Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Babies we love you

 Our Happy House babies flourish with praise, encouragement and lots of love.
Every little landmark in life is celebrated with their brothers and sisters and the wider family, and a cause for celebration and smiles.
Baby Neema is just sitting up on her own and received the Star of the Week award at Kidz Club from baby class teacher, Madam Helen.
And our Esther is also getting lots of applause for her very successful attempts to feed herself .
Uncle Billy says:Esther is learning how to use her spoon and  she's doing a good job and certainly enjoying herself, giggling and laughing all the way! ''
Barbecue tickets
Mama Sue is handling ticket sales  for Steve and Cherith Cushing's 
at Hawes House Farm, off Chain Lane, Staining, Blackpool from 3pm,  first Game Show 3.30pm, 
BBQ 5pm to 7pm.

 Further Game Shows from 7pm. Raffle, quizzes etc, 
 £10 (under 12 free) . Email for tickets, please.