Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The importance of tables

Janet is tested on her 9x table
 Times tables are a key foundation to learning maths.
And as Papa told the kids, as you go through life you will find yourself using your tables every day - without even realising it.
Mama is insisting that children in Happy House School  learn their tables thoroughly as they hardly figure on the Kenya curriculum.
She explains to the children  that once they have grasped their tables they will find other areas of maths so much easier.
Hussein and Baraka
So during the school break there is a concerted effort to get to grips with tables, making it as much fun for the children as possible.
This week Happy House and scholarship kids are spending their mornings in school and knowing their tables is now their goal.
Every child has been given a sheet of tables to learn from and teachers have been told to make a real push on tables with their class.
On Friday there will be a Time Tables Morning - with fun activities and prizes.
The kids, keen to learn and win - will be into groups according to the tables they know and will not move on to the next group until they are number perfect.
As we know, practice makes perfect, so with all the efforts being put in they should,  by the start of the new term, be heading up the table to success.