Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Saturday fun and oaty snack

Saturday is Mama’s favourite day.
The Happy House office is shut and she and Papa have a chance to relax and enjoy being with the kids.
It was a very quiet start, when we arrived all the children had gone out.
They were on nature walks.
So Mama joined cook Phillis in the kitchen to see how the preparation for the pizzas the kids were having for lunch was going.
In no time at all Mama had it running as smoothly as a well oil machine.
Then it was out to the round banda to sit and have a coffee and wait for the kids coming home.
As they came through the gates, each and every one headed straight to greet Mama, Papa and I.
And it not just a polite hello, they come and they stay filling every available seat with as many little bodies as it will hold.
They settle in, have a bit of a sing song and show off how good they are at their tables.
Mama and Papa throw out some quick fire mental arithmetic questions and the kids love it, rising to the challenge the best they can.
Mama and Papa have biscuits for everyone and promise a special treat next Saturday for every child who can tell them four different tables.
It’s not bribery, just as incentive to learn!
How nice it is to see Mama and Papa, who work so very hard, just chilling out and having fun with their family.
It is precious times like this that make memories to last a lifetime for the kids.

Oats so simple

There was porridge for break yesterday.
After buying some oats to give it a try, Mama showed cook Esther how it should be made with two parts milk to one part water.
It was served warm with a little cold milk and a sprinkle of brown sugar.
It looks and tastes very different from ground maize or millet.
Judging from the speed with which they emptied their dishes, the oaty porridge was a huge hit!
So now it will feature regularly on the break time menu.