Friday, 21 June 2013

Grandmother visits Sudi, Abu and Athman

It was at the end of March that baby Athman  joined our family along with his older sister, Sudi, and brother, Abu.
After their mum and her baby, Athman's twin, died in childbirth, the three little ones were left in the care of their grandmother who could not afford to buy anything more than cow's milk for  premature baby Athman.
 It was making him very poorly and at three weeks old weighed just 1.5kg and was losing weight with every day. 
Flashback to March

She was struggling to provide for Sudi and Abu who had never been to school  or had no likelihood of an education whilst remaining with her. Their elder sister, who was receiving some outside support, was going to school and able to remain with her grandmum.
The grandmother was defeated by her circumstances and was grateful when Uncle Billy, called in by local health workers, offered Happy House care for the three little ones.
They are happy and thriving, and now grandmum and their sister have been to visit them.
Uncle Billy said: " The family is so thankful for the progress they can see in  their children who are now fully adjusted and settled,thanks to the ever potent Happy House magic!''