.
 I said to Oscar, ' Oscar you are number eleven, why aren't you number one, the reply came back, 'Mama it is because I didn't get enough marks '
There we go then Oscar, no reply to that one !
I know so many of you were disappointed not to see me at the Charity Night, Dave did his best to talk to everyone but  was anxious to get home as he knew how much pain I was suffering.
Steve Cushing and his wife Cherith called in the following  morning. Steve soon decided I needed an ambulance. My Dave has been brilliant, to be loved and cared for as much as I am is so very special and I thank My God every day.
Libby has always been here for me in so many ways, taking over my workload and keeping everyone up to date. 
Rose, Billy and  Isaac have kept the Happy House running, with help and advice from the children of course?
I love the way I am involved in every decision, no matter how small. We email, telephone or Skype everyday, it is knowing that I am loved in this very special way that has kept me focused .
Steve  and Cherith Cushing are organising another Garden Party and BBQ for the Family on Saturday the 13th of July. Dave & I would love see everyone there.
I was so disappointed to miss you all in March. It will be the prefect opportunity to see you all before we return home. 
We have had friends travel from Essex, Doncaster, and Rotherham to see us. I have received numerous cards, presents and good wishes, I should be as fit as a flea.
 So many of you have asked if I am up to visitors and the answer is  very big YES, we would be delighted to see and hear from everyone.
Please email me at 
The Happy House Family is so very special. We are loving, sharing and caring. Thank you all for being part of this truly unique experience. 
Love and best wishes,
Mama Sue Papa Dave and The Happy House Children xxxx 

We do so hope that you will be able to join Papa and I at Steve and Cherith's
at Hawes House Farm, off Chain Lane, Staining, Blackpool from 3pm,  first Game Show 3.30pm,
 BBQ 5pm to 7pm.
 Further Game Shows from 7pm. Raffle, quizzes etc, 
 £10 (under 12 free) Phone 07946611780 or 07961544439 for details and  directions