Tuesday, 11 June 2013

E is for egg

Teacher Helen with Sylvester
Like children everywhere the Happy House kid
However the staff at Happy House make sure that, during school time, any DVDs the children watch are educational.
Children from Baby Class, KG1, KG2 and KG 3 enjoy watching dvds like  Maisy and the Alphabet, shouting out the letters as they appear on screen and repeating the words like ‘E is for Egg’.
They are  learning whilst having fun.
Madam Helen has been teaching Playgroup and Baby Class since July 2011 and has a total of twenty-four children in her class, nine in Playgroup and fifteen in Baby Class.
Mourine who is the youngest at one year and seven months and Sudi,  four, is the eldest.
Auntie Neema is our classroom assistant, helping with toileting, naps, and all those extra jobs there are with so many little ones to look after.
Our children, unlike in most Kenyan schools where learning is by repetition,  are learning through play and creative work - colouring, painting, pasting, playdough, plus singing and playing games. 
 They are learning to recognise numbers and letters and lots of colouring ensures they can hold a pencil the correct way and control it.
By the start of the new school year, in January, Baby Class  will be well equipped to move next door to Madam Tanui in KG1 and  on to the next stage of education.