Sunday, 23 June 2013

Samson, a junior masterchef in the making

Stirring rice in the surfuria
It's half term and when they are not in school our kids like to spend a part of their day helping in their home. Samson, today's guest blogger, has been very busy as he explains:
My  name  is  Samson, I am a writing  blog  about the kitchen
I  was  helping  Uncle  Jospat  to stir  the  soup  and rice and  to  put  the  plates  in  the  store and  then sorting the rice before cooking and  serving  rice  on  the plates so the kids can eat well .
I was helping washing the utensils so  that they may  be  clean  so  in   the  evening  we can  eat  some ugali and  vegetables .
I wash   the  sufuria  and the dishes  and sweep the kitchen  and we  were
cutting tomatoes and  potatoes and water  melon to  give  the small kids  and  the  big  kids. 
That is the blog  from  Samson