Friday, 28 June 2013

Birthday boy and girl

 Harry has been our little headliner this week, but he was not the only child to receive a birthday gift and greetings at Kidz Club.
Jedida was also celebrating her birthday and looks very happy with her little bag of gifts.
Everyone in the family joined in to sing Happy Birthday and How Old Are You Now? and there were cheers and applause for our birthday boy and girl.
Lots of love to both of you from all the Happy House family around the world.
Ticket time
Please be sure of getting your ticket for our Happy House Barbecue and Garden Party, hosted by Steve and Cherith Cushing, aat Hawes House Farm, off Chain Lane, Staining, Blackpool, on SATURDAY, JULY 13, from 3pm. It will have a TV Game Show theme and the first game will be at 3.30pm, BBQ 5pm to 7pm Further game shows from 7pm. Raffle, quizzes etc.
By ticket only,  £10 (under 12s free) from
 Phone 07946611780 or 07961544439 for directions