Thursday, 20 June 2013

Going walkabout

Our children had a lovely walk in countryside from the Happy House to the plot of land earmarked for the semi-independent living accommodation project
They had a lovely time exploring all the treasures of nature and, we are happy to say, both Brian and Natasha delighted in everything around them.
Uncle Billy says: " The little people took a walk to visit the new plot and they had a very good time. Brian could not hide his joy and same to Natasha both who have been very sceptical about beach trips where they would raise hell immediately the family sets feet on the shores.''
Barbecue tickets
Mama Sue is handling ticket sales  for Steve and Cherith Cushing's 
HAPPY HOUSE GARDEN PARTY & BBQ,  JULY 13,  with TV GAME SHOW THEME at Hawes House Farm, off Chain Lane, Staining, Blackpool from 3pm.  First Game Show 3.30pm, BBQ 5pm to 7pm. 
Further Game Shows from 7pm. Raffle, quizzes etc.  Tickets £10 (under 12 free) 
 Email for tickets, please.