Thursday, 7 April 2016

Happy to know you

Andrea Manders is looking forward to getting to know her new sponsor child -  Dr Danwata Scholarship student, Ann Joseph.
When Andrea had a big birthday, she asked for donations to Happy House instead of gifts.
Andrea says: "
This is Ann - she is my new Happy House scholarship pupil. 
When I was 50 family and friends kindly donated money which was used to sponsor a girl through 4 years of school, that girl was Diana. 
Diana obtained her Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in December. Due to family circumstances Diana has now moved away and no longer attends the school.
 Ann is 14 years old and in her last year of primary school, so working towards her KCPE. I look forward to hearing about Ann's progress "
We have 60 young people, from abject poverty, who have free places in our school, Most of them do not yet have sponsors. £20 a month will help us to provide all they need: tuition, uniform, shoes, sports kit, books, meals and medicine (when needed).
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