The Happy House Primary School and has become very much a part of the local schools' community.
The first primary classes opened, in temporary classrooms, in 2012, and our purpose built school opened this January.
So being constantly aware, and open, to ideas and improvement is crucial to maintaining and surpassing the very high standards it has already set.
And of course, as in any venture, the leadership must come from the top.
This is why Mama together with our school administrator Isaac and the management team, have agreed on a change of head teacher.
Mr Athman, who joined our school staff when the Happy House Kindergarten opened in 2011, and who we have seen is a committed teacher who has grown with the job and who rises to the many and varied challenges of teaching, has now been appointed primary school head.
His deputy is Teacher Joy, who joined the primary staff in January, and who has also shown herself to be an excellent and motivational teacher.
Together with the remainder of our teaching staff, they will take the Happy House school forward and will help, Mama Sue achieve her aim for the school, as it is for the Happy House, to become a flagship for the way children should be educated and cared for and centres of excellence in every way.
Pictured, from left, are Uncle Isaac, teacher Joy and new headmaster, Mr Athman